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  1. Is the US going to have any 40% off sales?
  2. I'm pretty sure Del Toro is playing a villain.
  3. I believe $500 is the highest price for a Lego set so far. The original UCS Falcon and the updated Death Star were both $500.
  4. I had misaligned head printing for both Lobster Lovin' Batman and Catman. Thankfully I managed to accidentally get duplicates of both with better printing.
  5. Force Ghost Obi-Wan would be cool. Also, the first post is updated with new sets, but still missing all of the information we've gotten about the Summer sets.
  6. If R3-M2 is being sold at Legoland already, looks like that confirms we're getting someone else for May the 4th.
  7. We've known it was IG-88, Bossk, Dengar, and 4-LOM since the toy fair. (Speaking of the toy fair, the main post really needs to be updated)
  8. Wouldn't it be The Lepin Batmam Movie instead?
  9. Actually, I've been watching The Clone Wars and I don't care at all about The Freemaker Adventures, and I'm not enough of a Dengar fan to spend $30 on a set just for him, so I'm glad he's in the battle pack.
  10. I wish they didn't cost so much, I'd definitely get Batman if he wasn't more expensive than a landspeeder.
  11. Fair enough, I would just assume Wookieepedia had their sources straight (turns out it's a Force Awakens book). I'd say for now it's up to interpretation and doesn't really matter until they say something specifically in the movies, so we should probably stop now before we derail the topic more than we already have.
  12. According to Wookieepedia, BB-8 has masculine programming.
  13. I think if you're an adult stealing toys, being called "mature" flew out the window a while ago.
  14. That bottom right Scarecrow concept is really cool actually. Reminds me of Cad Bane.
  15. Uh oh... I kind of want it now.