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  1. Like it - nice list! Here's mine: Firstly, a selection of historic warriors - ideal for army building: 1- Greek Hoplite 2- Persian Immortal 3- Huscarl 4- English Longbowman 5- French Revolutionary Soldier 6- British Redcoat 7- American G.I. Then a few general historic figures: 8- Roman Senator 9- Native American Shaman 10- Bishop 11- Japanese Courtier And finally, some fantasy figures 12- Female Dwarven Warrior 13- Skeleton Warrior 14- Orc (Warcraft style) 15- Paladin 16- Dark Elf
  2. Given the recent rumour of the Series 18 collectible minifigure series being a themed "costume party" series, and the Monsters theme from a few years back, TLG seem to be open to having a themed minifigure series. With the current drought in traditional historic and fantasy minifigures without a current Castle or LOTR like theme, could this be the answer to our prayers? I ask you to indulge in a bit of light hearted speculation and put together your dream list of up to 16 historic and/or fantasy minifigures you would like to see. I will add my own list later today Who knows, TLG may even read this thread and take notice!
  3. It does seem like a strange decision. Golden opportunity for them to make the FD and clean up in terms of sales and they chose to make the Silent Mary instead. Hopefully they've got a surprise lined up for us later in the year - there is that missing zombie shark after all...
  4. Yep - look on the bright side :) Hopefully if this set sells well we'll get the 2000-3000 piece Flying Dutchman that most fans want
  5. To be fair to TLG - they were kind of limited by the look of the actual ship in the movie. For me, they chose the wrong ship - I would much rather have seen them release the Flying Dutchman. This is the ship we have for now though and honestly the more I look at it, the more it's growing on me. Will def pick it up although I'll probably mod it by adding a few well placed hull sections, a decayed cargo hold/cabins below deck (looks like there's room) and possibly some proper cannons (although that might change the look too much)
  6. That's a bit harsh, it has some really nice details (those awesome sails for example). The build below the deck looks a bit meh though - especially those mini cannons. Will have to see some more pics but will likely pick it up. I mean it's a big new Pirates set after a long drought.... Def not a full hull but a few well placed intact hull pieces would make it look better I think
  7. @Duq / @peterab - good point. I hadn't thought of it from the perspective of how long the starter train sets stay on sale for. Makes sense if they're positioning the line as a low volume slow burner. Still think UCS train sets could potentially have broad appeal though. Possibly wishful thinking though :)
  8. There are a lot of AFOL Pirates fans out there... For that market, if there's going to be a limited line, I think most people would want a big ticket ship rather than 4-5 smaller sets. By the way, if you're after a relatively cheap Jack Sparrow minifig - the 30131 polybag goes for about £7 on eBay
  9. A lot of people say that, but how niche is it though? They currently have 3 train starter sets on sale in the $150-$200 range. Why would they do that if trains were a really niche market? I think $150-$200 is actually the sweet spot for starter sets and they could easily go up to $250 for a flagship/expert/UCS train set. I also think a big ticket set like that would actually draw in *more* train fans. Personally speaking, I've bought all sorts of random $250 sets in the past just because they seem cool (the latest example being Big Ben). Why wouldn't other AFOLs do the same for a really nice train set?
  10. Re- releases of those classic sets would be fantastic for people who missed out, but I would be equally happy with completely new creator expert type sets. Just something more detailed than we get in the endless starter sets really
  11. I'm not sure how well a mega "starter" set like that would do. Lego already seem to have hit a sweet spot in terms of size / complexity / price with their current starter sets. That's why we have 3 of them on sale at the same time :) I would much rather see them fill out the line with individual locos, carriages/wagons and buildings in the $30 - $100 range. That would allow kids and adults alike to add to their starter sets according to their own budget. At the top end, I'd love to see them add a flagship "UCS" set every 2-3 years at $250+ to anchor the line (like pretty much every other theme these days). They could use the huge piece count this allows to produce a really outstanding, detailed loco and 3-4 carriage/wagon set, top notch railway building set (imagine getting Grand Central, St Pancras or Gare du nord :) or even a niche system that would appeal to enthusiasts (e.g. monorail, light railway, subway, tram)
  12. Yep - I'd be very happy with a re-release of the Metroliner or Santa Fe :)
  13. Mine are stored in the bottom 3 drawers of this unit from Ikea (http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/storage-furniture/drawer-units-storage-cabinets/alex-drawer-unit-on-castors-white-art-40196241/) - two for locos and carriages/wagons and one for track/accessories. I have to store some of the locos on their side rather than upright due to the height, but otherwise it's a good solution that allows you to store quite a lot. Keeps them relatively dust free and out of the light too.
  14. eh? I said 60169 might be a good accompaniment for 60052 not 7939 Those 10x6 containers would easily fit two to a flatbed wagon
  15. Less is more eh? :) TBH - I'd be happy be with a really well executed Silent Mary alone.