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  1. Very nice MOC - great to see a Middle East themed diorama and cool concept with the portals How did you get the colour variations for the water? Are those trans plates over a painted base?
  2. Sure. But a third of the range - all discounted at the same time + triple VIP points?
  3. Wow - these are great!! I think the Necromancer and Cthulhu are my favourites. Thanks for sharing :)
  4. I'd agree with points 2 and 3 but not necessarily with point 1. I don't think the quality of the designers work per se has been an issue but the restrictions placed on them in terms of piece count and unique pieces across the range (probably for commercial reasons). It does make you wonder how a company like playmobil can seemingly afford to give their designers more leeway though TLG also seem to have been doing a lot of offers on their Nexo Knight range through their website/stores recently. In the UK about a third of the entire range is currently discounted on their website (+ triple VIP points at the moment). I don't think I've ever seen such extensive discounting across a range before (with the possible exception of Chima) I do hope the rumours of Nexo Knights demise are true (I really dislike it as a theme) but wouldn't want TLG to abandon historic / fantasy themed sets completely - which they may well do if Nexo Knights has been a big failure. IMO, they just need to revert to more traditional/established historic and fantasy designs rather than constantly trying to invent new cross media intellectual property.
  5. I think I like your second list better :) Love the idea of including individual mythological figures in a series like this. I know they've dabbled with this in the past (Poseidon, Medusa) but imagine the possibilities if they did a few of these historic/fantasy minifigure series with a handful of gods/goddesses/heroes included in each. The beauty of it is they have backstories and recognition almost as good Marvel/DC but without the licensing issues. If anyone else is considering posting a list here btw - please do (even if it's less than 16 figs). I'll compile a "most wanted" list based on the responses here in a week or so. I might even send it to TLG !
  6. I just googled the current Playmobil historic sets and WOW - they're fantastic. Not patronising or dumbed down - just really well thought through with a genuine historic vibe. Why can't TLG do something like that? Kids would lap it up (the intelligent ones anyway) and it would be a historic MOC'ers dream
  7. Don't worry too much about repeats of stuff that's already been posted here - this is a dream line up remember :) The only rule really is to avoid figs that TLG have already provided in a collectible series Depending on how many people post lists - I might compile a "top 16" and add it to the original post. If anyone is hesitating because they don't want to list 16 figs - that's cool too. Just post however many you like
  8. Same here - especially if he came as pictured with an axe, a sword and a shield for max flexibility :) Honestly, It's a no brainer to have this type of series if you think about it. There would be so much appeal for anyone even remotely interested in army building that TLG would clean up. Good call on Red Sonja btw. Would buy that minifig in a heartbeat
  9. Like it - nice list! Here's mine: Firstly, a selection of historic warriors - ideal for army building: 1- Greek Hoplite 2- Persian Immortal 3- Huscarl 4- English Longbowman 5- French Revolutionary Soldier 6- British Redcoat 7- American G.I. Then a few general historic figures: 8- Roman Senator 9- Native American Shaman 10- Bishop 11- Japanese Courtier And finally, some fantasy figures 12- Female Dwarven Warrior 13- Skeleton Warrior 14- Orc (Warcraft style) 15- Paladin 16- Dark Elf
  10. Given the recent rumour of the Series 18 collectible minifigure series being a themed "costume party" series, and the Monsters theme from a few years back, TLG seem to be open to having a themed minifigure series. With the current drought in traditional historic and fantasy minifigures without a current Castle or LOTR like theme, could this be the answer to our prayers? I ask you to indulge in a bit of light hearted speculation and put together your dream list of up to 16 historic and/or fantasy minifigures you would like to see. I will add my own list later today Who knows, TLG may even read this thread and take notice!
  11. It does seem like a strange decision. Golden opportunity for them to make the FD and clean up in terms of sales and they chose to make the Silent Mary instead. Hopefully they've got a surprise lined up for us later in the year - there is that missing zombie shark after all...
  12. Yep - look on the bright side :) Hopefully if this set sells well we'll get the 2000-3000 piece Flying Dutchman that most fans want
  13. To be fair to TLG - they were kind of limited by the look of the actual ship in the movie. For me, they chose the wrong ship - I would much rather have seen them release the Flying Dutchman. This is the ship we have for now though and honestly the more I look at it, the more it's growing on me. Will def pick it up although I'll probably mod it by adding a few well placed hull sections, a decayed cargo hold/cabins below deck (looks like there's room) and possibly some proper cannons (although that might change the look too much)
  14. That's a bit harsh, it has some really nice details (those awesome sails for example). The build below the deck looks a bit meh though - especially those mini cannons. Will have to see some more pics but will likely pick it up. I mean it's a big new Pirates set after a long drought.... Def not a full hull but a few well placed intact hull pieces would make it look better I think