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  1. Thanks, the electronics are quite complicated. There's about 20-25m of wires on a 3m circle track. It's quite excessive. I've thought about yellow aspects but I haven't planned to add them yet. If I were to add any, I would probably hard-wire them to the main signals (red-red-green) so that when the red or red-red signal is shown, the according yellow lights come up automatically. I'll add them to the list of signals. I'm planning to use the color yellow on switches to show wether the track is diverging or not. I might change that though. //Edit: I thought of a better solution: Because the blocks on most Lego track are relatively short, adding a distant signal with yellow aspects doesn't necessarily help the driver. Instead what I think I'll do is I'll make the main signal green light flash, if the next main signal shows red. Since this is my own phantasy railway it works better for me anyway. I don't want to be too close to real life. I see it as a sort-of improvement on real life
  2. You should motorize it and make a video of the train arriving at a station then opening its doors :D that would be truly epic.
  3. Hey guys! After a few weeks of break I'm back and working on my test-setup for train signaling. As some of you know, I've built a small test track on my desk and wired up a lot of sensors and LEDs to program and develop a signaling system for trains. I'm finally at a point where I can drive trains over a layout that has block signaling fully working and completely automated too. Here's a video: When the train passes over the block sensor, a flag is set and it's only when the flag is removed (i.e. the train has fully passed over the signal and an additional time of 1 second has passed), that the signal switches to red and vice versa. The code only makes the block-section check it's sensors and flags get set and removed automatically meaning I have minimal code maintenance to do if I want to change anything. I have a lot more signals planned for the future including switch track signals, crossings and station signals. If you're interested, I can provide a PDF with all the signals I came up with. Let me know what you think. All feedback is appreciated.
  4. Man that is so cool! I would be totally interested in this. Will it still be able to run on battery power like a real hybrid? I would want to use those wheels to charge up the train in the "depot" and then have it drive around on PF track until it needs recharging. That would be a dream come true.
  5. Who cares what others think? When people come to my place and see my Lego railroad they obviously first look at it as a toy (because that's what it ultimately is) but after a minute or two they realize that it's more than just a toy, especially thanks to all the modifications and automation and customization I'm doing which you can clearly see. And they become really fascinated by it. Track switch motors, custom lighting, fine voltage control, signaling... all this is "real model railroading".
  6. The cab lights are super cool! I'm interested in the technical details of this. How did you fit the LEDs? What size LEDs are you using? What's your power supply?
  7. Great! I understand when people build 7, 8 or 9 wide trains, but as you pointed out yourself most of our stuff is 6 wide, by the very fact that that's Legos own scale. I therefore like it very much when people build great looking MOCs like this in 6 wide scale :) Well done! Does it go around corners with the 3-axle bogies?
  8. I hope it will be on sale to the end of the ear. Would be a bummer if I miss out on it.
  9. No, it hasn't:
  10. Not for the 9V headlights, no. You need to buy new power function compatible lights
  11. Wow I never thought there was a real prototype of this train! Incredible. This was the first Lego train I've seen in my life, when I was a small child. Maybe about 5-6 years old. I can still remember it clearly. I've always wanted one
  12. I like this new trend of people cramming power functions into tiny engines. Super satisfying to see this happening Great work on the drive train! Would love to see it in action
  13. Welcome to Eurobricks! Let me try to help you out here: While it's totally possible to convert most trains to power functions, I would recommend buying a new 9V motor from bricklink or ebay, as that's currently (at least in Germany) cheaper by about 15€. The 9V tracks are the same dimensions as the power function tracks. Power function trains work on both. 9V trains obviously don't run on power function track because of the lack of electricity. They can still be pulled along however. Missing pieces can also be bought on bricklink. If you're missing the cable to the yellow controller, you can just go and buy any adapter cable from any electronics store. I had to do this for my 9V as I can't find my original cable. Make sure that the power is variable. My new cable has options vor 5-15V or something like that. I tried with 9V first but ultimately stuck with 12V for the converter cable. The original puts out 10V if I remember correctly. Hope that was helpful to you
  14. Hands down the most perfect room for a Lego Layout I've ever seen. Super jelly. Great work!
  15. If I'm brutally honest, I'm kinda glad that we're probably not getting any new trains soon, because I really want the red cargo train, but I don't have money for that right now. I have to wait to the end of the year to buy it. So all fingers crossed, I can get the red cargo train and then I'm ready for new trains :D