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  1. People have different budgets I guess. Personally, most of the new stuff that interests me these days is >150 EUR/USD (and that's what I spend most of my Lego budget of circa 2k a year on). Recently there hasn't been enough new stuff to interest me so I've been filling up on secondary market sets from my dark ages at exhorbitant prices (most recently the Green Grocer modular for £800 which was daylight robbery!!). Going off on a tangent for a second *i wish* TLG would offer the ability to buy one off copies of older sets for a premium (I'd happily pay 2* the original price adjusted for inflation) Anyway, in an ideal world, I would spend my 2k budget as follows: 1.5k on 6-8 * D2C/ UCS sets (1 each of Modular, Train, Castle, Pirates, Star Wars and Technic and 1-2 from DC/Marvel) 0.5k+ on minifig series, ideas sets and random sets from various other themes It would be really interesting to see a survey of the AFOLs here and their total annual spend on Lego and what they spend the majority of that budget on - i.e. : -sub 50 EUR/USD "basic sets" -50-150 EUR/USD "premium sets" ->150 EUR/USD "D2C/Expert/UCS" type sets Some forums have the ability to create polls but I can't see that here. Maybe a friendly mod could help with that?
  2. Good point but I guess the problem is how can TLG quantify the size of the AFOL market? If you buy through Shop@Home TLG probably profile you based on the sorts of sets you buy - but if you're a typical AFOL, you're only going to be buying D2C sets from there Take train fans for example. The train sets and accessories out there at the moment aren't S@H exclusives, and with the discounts available elsewhere - most people will be buying those through other channels -> from TLG's perspective it looks like there is no AFOL market for trains I can't really explain that set - it was well executed but a bit limited in scope
  3. Thanks for correcting that misconception - I had (incorrectly) assumed major new concepts these days were marketing led. It is refreshing to hear that TLG is still a design centred company when it comes to new products (even though there is the occasional miss :) I agree the AFOL sets TLG already produce (SW, Modulars, Fairground etc) keep a big chunk of your AFOLs interested in the brand (myself included), but there are a *lot* of castle/space/pirates/train fans - probably enough to make releasing one Shop@Home set for each of those themes each year commercially attractive. I won't hold my breath, but it would be awesome to see TLG try this one year.
  4. @Nabii - firstly, thank you very much for your participation in this forum. It is a credit to you that you continue to engage with the community here despite disagreeing with some of the points raised. I would like to respectfully challenge a few of your statements however: Most people on here fully recognise that TLG is a commercial enterprise and it's primary focus of course will always be making money for investors. However, if it turns out that Nexo Knights suffers a "perceived" failure - I would suggest that the marketing people who came up with a hybrid Space/Castle concept should re-evaluate their selection criteria for new themes. A lot of longstanding fans of both the Castle and Space themes have always been very skeptical of such a hybrid concept. Not sure which places you're referring to but many of the AFOLs on here are not asking for lots and lots of new sets. They realise TLG is a toy company and has to cater for kids first and foremost. However, kids eventually grow up and (some) become AFOLs. Shouldn't their custom also be valued? Quite a few of the traditional Castle fans on here would be happy with just *one* decent (creator expert type) Castle set each year. I would suspect the same applies for AFOL Space, Pirates and Train fans. Is this something TLG would consider? Think of how useful such an approach would be to keep long term fans invested in the brand. It may also help address this type of frustration on the designer's part:
  5. Brickset have a picture of the Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate weapon up on their site: https://brickset.com/sets/70617-1/Temple-of-the-Ultimate-Ultimate-Weapon Looks like it has great Moc potential and will be a nice accompaniment to the Temple of Ninjago
  6. Brickset have pics of the new Destiny's Bounty ship from the Ninjago movie up on their site: https://brickset.com/sets/70618-1/Destiny-s-Bounty Looks fantastic. Will def be picking up one of these for an eastern pirates faction :)
  7. Backed the earlier failed campaign and have just backed the re-launched campaign. It looks like they have now hit their funding target with 9 days to go - so fingers crossed it is definitely happening. Can't wait to get my hands on it and start playing around. This has so much potential for Lego train builders
  8. Very nice MOC - great to see a Middle East themed diorama and cool concept with the portals How did you get the colour variations for the water? Are those trans plates over a painted base?
  9. Sure. But a third of the range - all discounted at the same time + triple VIP points?
  10. Wow - these are great!! I think the Necromancer and Cthulhu are my favourites. Thanks for sharing :)
  11. I'd agree with points 2 and 3 but not necessarily with point 1. I don't think the quality of the designers work per se has been an issue but the restrictions placed on them in terms of piece count and unique pieces across the range (probably for commercial reasons). It does make you wonder how a company like playmobil can seemingly afford to give their designers more leeway though TLG also seem to have been doing a lot of offers on their Nexo Knight range through their website/stores recently. In the UK about a third of the entire range is currently discounted on their website (+ triple VIP points at the moment). I don't think I've ever seen such extensive discounting across a range before (with the possible exception of Chima) I do hope the rumours of Nexo Knights demise are true (I really dislike it as a theme) but wouldn't want TLG to abandon historic / fantasy themed sets completely - which they may well do if Nexo Knights has been a big failure. IMO, they just need to revert to more traditional/established historic and fantasy designs rather than constantly trying to invent new cross media intellectual property.
  12. I think I like your second list better :) Love the idea of including individual mythological figures in a series like this. I know they've dabbled with this in the past (Poseidon, Medusa) but imagine the possibilities if they did a few of these historic/fantasy minifigure series with a handful of gods/goddesses/heroes included in each. The beauty of it is they have backstories and recognition almost as good Marvel/DC but without the licensing issues. If anyone else is considering posting a list here btw - please do (even if it's less than 16 figs). I'll compile a "most wanted" list based on the responses here in a week or so. I might even send it to TLG !
  13. I just googled the current Playmobil historic sets and WOW - they're fantastic. Not patronising or dumbed down - just really well thought through with a genuine historic vibe. Why can't TLG do something like that? Kids would lap it up (the intelligent ones anyway) and it would be a historic MOC'ers dream
  14. Don't worry too much about repeats of stuff that's already been posted here - this is a dream line up remember :) The only rule really is to avoid figs that TLG have already provided in a collectible series Depending on how many people post lists - I might compile a "top 16" and add it to the original post. If anyone is hesitating because they don't want to list 16 figs - that's cool too. Just post however many you like