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  1. That from New York Toy Fair.
  2. Yeah, it sounds weird.
  3. Mystery minifigure is Shocker. Nope.
  4. Nope, it's zombie.
  5. Nope. But look at greyed picture on the box. He has normal head and that thingie to clip brick on it.
  6. Shocker won't have a mask.
  7. Nope. It's too violent for Lego Ninjago Movie.
  8. How did you find them? Can you tell us?
  9. Thank you But what that set is? That with Rey and Luke.
  10. But hairpiece from Avengers or Avengers: Age of Ultron and Civil war?
  11. Sorry for asking, I know you are tired of questions but sorry, I totally can't wait for these sets so... 1. Is Luke in small, middle or big set? 2. Is Rey in small, middle or big set? 3. In how many sets Kylo Ren is? 4. Can you tell me something more about that set you talked about before? (Rey and Luke being together in a vehicle/terrain style set ad about $90) Sorry one more time
  12. So it's playset or vechicle?
  13. I will buy it for sure.