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  1. @ecmo47 looking awesome! :) can't wait to join you myself! MORE mods? :)
  2. @ecmo47 Looks great! :) Hope it's going smoothly! Just placed the rest of the orders, so now when they all arrive I will get to begin building! :) The total came to $375 across 15 orders! I think that may partly be due to my color scheme, though.
  3. @ecmo47 You could use 4 white rubber bands, and attach them somehow to the main engine block. Or, you could glue the spot where the two parts hinge.
  4. Just did a quick mod to my imperial Lambda shuttle: Basically, I made it a Sentinel-class shuttle by making the area between the cockpit and the wings longer.
  5. I am inclined to agree with bricksmarlin: I do have the wrong cylinders in the LDD. Luckily, I had to use that piece (due to my color scheme) anyways, but ecmo47 will have to order some more cylinders in the right type! Also, does anybody have some ideas for what would be a good color for a fighter squadron? I feel I have only focused on larger Ships, and thus my amount of fighters in my fleet is a bit small :)
  6. @ecmo47 Looking good! I'll have to update my own parts list as well. Also, I have moved the fleet to provide space for the CR90 (and Mortesv's next project!) Still need to figure out the arrangement of the various ships - it may be easier once I have the CR90 built :)
  7. @ecmo47 If you make the one section where the main body attaches to the wings like bricksmarlin did, then it may fix the problem. When I have some time, I'll jump in to LDD and see if I can find any solutions :) @bricksmarlin did your technic/plate internals run through the entire body using your formula? Or were some sections like mine, the exact 4x4?
  8. @ecmo47 The last mod I need in my own LDD is the head. Can you write up a review for what you did? Thanks! :)
  9. I think dark gray is my only option. As for it being an unofficial color, I had to do the same thing with some black technic half pins that are unofficial that I had to order from Germany :)
  10. I was aware of the 2x2 plates, but thank you for spotting the missing bars! :) One part that I am finding nearly impossible to find is 3675, slope 33 3 x 3 double convex. The ones I need are in dark gray, and only 3 sellers in the world have it in the color I need! And I need 4 OF THEM! :)
  11. Using ecmo's mods to fix the 7 vs 8 stud issue, I've incorporated it into my own LDD: Here I made the technic bricks shorter, so the two sections should attach: Here is the engine block: I've updated my parts list and such, so now hopefully everything will go smoothly! I should be able to begin building after I make a few more orders :)
  12. @mortesv Okay, last guess and I'll stop. Is it the 320-meter quasar-class carrier from rebels? That would be super cool! :)
  13. @ecmo47 With the engine block fix, wouldn't you still need to change the length of the fuselage? also, what extra pieces did you use for these mods? I'll need to change my parts list :)
  14. @ecmo47 No problem! I'd love to use the alternative design for the 1x2 plate hinges myself.
  15. @ecmo47 Any solutions for the 7 vs 8 stud problem yet? Are you going to keep that?