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  1. total rebuild happening here! the PNEUnimog could easily handle the bumpy carpet test, but out in the real trial truck world it failed. things changing include...solid axles instead of diffs. get rid of the chain drive in the transfer case (I have learned!) lift the ball joints back up to accommodate full cog power transfer, relocate motors, disregard center of gravity, have both motors powering forward and reverse plus left and right all at the same time for maximum power, try to limit colour vomit. cancel work, social engagements, feeding the toddler, only drink cola and eat coffee granules to reduce the need for sleep.
  2. yea i like this. (EDIT: Version 2 that is) its like a scurrying little cockroach :) super fast and small,I can see a lot of playability in this. does it dig lower than ground level?
  3. thanks all, for kind comments. I'm filming today... if i can learn how to control this beast! @Marxpek not skid steer but your pretty much right. would love to see a skid steer pneumatic axel with a single ball swivel to chassis! would be a big beast maybe. @JTS looks awesome! not seen this set before either.
  4. well, it's pretty quiet in here... but I think I'm done. The PNEUnimog haha! Ill save further details and vid for the official entry.
  5. @Aventador2004Put the short springs inboard more? Just be more attentive to Cente of gravity. @Offroadcreat1onsfix the truck, it looks awesome and can't be that bad crawling? Or Just edit the video real well haha. @MarxpekI tried the lift arm solution but it just wasn't springy enough and I also need the motor running full time without switch off. I did however realise that I have springs from 42039. Major brain collapse that day. I came up with this (rough)... it worked but was rather slow. I also realised that 1 pump was enough instead of 3, so the relief valve is not really needed! What a waste of time.
  6. Crawls awesome! I'd love to know some technical details of crawlifying it if there is anything of noteworthyness as I know nothing of this set.
  7. Sorry this turned into a real long post... Ok so I finished my axels properly today. to be honest I had these mocked up a couple weeks before this challenge for the set I was building at the time (which is the set I'm now trial trucking for this challenge) due to its poor steering and bump steer...that gives it away...anyway finished properly now. lots more ground clearance. 2 studs wider track lots less bump steer. 4 wheel steering. 4 link (?) setup (ditched the panhards) Chassis is almost finalised also, but I have hit a major blank with the pneumatics. i have two switches with a motorised pump feeding them, but when both switches are in middle 'neutral' position the motor stalls with air pressure buildup. Im trying to make a pressure relief thing that's automatically open when switches in neutral then closed when switches operating but I have no elastic bands or spring stuff. I have 8851 from my childhood but the bands are missing. Any ideas or help appreciated. I'll get photos up soon to show what I mean. how do Lego sets deal with this like 42053 for example?
  8. This looks good already but am I missing something? All this talk about looks, what about functions? I know you have propulsion and steering and lights. Taking the engine out , doors? Boot? Gearbox? Active aero? Self lift jacks?
  9. Looks great Marxpek! I like the interesting steering setup with the LA's and turntable if I see things right?
  10. My set is heavily modified! Chassis, axels etc but in a way to argue that it is now a proper (hopefully) trial truck. Otherwise as you say it could be just comical entries. although I have used only a handful of extra parts from other sets which I see as a bonus thumbsup.
  11. that looks cool, Ill eat my words but whoah! what a wheel base on that thing! is the chassis modified to take a bending? I'll reveal all in one great big flop no doubt I think you should enter. I doubt anyone is entering to win, its just good fun and good to be challenged in something you may not usually build. that looks like one hell of an accomplished crawler! I think I'll call mine a trial truck now. yea I have a lot of gears between the motor and wheels as I need to get the gear ratio right for slow speed as I wont have throttle control without the PF transmitter/receiver
  12. I need all the hope I can Aventador! couple more WIP photos. This may not be technic brilliance but it's the first (and thus most complicated) clutch/gearbox thingy (slightly incomplete in the photos) I've ever designed in my short life back in technic so I'm happy. I got to do a few hours tonight with some bench/floor testing and it's looking/working ok! A bit unconventional overall maybe but I'm excited. It crawled. PS: I'm on my phone so I hope I resized the photos ok.
  13. Ill second this one. i know they are made in black already, but at about $1+ each on bricklink for seconds, no one can afford them.
  14. Haha...I call a bluff, you failed and have to start all over again...
  15. gorgeous plane and function packed! hardly a studs worth of hollow in the plane. is there much noticeable difference between using one 9v battery compared to the 9v battery box?... is that a silly question?