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  1. Dori from the Hobbit or Lor San Tekka's head are about your only options... Not many fleshy heads with full grey beards out there. Clone Wars Dooku would probably be the best, if not for the animated-style printing...
  2. See, I didn't look hard enough. I also kept searching for "dragon" not "lizard." But those look pretty great! Thanks!
  3. So I've been building minifigures to use for my friends' roleplay, and we're starting a D&D campaign now. But my girlfriend is playing a Dragonborn. Anyone know of any dragon heads for minifigures? I'm not finding anything official that will work, and I didn't see anything third-party either, but I'd be a bit surprised if nobody's done it before? Alternatively, anyone know of anywhere that does custom molded heads? Or rather, probably 3D prints custom ABS stuff? I'd rather not resort to sculpting it out of clay, though I suppose one of my roommates might be capable of that...
  4. Loki has two outfits in this, though that new version of the horned helmet would have been awesome to see in Lego. The blue on Hulk and Thor isn't the same exact shade as the movie, but it's still obviously bluish. Hela's helmet looks perfectly accurate. I realize in the movie it doesn't cover her face--that's just dark makeup--but it looks the same, and really the important part is all of the antler-ish things. Seems to me there's a lot of splitting hairs in here. Go ahead and be dissatisfied, I can't wait to see more of these sets. :D
  5. I was going to point that out, as nobody had seemed to notice before. The torso and legs have a bit more printing on the second figure in the picture, with the lightning eyes. Is that a completely different Thor figure?
  6. Star Wars, Disney, and Doctor Who/Dimensions will likely will out the other two prizes in some way, then, yeah. I forgot about Tink showing up there. :)
  7. Ah, well. Guess I won't be getting that Catwoman head any time soon :P It's a shame they've not had any other basic masked female heads. But what will E and F be? One is Doctor Who, I'm assuming, based on the Cyberman in that sneak peek...
  8. I'm waiting with you, dude.
  9. Looking forward to finding out what Prize E is! The suspense this year has definitely made waiting more exciting--usually I forget it's coming by the time it does :D Plus, I figured the Bridge Battle 'figs would be a prize, and that's one of the few bigger sets that I've bought lately, so I'm honestly kindof glad that's not E. But we'll see what I do get :D
  10. How deep is that packaging on top? It looks like there's some depth to the ones beneath the new frame/display. (I'm still guessing it's those, though.)
  11. Yeah, no. A few various options for goatees, but nothing with stubble. I can just about guarantee it, I've looked through for options for MCU Falcon several times ;)
  12. (That's definitely Trip, btw.) But yeah I'm preeeetty sure that head is a custom or something. The closest thing to it now would be Mordo's, but before his head I don't think there were any black-guy heads with stubble like that.
  13. To be clear, I do still have the Nizam head on Kraven. I only meant that I didn't think to mention it at first since I had given him that upgrade the instant I got him. The one in the set just didn't cut it for me, at all.
  14. I thought about it. Unfortunately I was working on building something black, and I've already scrapped a bunch of pieces from the original set. If anyone does make a winged scuttler, I'd be quite interested to see it.
  15. Kraven's doesn't work, sadly. The fur is too narrow in front. Penguin's fits nice and snug.