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  1. Official prices from Brickset: 70606 Spinjitzu Training-10€ 70607 Ninjago City Chase-20€ 70608 Master Falls-35€ 70609 Manta-Ray Bomber-35€ 70610 {?}-??? 70611 Water Stride-45€ 70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon-55€ 70613 {Garmadon's Shark}-??? 70614 Lighting Jet-70€ 70615 Fire Mech-80€ 70616 {Zane's Tank}-??? 70617 Temple of The Ultimate-130€ 70618 Destiny's Bounty-170€ 70620 {D2C Ninjago City}-300$ Retailer exclusive sets are: 70610 (???), 70613 (Garmadon's Shark), 70616 (Zane's Tank) and 70620 (Ninjago City). Master Falls is probably set with a bridge over a river, 4 minifigures: Kai, Wu, Lord Garmadon and Skeleton.
  2. Oh my gosh. @Scarilian said this: So I corrected him that it includes Thor, Bruce, Valkyrie, Hela and two henchman, not Thor, Loki, Hela and two henchman. Understand?
  3. He said that it includes Thor, Loki, Hela and two henchman.
  4. It contains Thor, Bruce Banner, Valkyrie, Hela and two henchman.
  5. LIST OF TFA LEAKS: •Set Names, Prices and Pieces-June 3rd •Lego Stormtrooper Buildable Figure Revelaed-June 11th •Leaked Official pictures-August 14th •Poe's X-Wing Fighter Revealed-September 2nd •Official Pictures and Descriptions-September 3rd (One Day Before Force Friday) •Available in Shops-September 4th (Force Friday) LIST OF RO LEAKS: •Prices and Pieces-March 25th •Official Minifigures Revealed-April 14th •Buildable Figures Characters, Prices and Pieces Revealed-May 23rd •Catalog Teaser-June 23rd •Leaked Official Images-August 8th •Official Images-September 1st •Available in Shops-September 29th We should get something around May or June.
  6. Something close to 150$, we don't know exact price.
  7. Here you go
  8. I said official pictures, not leaks.
  9. He will play Jackson “Montana” Brice, a member of The Enforcers, a group that made frequent appearances as villains in Spidey’s earliest comics.
  10. Official pictures will arrive late August or September 1st.
  11. Your calculations are different than @RetroInferno's calculations. Which calculation is correct?
  12. Site with all The Last Jedi sets boxes and prices, maybe someone can convert currancy?
  13. We are going to see B-Wing in the movie.
  14. Ok, thank you. Everything else is true?