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  1. Not interested in the Snowspeeder and still sad how Lego still refuses to release a UCS AT-AT as it is my favorite Stars Wars vehicle. Makes no sense to release so many Snowspeeders and not have an AT-AT for that one iconic scene. A giant AT-AT might have stability issues is probably the reason Lego won't make one I suppose.
  2. Villains usually always look cooler than the good guys.
  3. If a UCS Falcon does get released then I'll be tempted to get it if it has an interior included. Otherwise if it's a re-release of the old version then I'll pass. The pains of a limited budget.
  4. Minidolls is a big turn off for me but I like fantasy castle themes so I'm starting to like the Elves line a bit now. This new wave I'm probably getting the Goblin village during a promotion like double vip points. The airship looks beautiful but I'm not a fan of flying vehicles in general so will not be getting it.
  5. I only bought Nexo knight sets for the Lava monsters since they work well with the fantasy castle armies I have going. These new nexo bad guys look well done but I'm on the fence if I should bother getting them. Rock monsters that wield lightening doesn't seem that great when compared to the lava monsters. Will wait for when they are released and see the youtube reviews.
  6. The only good news is the longer the US have to wait for these sets the more breathing room my wallet gets.
  7. My imperial army is in need of high ranking officers so Thrawn is great even if the ranking bars are not accurate. I'm not a perfectionist so a slight mistake is passable for me at least. I wanted Krennic but the set he comes in is too expensive to get just for the minifigs.
  8. I really like those mismatched warriors. I tend to make my armies more uniform in looks so not very realistic.
  9. Really liking the look of that base. Most likely will pick it up during double vip points or when it is on sale. The imperial battle packs are my biggest priority. Love army building.
  10. I've only bought the AT-ST from the rogue one wave and the next wave I will probably only get the imperial battle packs. I'm also leaning towards the Skarif set after seeing the new pic of it. Will be on the fence until I see the youtube reviews on it after release. I'm still hoping for a UCS AT-AT set. It will be the first UCS I ever consider buying and paying so much for. Not to mention a regular AT-AT is just too small when compared to the new AT-ST that was just released.
  11. I really love these medieval houses and buildings. Great moc. I really like the goats too but gave up on owning any due to their crazy prices on ebay. Hope Lego releases more farm animals someday.
  12. I'm just waiting for a good castle/fantasy movie to come out popular enough for Lego to buy licenses of. I missed out on the LOTR and Hobbit line when I came out of my dark ages as you guys call it. Now I'm tempted to just build my own castle using the Lego store pick a brick wall. However, it won't have unique molds that usually come in sets.
  13. Sad to see Ewok village go. I don't have the money or the space for it. My heart says yes but my mind says no kinda deal.
  14. Really loving that wooden wall and it gives me ideas on building my own.
  15. The only problem I have with CMF is you won't know what you are buying until opening the pack. The packaging is too thick that feeling it doesn't help me sadly. Too many good figs and pieces I want but too scared to waste a lot of money on stuff I don't need. Lego needs to do away with the mystery packaging.