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  1. Yup, you are right. Everyone was talking about that it has six minifigs, so I said that news was fake, thank you for clarifying
  2. So, someone should do that: 75176 Resistance Transport Pod Price-$29.99, €39.99 Pieces-294 Build: White escape pod Minifigures: Finn, Rose and BB-8 75177 First Order Heavy Scout Walker Price-$49.99, €59.99 Pieces-554 Build: Kinda tank on six or eight legs Minifigures: Resistance Trooper, General Hux, First Order Crew and First Order Flametrooper 75179 Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter Price-$79.99, €79.99 Pieces-630 Build: Black TIE Fighter with two wings, but they look like four wings, black and grey Minifigures: Kylo Ren, First Order Stormtrooper, First Order Special Forces TIE Pilot and BB-9E 75188 Resistance Bomber Price-$109.99, €109.99 Pieces-778 Build: Blue and grey bomber Minifigures: Poe Dameron, Vice Admiral Holdo, Resistance Gunner Paige, Resistance Bomber Pilot and Resistance Bombardier 75189 First Order Heavy Assault Walker Price-$139.99, €139.99 Pieces-1376 Build: Big kinda At-At on four legs, bulky and big front legs, grey Minifigures: Rey, Captain Poe Dameron, Resistance Trooper, First Order Walker Driver and First Order Stormtrooper 75190 First Order Star Destroyer Price-$149.99, €149.99 Pieces-1416 Build: Grey super star destroyer Minifigures: Supreme Leader Snoke, First Order Officer, First Order Shuttle Pilot, First Order Stormtrooper Sergeant, First Order Stormtrooper and BB-9E
  3. She is not in 75176.
  4. Figures we miss from that minifig lineup are Finn, Rose, BB-8 and Admiral Holdo. All the figuees have to be included. Third figure from left must be BB-8, because 75187 is UCS BB-8 and he has 1x1 stand piece, not 2 1x1 pieces for legs. Finn has got black legs. Rose has got beige legs. Fourth legs from left are dark grey legs. Admiral Holdo has dark grey legs. But set number says 75176. But she is in 75188. So this figure must be Captain Phasma, Guard or someone from 75176. So other two figures in that row are Finn and Rose. But that leaves us with question: where is Admiral Holdo? So there must be fifth row. Maybe with Admiral Holdo, Luke and Leia or Chewbacca or R2-D2 or C3PO.
  5. Just to write the sets down
  6. My speculation for the Infinity War sets: 76091 Black Order Ambush Price: 20$ 3 Minifigures: -Doctor Strange -Falcon -Black Order Member Buildings: •Bad guys ship •Lantern and mailbox build Infinity Stone: Time Stone 76092 Asgard Battle Price: 30$ 4 Minifigures: -Thor -Rocker Raccoon -Asgardian Guard -Black Order Member Buildings: •Main hall with throne in Asgard Infinity Stone: Space Stone 76093 Xandar Defend Price: 40$ 4 Minifigures: -Drax -Mantis -Nova Officer -Black Order Member Buildings: •Xandar main hall with safe Infinity Stone: Power Stone 76094 Knowhere Chase Price: 50$ 5 Minifigures: -Vision -Gamora -Nebula -Black Order Member -Black Order Member Buildings: •Knowhere ship for good guys •Bad guys ship Infinity Stone: Reality Stone 76095 Battle of New York City Price: 60$ 6 Minifigures: -Captain America -Black Widow -Hulk -Groot -Black Order Member -Black Order Member Buildings: •New York buliding with roads, lights, signs and destruction functions •Small ship for good guys •Small NYC taxi Infinity Stone: Mind Stone 76096 Ultimate Ruin Battle Price: 90$ 7 Minifigures: -Iron Man -Spider-Man (New Suit) -Star-Lord -Hawkeye -Scarlet Witch -Thanos -Black Order Member Buildings: •Giant ruins from first look trailer Infinity Stone: Soul Stone Set numbers are speculation too.
  7. That Kylo Ren set news is FAKE.
  8. They are prototypes.
  9. Guy next to Rose is not Finn.
  10. We don't know if there will be Phasma in any set.
  11. Yup Oh, yeah, I don't know why I wrote 75177.
  12. New leaks from TLJ. Look at Precious Plastics on Instagram. Rose from 75176 and Pilot from 75188
  13. <snip> KYLO REN MINIFIGURE FROM 75179! One word: Incredible.