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  1. Hello! This is an epic scene, I'm sure that you will win the local contest! Great job on the flags I'm looking forward to seeing the other modules, good luck! Kind regards, Ellis.
  2. Yes, I made this for you: https://studio.bricklink.com/v2/build/model.page?idModel=9237. Please bear in mind this rough and it will change! I
  3. Hello! The length is 101 studs/ 32 inches/ 81.3 centimetres.
  4. Thank you, instructions are currently being designed by Thire5 go check his work out! https://www.flickr.com/photos/thire5/
  5. Hello! The I have spent just over £200 on the model apart from the bottom plating and a few other pieces, so I would estimate the price to be just under £300. Sorry, an interior on a model like this is not possible, it is a display model! Kind regards, Ellis.
  6. Hello, IcarusBuilds! Fantastic job here, the shaping looks almost identical to the reference images! Definitely get a render done, I would recommend using POV-Ray and Stud.io together! Also how many pieces does the model consist of? Kind regards, Ellis.
  7. Awesome, I'm working as hard as I can to get the model done!
  8. Thank you, I'm very glad that you want to construct my model! Fingers crossed it will be completed soon!
  9. Hello! Currently the model has 2200 pieces, I hope it will be under 2500 when finished. Thanks, Ellis!
  10. Hello, all! Thanks to @thire5 , I have some instructions in development, here is a teaser! I do not have an estimated finish time as the model's bottom plating needs finishing and we are both busy! Also attached is a render of the final model minus the bottom plating Thanks, Ellis.
  11. Welcome to Eurobricks! This scene has been done excellently well done, I love how the walls have been built on the exterior with the tiles!
  12. Hello! Your Interdictor looks epic now that it is finished, great job on the greebling and frame! I am surprised at how many pieces there are as the model is relatively small. May I ask what did you use to render this model? Kind regards, Ellis.
  13. This is a pretty awful build, I am sure you can do better... Jokes, ahaha this is amazing, the level of detail is impressive looks like it's come straight out of the films! I'm guessing you saved this build for May the Fourth, I'm glad you did its made my day! I Wish I had 7000 bricks lying around to construct this. Happy Star Wars Day, Ellis!
  14. Happy May the Fourth everyone!:yoda:

    1. VaderFan2187


      Likewise to you :cannon::pir-yoda:

    2. JDbricks


      May the Forth be with you both! :yoda:

  15. This is a fantastic build, I love the greenery on the pillars!