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  1. Yea! Thor scene! So most probably we will see that in Thor: Ragnarok. Isn't that consider as a spoiler? Hahaha sorry!
  2. We did get that in the previous film, didn't we? Or am I just wrong, it is what it is. but what are you thinking with the new Ironman armor? Mark 48? Godkiller? And Do you guys think there will be multiple armors or is it just this one?
  3. MMs are great but not in that great as BP if they're going to build the hype with all the banners outside the convention, I hope they will show those set(s). And Infinity War tease too!
  4. Not really as we both get that in the last years event. Well we just need to wait a lil' bit shorter all of those news will be out. We're still missing 2 brickheadz (bcoz of the numbering) and those exclusive figs. Hopefully they will have Black Panther sets in the display'
  5. On point, and based on those photos I guess the costume of Dr. Strange will remain the same. Also new Ironman armor is up, although I'm actually rootinf for a different color. Ugh. Hope they can represent it well, new arc reactor shape and all that stuff:
  6. In my country, they are selling well at least in our city. TLBM brickheadz are the mos popular ones.
  7. Oh my freaking gosh. This is beautiful piece, I'm never been a fan of HP but this is awesome! Keep it up~!
  8. Probably because of simplicity. Hmmmmm This one is the more comic looking eh.
  9. I think it has been discussed by a Mod or Banjo hmmmm they changed it to be available in public not as exclusives.
  10. This one is easy! CARNAGE and HARLEY! crazzzzzzy!
  11. Thanks a bunch! I need that in my Vulture too.
  12. Mind if I ask, what set has gunmetal gray of that pieces?
  13. Hopefully, this will sell good. Dayu, that venom is beautiful! IKR! That's why I hate SDCC!
  14. Mark 42 and TLBM Bruce for me.
  15. Dr Phosphorus, Crazy Quilt, Clock King, Gentleman Ghost to me those figs are the most important and beautiful. As for bat variants, I personally want: Baturion, Easter Batman, Batsketball Player, Krampus Batman, Military Leader Batman, Merbat, Wizbat, St. Batrick's, Batriot!