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  1. Wow Ekae! That model looks fantastic in that color scheme! Now I'm kind of regretting getting parts for only the Tantive
  2. I found a store that had about 55% of the parts, but was around $220. Luckily, the seller had a flash 50% off sale, so i was able to get it for only $120. I currently am holding on placing any more orders until Ecmo finishes his build.
  3. Thanks Ecmo, still waiting on an oversea order from Croatia, can't wait to start building!
  4. Good to know, can those 1x16 technic bricks be substituted for black?
  5. Hi, just wanted to show and get feedback for my custom scaled U-Wing. If you have any suggestions, please tell me so i can fix it. Also, i just place a $130 bricklink order which puts me at 80% of the parts for the CR90. (Bad Photo Sorry) This photo compares mortesv's scaled x wings to the U wing. An X Wing is 12.5 Meters long and the U-Wing is about 25 meters so it is pretty much perfectly in scale with the fleet since the U-Wing is about twice as long as an X-Wing. Also, the wing can be angled backwards like in the movie :)
  6. Make sure it is the same scale as the GR-75 as they both measure to be 90m in length.
  7. So your saying for hinges i can use 44301 and 44302 then use 32028 to cover them up?
  8. Quick question, is 4275 and 4276 concealed? Can we have them in any color? Also, is there any need for the 64 3941 in DBG since Mortesv spotted the flaw?
  9. Update: I searched through my collection today and was able to locate and find 25% of the parts for the CR90 in my collection. There are a few parts like 11477 that have 91 parts you need for it, and their relatively expensive on BL, but they are on the PAB wall at Lego Store's (For Now). Also, my last comment i made is false and that the parts in dark red can be swapped out for blue if you so choose to. I am holding off on placing bricklink orders until Ecmo builds his own and makes his own adjustments to the model.
  10. I too debated on whether to change the color scheme, but i think that some of the parts in the build don't actually come in blue or dark blue.
  11. Hey, I will probably start this project very soon as my GR-75 isn't looking to happy by itself on my desk. Ecmo, since you have this pretty much thought through, are there any major things i should note before starting to bricklink the parts? Also over viewing some of these models for the past few months, i think that 59349 could be a great substitute for the trans clear quarter cylinders as they are much more on the market. Im also debating on new or used parts, i feel that i will end up getting some, but i hope they aren't in terrible condition.
  12. Geez, even better! If we ca get the LDD, my life would be complete!
  13. Mortesv, do you have the LDD for the UB-820 on hand? It would look great next to my GR-75 Medium Transport ;)
  14. I have recently ordered all the parts and the last Bricklink order for this moc will arrive for me later this week. I want to start a discussion on the build to see if the ship can be modified to support landing gear as we see in the recent EA Star Wars Battlefront game.