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  1. Nicely executed - Michael
  2. Very well executed. It is impressive how close the digital version matches reality. - Michael
  3. Very well done and well lit and photographed to. - Michael
  4. Very nice. The lighting really makes it come alive. - Michael
  5. Very nicely done. Have you given any thought to what vehicles will fill the bays? MOC's or official sets? - Michael
  6. [quote name='santaends' timestamp='1449365066' post='2401236'] Nice chainsaw topping! Good parts use. You could probably hang some baubles.. friends handbags haha. Did you get the stems from PAB? [/quote] Hello - yes, at the time, the stems were available on the PAB wall in the Lego store. I thought the chainsaw had a star-like quality to it too. - Michael
  7. [quote name='Andy D' timestamp='1449329040' post='2400700'] Very nice Christmas tree! I really like the tree trunk, I must try to figure that one out. Unless you want to share how you did it ;) Andy D [/quote]Hello Andy - I am glad you like the tree. Assuming you are referring to the portion to which the flower stems are attached, it is based on a technique for column building from this Lego Creator video: [url=""][/url] - Michael
  8. I made a few improvements to the Christmas tree I entered in the raffle. I bought the plant flower stems some time ago for this project and the Xmas raffle was the impetus to finally build it! [img][/img] This new part might make a rather nice topper when it is not decorated for the holidays: [img][/img] - Michael
  9. Thank you for the raffle! [img][/img] - Michael