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  1. Lego did it themselves back in 2000 with 3340, 3341, 3342, and 3343.
  2. I believe CM4Sci was the first credible person to suggest it, saying it was "likely" over on reddit. That was some time before Stash2Sixx said anything about it. There were one or two other reliable leakers in-between who said we'd see a new largest set ever this year, but I've forgotten who.
  3. Went and picked up half the summer star wars sets today. The battle packs are starting to show up in many Australian stores, but so far the only place Ive found the rest of the wave (except for the freemaker sets, which I cant find anywhere) was at the discovery centre in melbourne. Prices are what you'd expect; $45 for the fighter tank and vader's transformation, $90 for the quadjumper and scout trooper + speeder bike, $23 for the battle packs. I think the rathtar escape was $130, its the only one I didn't pick up. This sure is a nice change from their usual August release. Also finally got krennic's shuttle from david jones for 20% off. That thing's getting real hard to come by in Aus. The speeder bike is gorgeous, the tank is pretty great too. I definitely dont recommend picking up the quadjumper at RRP though, this thing is a $60, maybe $70 tops, set. Definitely not worth $90.
  4. That's not universally true. Here in Australia, buying star wars sets from the US on ebay is sometimes still cheaper than the Australian retail price, even despite insane shipping costs. Best examples being the TIE advanced vs A-wing or Rex's AT-TE, since they were only available to us on S@H. Its not like that's all there is to the rumor though. If it was, sure, the rumor would be rubbish, but its been supported by numerous reliable leakers, people who have been right far far more often than they've been wrong about upcoming sets.
  5. Really not liking that hyperspace ring. The fighter itself is... whatever, but the ring is such a disappointment, its not a significant improvement over the 2last one from 10 years ago! And I'd say the docking area on the 2007 one looks better. The fighter just doesn't mesh nicely with the ring, which is completely contrary to what we see in the source material. What a disappointment.
  6. What Im saying is that if someone cant buy both the snowspeeder and the falcon, its in Lego's best interest that they chose the falcon. Not to mention its in the best interest of the consumer to know about both before making a descision. Wouldnt you be a little bit very annoyed if the falcon is announced and you cant buy it because you bought the snowspeeder earlier?
  7. So what you're saying is that people not buying a $200 set so that they can buy a $600 to $800 set = lost profit?
  8. There's hardly any shortage of scalpers at these events. Probably most of them are picked up by those scum anyway.
  9. Its probably very much a minority of customers who buy several copies of a battle pack anyway
  10. The complaints about the snowspeeder being a remake seem a bit ill considered IMO. The old one is 14 years old, its not a set many AFOLs have, its not a set many AFOLs could ever hope to have.
  11. Not even just that it might not exist, but that Lego could delay or cancel a set at any point until they announce it
  12. Yeah, that was discussed here a while back, someone posted some concept art where Thrawn had the same rank insignia as he does in the set. It definitely wasnt Lego's fault, they were as always working from concept art. Same with any number of other recent sets.
  13. That's not really true, the reason its being given a chance is because its been supported by numerous reliable leakers. We have as much evidence for it as we had for the snowspeeder not too long ago, as well as every SW set we saw at NYTF.
  14. I can tell you right now that beyond a shadow of a doubt they wont be in Australia by June first anyway. August at best, every time. The difference there being that TLG probably isn't doing this on purpose, where Nintendo almost certainly is
  15. I'd like the bottom to at least try to approximate the curvature of the bottom of the ship