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  1. My guess: Marvel - none DC - none 2017 is the year when they will finally understand that Comic-con exclusives are pain in the a$$ and stop releasing them! I am ruining all the fun, am-I?
  2. I still think this batmobile is an awful mess, but it was a fun built!
  3. Fellow canadians, you should Check in your Toys r us this week, because here, in Qu├ębec, the battle pod promotion is already on! i've got two this morning!!
  4. Great! On the Lego SHOP or at Toys r us?
  5. Do you have more details?
  6. i don't know if this has been mentionned, but spiderman from the 76067 set and the new one from homecoming have different torsos!
  7. Great analysis... But i would argue that 4 exclusive villains make the Riddler's riddle racer worth the 30$! And I was Pleasently surprises by the Mr. Freeze mech! Buy otherwise, I think you are right on! On the other hand, A lot lot of those minifigs made me gladly spent my money!
  8. The head of the Batman figure in the ultimate Batmobile set seems to be a new one, isn't it?
  9. Oh, Yeah, just found it! Thanks a lot!
  10. As some people were talking about the Batgirl polybag, I'll take the chance to ask if anyone knows if Canadians will be able to buy the special edition Bluray Boxset, and where?
  11. Yeah!! I can see the building fans being really disappointed! but for the minifigures collectors. like myself, this is amazing! Really great figs into relatively small sets!
  12. I know I would grab it. In fact, I did! but, here, it is supposed to be given with a 35$ buy on the SHOP and in Lego Stores from may 8 until may 21
  13. pretty easy! I've got it at Toys R Us for 5 $CAN
  14. Do some of you guys have knowledge of any LEGO set or polybag that was released only in certain parts of the world? To put it another way, is it a possibility that the Lego Batman Battle Pod polybag (5004929) will never be released in North America, or in Europe? Same for the kiss kiss tuxedo keychain, wich still have not reached us here in America...