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  1. The U-wing starfighter without minifigs
  2. Appears in star wars rebels and in the freemaker adventure, i want this minifigure but not the set.
  3. This pic is from the deleted scenes, it seem a green A wing. And in star wars rebels appear more a wings.
  4. It is part of the green squadron in the battle of endor, Yes, It is canon.
  5. Jun sato minifig and R3-A2 are my last purchase.
  6. I have seen new pics from the snowspeeder pilot with the dark helmet on facebook with more detail and it have printed arms and a lot of details in the helmet
  7. Thank you @VaderFan2187 44cm mmm
  8. How long is the lego U wing? I want to know if i have space enought in my room XD
  9. I have used this one: Is the Major derlin face from ucs hoth set.
  10. It appears in the hangar of Yavin rebel base in rogue one when the pilots are running
  11. I have seen this polybag for 40€ but i think i'm gonna wait for the lego shop free one
  12. The gunner is called kit valent
  13. very nice! it could be a microfighter set
  14. Thank you @Umbra-Manis Yes it's from the deleted scenes @That Orange Thing but this wampa is more cute XD
  15. the most difficult part was to take a pic with the hamster without moving i will have made more than 50 haha