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  1. This is great news.
  2. Star destroyer looks great! A bit for sure
  3. I totally agree with your comment about my conversation, it probably means nothing. Like you though, I am a believer...
  4. I had a nice online chat with a Lego eomplyee (about some missing pieces) today and asked him when the UCS Falcon was coming. His response was very tongue in cheek - 'interesting question, I don't have any information on such a set at the moment' and 'I sure would love to see that set soon 😜' I know this isn't confirmation but come on! I am 100% certain it's coming based on all the little teasers and Stash2sixx...
  5. Gloucester Smyths had all the new Star Wars sets. Picked up the Bounty Hunter, excellent minifigure selection but pretty poor vehicle (which most won't really care about)
  6. Looking forward to see what the mystery figure is. I only hope it isn't as limited as Mr Gold.
  7. Love the Vader transformation set
  8. I must say I really like it and good collection of Minifigures
  9. Woudl love to see all those Batman variants for sure. Swat Bat! They have to do another CMF series with all those baddies! Wow that would be amazing. To dream....
  10. Batmobile and Clay face are both amazing sets and well worth your money.
  11. The scarecrow and Harley Quinn MFs look amazing
  12. Anyone know where we in the UK can get the Battle POD?