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  1. Hello @sander1992, great work! Can't wait to see more
  2. 75133-1-e1495648000660.jpg?w=736
    I've reviewed 75133 Rebel Alliance Battle Pack!

  3. Wait. Why do people like Harley?
  4. Are we wishlisting in a Rumors thread? [Packs up clothes in trunk and leaves]
  5. DOC OCK and TLBM BATGIRL win. Next round to follow soon.
  6. Hi, actually that's the first batch, the current batch is here :) cheers!
  7. Me: that actually looks cool! [sees price] Never mind.
  8. You changed your profile picture 51 minutes ago and I did not notice *huh*

    1. JDbricks


      Late notification?

    2. VaderFan2187


      Nah, just lack of observation skills.

  9. Apart from the unforgivable sin of combining Star Wars and Star Trek, this is fantastic.
  10. Wow @WhiteFang you are a reviewing machine (in a good way of course)! Great job, and thanks!
  11. What would it be? Then again, curiousity killed the cat
  12. LOL okay, no worries, just hoping you guys haven't forgotten. Thanks!
  13. Nice job @JDbricks! Where is Zuckuss though?
  14. 8077-11.jpg?w=736
    I've reviewed 8077 Atlantis Exploration HQ!

    1. QwikBricks


      I'd never even heard of the Atlantis theme!  Let alone the headquarters building.  And I love underwater stuff.  Thanks for this great review.  Definitely worth a read...

      BTW - do you own and build all these sets you review?

    2. VaderFan2187


      Yeah, except for some of the CMFs. I feel they aren't too hard to review even if you don't own them (no play functions to see how well they work)

      Glad to hear you found the Atlantis theme! Hope you'll review some of them one day :)

      Oh, and unfortunately this HQ set has been parted out in my collection :laugh:

  15. I thought it was $40?!