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  1. I Am spending an immense amount of my limited free time rebuilding my unimog to be a great trial truck crawler and have stuffed around with different shocks and trying a thousand ways to fit them for best crawlability, and it now seems that I have totally wasted my time after seeing this awesome build.
  2. Yes that's it thanks. I was just really interested in the real world difference to calculated to see the affects of aerodynamics, rolling resistance etc.
  3. I am not usually Interested in massive builds but the BWE is one machine that deserves one and like others have said yours is epic! I love all the minifigs to 'play' with and the control panel is a Lego nerds paradise! It deserves a complex operating panel, if it was to easy to play with that would diminish the experience.
  4. Ok so that's pretty cool but it looks like it accelerates off the line quite quickly as well. Does that mean you could gear it up a little more for more top speed or have you tried and what you have is the limit before the 'tipping point' of no acceleration? EDIT: actually I think my question is more like What is the calculated rpm of the drive wheel so I can know the difference to the actual on track rpm at 35kmh. Thanks!
  5. Not sure what happend to this challenge, hope letsbuild is ok. my PNEUnimog was a bit of a flop to be honest even though I entered it. Here is the vid. Currently undergoing sbrick or buwizz upgrade with single motor drive and chassis and suspension upgrades and getting rid of these woeful pneumatic controls! we have similar music tastes @JTS
  6. comment unworthy
  7. good post. I agree. Thinking about it, what I posted before is a bit too 'calculated' on the results. what you say, @Aventador2004 leaves variables and thus decisions for the voters which is far more exciting and inclusive. just like the bot battle comp.
  8. Too many cooks spoil the broth! Haha! Even I'm adding salt! Thanks for the pole @Zero (Zblj) Regardless of the building rules, on the testing track side of things my thoughts are, that there should be a test for high speed timed over a defined short distance averaged over both ways, one for axceleration timed over the same defined distance averaged both ways, and if people want handling tested, just a circle of defined size, how many laps in a minute for example. This would be the best way to have a satellite competition that isn't a pseudo competition. i just thought, maybe these rules will be ready for AMS-2 next year.
  9. I know this is just discussion but there are so many ideas floating around that to me it seems the actual end point of the challenge has been overshadowed by the details, and that i'm not sure what the actual challenge would be. is it a: an overall car with no specific test for it B: a car that handles well ( but how is that tested) C: a car that has certain attributes but that the highest speed it the accomplishment? D:other I think the final outcome is required first to know how to then define the details? perhaps we need to state our preference for the outcome first? or maybe i need to work on my understanding skills haha!
  10. I like this a lot. i have missed this topic somehow so will now read the 5 pages with my next cup of tea!
  11. @nerdsforprez thanks for letting me know. i just moved the images to bricksafe as brickshelf is seemingly having troubles or moving servers. @JTS and @Marxpek ill keep the diffs out for now as i really want this to work outside in sand and dirt and grass etc. if I break an axle so be it. ill take the diffs with me though and try them when i go filming (again) to see any performance difference. this is not being built to work indoors. i will only be satisfied with good outdoor performance and an incline climb of 1in1 or 45 degree. if that means missing the deadline so be it too (although its looking promising to finish tonight if i have time) i'm just enjoying the challenge of building this as I have not done this before. hopefully it will do half of what MARXPEK'S 'rune buggy' and ZERO'S Porsche 4x4 can do. cant wait to see others in action.
  12. total rebuild happening here! the PNEUnimog could easily handle the bumpy carpet test, but out in the real trial truck world it failed. things changing include...solid axles instead of diffs. get rid of the chain drive in the transfer case (I have learned!) lift the ball joints back up to accommodate full cog power transfer, relocate motors, disregard center of gravity, have both motors powering forward and reverse plus left and right all at the same time for maximum power, try to limit colour vomit. cancel work, social engagements, feeding the toddler, only drink cola and eat coffee granules to reduce the need for sleep.
  13. yea i like this. (EDIT: Version 2 that is) its like a scurrying little cockroach :) super fast and small,I can see a lot of playability in this. does it dig lower than ground level?
  14. thanks all, for kind comments. I'm filming today... if i can learn how to control this beast! @Marxpek not skid steer but your pretty much right. would love to see a skid steer pneumatic axel with a single ball swivel to chassis! would be a big beast maybe. @JTS looks awesome! not seen this set before either.