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  1. Really amazing tower build. I can never imagine how to go about building this kind of snot work with the different angles and rough texture finish. The Tudor bits and roof are great and the vines are lovely. Was it little whips used for that?
  2. This fits really well with the others and I am fitting them together in my minds eye. The ruined castle look is so detailed and as a castle needs a lot of maintenance it fits the bandit look well. The Tudor bits are lovely and the large tree wth the turret behind. The door under the tree root is great and the general rubble and scree.
  3. This fits really well with the others and I am fitting them together in my minds eye. The ruined castle look is so detailed and as a castle needs a lot of maintenance it fits the bandit look well. The Tudor bits are lovely and the large tree wth the turret behind. The door under the tree root is great and the general rubble and scree.
  4. Nice little scene. I really like the textured wall and roof and am always pleased to see everyday life scenes. The chimney and smoke are good too!
  5. The textures on this ruined Wall are amazing. I am in Rouen at the moment and this look a lot like the old walls that were not maintained. Beautiful archway in need of lots of repairs from these lazy bandits.
  6. The recent swamp builds by various people have really highlighted how people would actually live in these swamps. From hidden settlements that blend in to semi fortress ones like this. You can really get a feel for how civilization developed and struggled to survive in the swamps. The lighting and fog Ives great atmosphere and the build shows that Nocturnus is not undeveloped no matter how much the other guilds might look down on it as a savage place.
  7. The two areas that stand out to me are the vegetable garden and croc butchers in one bit and the little dock with all the produce on it. I love the variety of rafts and the fact it looks like the tree hits of endor but in a swamp. The different heights make it an immersive scene.
  8. Really good craftsmen, human and oni. It is really good to see more civilians out there making their way in the world despite the creepy creatures.
  9. Can't add anything others haven't already said better but it is such a believable seafront medieval town.
  10. As a fellow builder struggling with parts limitations in certain areas I think you did an amazing job. There are so many details and well chosen minifig parts. As others have said it is full of life and gives the impression of a cramped bustling inn. I really look forward to what you do next!
  11. Really nice textures on this solid and defensible gatehouse. I think the Tudor part is a good addition. It makes sense that they built a strong tower and then realized they needed a little shelter on top from sea storms. I wonder if the dark water could have been improved by a few white pieces as a froth contrast where the dark waves hit that great rock work? I hope there will be pics of the three parts together.
  12. Very good woodwork with nice details all over. I also like the bundle of goods next to the steps, the porch and training mechanism. It has a nice old town feel to it.
  13. Very difficult to choose but... 1. Henjin_Quilones 2. TitusV 3. Legofin2012
  14. With the escalation of the war with The Spire and Ravaage's forces striking at various targets Khadira went on a recruitment drive. The influx of refugees meant that there was no shortage of recruits and extra rations were offered to those willing to defend Khadira from evil. Khadira has plenty of troops and weapons but there is a shortage of heavy armour. In order to offset this against the heavily armored shock troops of the Spire the city has instituted a strict training regimen to ensure that the soldiers are skilled and motivated on the battlefield. With training they can work together to defeat better equipped foes. At least that is the plan. The barracks building on the left has a small area cleared in front of it for drilling. Low walls separate it from the rest of the city and it has its own pathways where you can see two servants pass by with ingredients for dinner. One of the Elite Holy Guards of Khadira has been assigned mastery of this small barracks. It will be his responsibility to ensure that the men here are fit and prepared for the fight. His Goldsteel sword and armour are likely enchanted, a mark of his elite status. In the foreground is the bench and table so that an instructor may observe and take notes while the troops train. Behind the Holy Guardsman an Askar casts a watchful eye over the recruits. These professional soldiers invest in their own equipment, in this case lamellar armour. They are often recruited in Khadira as more heavily armored soldiers, though they still lack the full plate of an Avalonian or a Knight of Aslan. This experienced veteran will help train the recruits. Speaking of the recruits, here they are. All are welcome to join the Khadiran Forces, though some may find themselves allocated to less glorious roles depending on their skills. At present they will train with spear and in general drill. Then perhaps in swordsmanship and the use of a shield. Those with an aptitude will practice archery. They have been given mass produced clothing of red and orange. Perhaps if Khadira can produce more armour in the future some of them may be lucky enough to wear it. At present though they will train to be light infantry and to avoid fights they cannot hope to win. They are all wearing face cloths as when they train it kicks up lots of dust in the yard. Another veteran from fighting near the Nocturnan border. He carries a halberd of a style common in Khadira but the Nocturnan influence is clear to see due to the Darkiron blade and helmet. This experienced soldier has also managed to come by a light breastplate. It is clear that there is work to be done before Khadira's army can make these different elements into a truly effective fighting force. Another build to flesh out the city of Khadira and show more of this city. I hope it gives the impression of a living breathing city. My girlfriend encouraged me to build something a little larger but I had various difficulties. I wish I was able to put a border around it. I also feel there are some bits that could have been tweaked with a little more variety and texture. The photos don't show off the multi-ethnic nature of the army very well. There is an orc and a pale sickly faced guy in the second rank. Also mixing yellows and fleshies! Suck it everyone! I hope in the future I can make a few more bits to show the military of Khadira more. But I want to try and get some more story builds done too. Cheers all.
  15. I only just realised that Hassan was in this series of builds in the battle and the meeting at the end! It mat sound really cheezy but I am quite touched to be included in such a great series of builds and the good story. It does lead on well for future reconstruction and a storyline where the new young queen must play off different suitors and her own desires against each other to balance the power. Great stuff.