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  1. First i would rebuild the front. Ur front is to straight. The back looks good to me.
  2. That's a great Idea! How about putting the Bat-Box in a vertical line, so you could increase the space between the axles. Edit: A idea for the truck ;) Chris
  3. Could you explain it to me why it shouldnt work? Chris
  4. This bot has all what it needs. It counters every other bot type and is even looking great! I think you have great chances winning this competition. Good luck! P.S.: You have my vote! Chris
  5. Cool Little Bot, but the name sounds a bit racist...
  6. Hello Guys... After a visit in the "Hungarian Railway Museum" i was inspired to build a new wagon. The WR4252:
  7. As u can see here, the wheels are too small and whole cab too high... But if you ignore this... Its a great and clean build with smooth curves Edit: Also clever use of Basics :)
  8. Smart little bot :) Im also unsure about the damages on other bots. Maybe try to hit a 1,5L bottle and look if the weapon is strong enough. Chris
  9. Köszönöm :)
  10. Hello, thanks for the Article. What about the hungarian version? I would be interested in.
  11. Is this a finished vehicle? Isn´t missing something at the front?
  12. Not bad, but the flipper is no flipper Its more like a ramp... Also the "Flipper" would be more stable, when you put 2 LAs on each side. Name: DrivenRamp Edit: If another bot, drives over the flipper, the tracks will just slip away.
  13. I made a Trailer for it: I will tighten a plastic plane on it
  14. Thanks Milan! A friend made some minor changes on my truck. Like the sidepanel and mirror. And another color-scheme