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  1. There is a portion of SR85 in California where the UP rails runs adjacent to the freeway, but you would not know it unless you used google maps on the satellite image settings. If my memory's correct, nobody's really seen it because there's a huge wall used as a sound barrier on both sides as it snakes its way to a local cement plant.
  2. I would beg to differ. In order to really assess which of the original two options posited are most worthwhile to you, Vilhelm22, (buying the set or just ordering the individual parts) AFOL like us must do what I painstakingly did for another Lego train set: set up a spreadsheet to quantify exactly how much each option costs (I suspect some sets are cheaper when bought complete while some are otherwise, but its all at the mercy of market forces and Bricklink does not tally all of that up for you). In my experience, I calculated the cost of getting the individual parts for set 10015 on Excel, and wound up realizing after a long, hot, summer afternoon that it cost more to get the individual parts than it did to buy the whole set brand new, regardless of color palette choices. I wish I could easily say you can do whatever you want (and technically you certainly still can), but if your budget for non-essentials is limited as it is for most of us, then the best option might be the one that burns the smallest hole in your wallet.
  3. 'ME-Models' markets metal tracks that substitute Lego's official 9-volt track, and 4D-Brix reproduces 9-volt monorail substitute parts (including track, motors, plus battery packs) as well, so why has nobody stepped up to the plate and tried to recreate/mass produce motorized 9-volt train bogies/trucks (serial number 590/70358)? A mint one currently goes for as much as 70 USD and used ones go for almost 40 USD, which is ridiculous since that's enough money to buy me food for a week.
  4. I stumbled across this .gif on imgur the other day. I'll just put it here in case anyone is interested:
  5. Thank you. Luckily, they did not experience much use, so many will maintain that new glossy sheen.
  6. Due to a large haul of Lego pieces I acquired from a friend, I took a look back at my collection of loose Lego parts to make some room for them. The problem is that I have an overabundance of tires which are very dirty. What should I do to clean them? If my childhood memories are correct, just washing or rinsing them in water alone was never enough; when left to dry, dust re-adhered to the tires in larger quantities -especially when dried off with a napkin. What must be done to get them looking and feeling like new?