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  1. While I don't have the original UCS Falcon, I do have the UCS Star Destroyer and UCS Tantive IV. I would be very happy to see either of those redone, as well as a new UCS Falcon. I don't really care which comes first as long as they all get modern builds in the next few years. Between its appearances in Rebels, Rogue One, and the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, I would have thought the Tantive IV had the best shot at UCS treatment this year, but all signs seem to be pointing to the Falcon.
  2. Best peanut butter ever.
  3. Given the blowback that the Jabba's Palace set apparently received, I doubt another one is coming any time soon. Another Jabba's Sail Barge is probably inevitable, but the last one was fairly recent... and with all the additional movies being released, the interval between rehashes of larger sets will only grow. The last Sail Barge was almost as long as the UCS Sandcrawler, so I wouldn't expect a UCS Sail Barge to be scaled more than 1.5x the last version of it. If they did a UCS version of it, I am guessing they would follow the Sandcrawler model and incorporate play/action features and lots of minifigs to appeal to kids, rather than focus solely on detail (which there isn't actually that much of on the barge)... There is also the question of whether TLG would even bother with a UCS Sail Barge, because they tend to favor builds that present a construction challenge, which isn't really the case with the Sail Barge. Most here tend to believe the next UCS set will be the Millennium Falcon. If that actually pans out, I expect the UCS set that follows it would be small ($100-200) since the Falcon is rumored to be the most expensive set ever released. An A-Wing seems the logical choice, since it hasn't yet received the UCS treatment and would break the cycle of UCS rehashes (and would probably sell for $150, if scaled similarly to the UCS X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Snowspeeder, etc.)
  4. Everyone thought it was fake because it was fake. And confirmed as such every which way.
  5. Sounds like a non-denial denial to me... but maybe that's just wishful thinking.
  6. Did they actually use the word "re-release"? Because if it's a new Falcon UCS set they're planning, that wouldn't technically be a re-release.
  7. I’m not 100% convinced that this is the case. Yes, Hasbro has an exclusive license to market posable Star Wars action figures in certain sizes… 3.75”, 6”, 12” (which they actually surrendered at some point to another company), but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have the exclusive license to produce any figure in any size. After all, TLG’s Star Wars license clearly covers its larger buildable figures, which are sold independently. And, TLG does release solo minifigs in polybags as promotional giveaways (which are sometimes sold in Lego Stores, if I’m not mistaken?) The point of all this is to say, it may be that TLG simply doesn’t want to sell individual Star Wars minifigs on a regular basis. Its Star Wars line is evergreen, and TLG has to manage it for the long haul… unlike, say, The Simpsons or The LEGO Batman Movie. The minifigs included in Star Wars sets are key sales drivers for those sets… releasing characters individually could easily cannibalize sales of future sets, or make it harder to put together compelling sets if the minifigs have already been released solo. Also consider that the polybag-based Minifigures Series have mostly been “deluxe” minifigs with unique or uncommon parts, accessories, etc. There aren’t all that many Star Wars characters that benefit from this kind of treatment…
  8. The Slave I has just started showing up on eBay for under list price — I just got mine for about $50 off, which was too good a deal to pass up — which is usually the precursor to big box retailer sales and then an official discount at the online LEGO Shop (if there is to be one). My guess is that it gets retired between the release of the Snowspeeder and whatever comes this Fall (likely the Falcon). Edit: The UCS TIE Fighter is also still on the market, and it could get retired before Slave I, even though it was introduced after it. It depends on how well each one sells... the X-WIng was retired almost a year before the Ewok Village, for instance, and the original Death Star playlet was on the market for way longer than the usual 2-3 years before it was retired and upgraded. Since the Slave I has a bunch of minifigs and functions a bit more like a playlet, it could have more kid appeal and last longer...
  9. The UCS snowspeeder was supposedly slated for release in 2016, but for unknown reasons got delayed to 2017. Possibly a production delay with the snowspeeder, or a desire to get the revised Death Star out by Christmas/to coincide with Rogue One. My guess is that the Assault on Hoth set was moved up to take its place, since we ended up with back-to-back UCS playsets in 2016, and Assault on Hoth comprised a bunch of previously-released builds... suggesting it was hastily arranged. I would also guess that the Falcon (assuming we get one) was always intended to be released in the latter half of 2017, to put some distance between it and the $500 Death Star (and the smaller Falcon still on shelves), to position it for the holiday shopping season, and to push it closer to the Han Solo movie the following May.
  10. The UCS snowspeeder is not minifig scale... far from it. The minifigs are included as a bonus, similar to the UCS TIE Fighter, which was likewise not minifig scale.
  11. Not to mention endless pages of complaints about Thrawn's not-red eyes, rank insignia, etc.
  12. This looks soooo much better than the previous UCS Snowspeeder. It has a nifty landing gear! So much interior detailing! And the action on the top flaps looks really nice. I do wish TLG would re-introduce a lighter gray color that splits the difference between white and Light Bluish Gray... this set would have benefited from it. Stickers aren't ideal, but you know you don't have to apply them if you don't want to...
  13. I don't doubt that there are folks who will purchase multiples for the parts. But there are people who buy dozens and dozens of the (unnamed) battle packs to amass huge armies of Stormies, Hoth soldiers, etc. I don't see as many people doing the same to build up armies of Aqualish, for example.
  14. I have this set though I haven't built it yet... but in the video reviews I've watched, placing a minfig in the cockpit looks more proportional than the UCS X-Wing or TIE. I'm inclined to say it's close to minifig scale... the "actual" B-Wing appears to have been quite large, if you put much stock in the DK cross-section illustrations and such.
  15. My guess is that the bounty hunter battle pack is something of an experiment for TLG. If it succeeds, we might see more of them… after all, there are only so many variations on unnamed stormtroopers and soldiers that they can realistically put out… especially since the prequels seem to be out of favor. (Though I for one would like to see blue Senate Guards, Gungans, Geonosians, etc. make their way into future battle packs.) But even if the Bounty Hunters set is successful, I doubt we would see more than 1 out of 4 battle packs each year comprise named characters. And “successful" may be increasingly hard to achieve, when you consider that most battle packs get bought in multiples by AFOLs to build armies… how many multiples of cantina aliens, Jabba courtiers, etc. will you realistically want to own?