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  1. Hello, JBB_777 and welcome to the forums! I have to say, fantastic job here this is a difficult ship to design and you have captured it perfectly with the slopes and snot. The only thing I can think of to improve is to get rid of the plate undersides. Maybe, you could make the wings with solid bricks to fix the issue there but I am not sure about the lower fuselage. Kind regards, Ellis.
  2. Hello, @Mamma Mia Bricks! I have not managed to attach the bottom plating yet, but I know exactly how to do so when I get my bricks sorted. It shouldn't be too long now, I'm hoping that the instructions will be done without the connections for the bottom plating very soon, but I cannot give an exact date since I am not designing the instructions. The stand will most most likely be removable, but it does add a lot of support, so if you wanted to stand it flat on its belly you would have to place solid bricks in place of the stands. Kind regards, Ellis.
  3. Hello! More updates on the instructions, there is just the plating to go now, I have selected some pages for you all to preview!
  4. Hello! Awesome job here, the detailing is great! However, I definitely prefer the plain LBG model over the "Lego Playset Style"! Kind regards, Ellis.
  5. Thank you, I searched through Anio's thread and stumbled across this which is what I will most likely use for my build.
  6. Hello, all! I have made progress with my model, I have built the bottom plating but I now need a way to attach it. I will definitely not be using magnets since this Venator is meant to be cost effective; I believe I will be using ball joints.Please recommend any ideas you have! .Kind regards, Ellis.
  7. Hello, NorvernRob! I'm glad that you like it and you will be constructing this! Hopefully shouldn't be too long before the final product is ready, I will carry on updating this post. Kind regards, Ellis.
  8. Hello! Here is where Thire5 has designed the instruction manual up to so far, thanks! I am looking forward to putting them to use very soon!
  9. Hello! I'm glad you like it! Hopefully, the wait shouldn't be much longer now! Kind regards, Ellis.
  10. Hello! This is an awesome build, the proportions look perfect. I agree with Leonardo the touches of tan and gray are fantastic! The smoothness of the build adds to it's brilliant looks. Kind regards, Ellis.
  11. Hopefully, there should be some updates on the instructions this weekend I will let you know!
  12. Hello! Your pods are awesome, fantastic job at this scale; I especially like Anakin's pod the engines are neat!
  13. Hello! This is an epic scene, I'm sure that you will win the local contest! Great job on the flags I'm looking forward to seeing the other modules, good luck! Kind regards, Ellis.
  14. Yes, I made this for you: https://studio.bricklink.com/v2/build/model.page?idModel=9237. Please bear in mind this rough and it will change! I
  15. Hello! The length is 101 studs/ 32 inches/ 81.3 centimetres.