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  1. I think the Wal-Mart SKU is 416196666.
  2. And another reason to think this guy is the greatest!
  3. There should be a Thanksgiving set as it is celebrated the month after Halloween. No worries!
  4. That is too cool!
  5. It appears that through the gates is supposed to be some sort of haunted house against an orange sky or something. I like that it has three dimensional depth past the gates. Definitely a must have.
  6. Today, I went with my wife to the LEGO store and we got this. On the back of the instructions we found this. This year's Halloween set. Looks awesome! Can't wait.
  7. Agreed, the four weapons at the four corners are a great accent for the base and the water effect works really well. The sails are awesome and the hull expertly done. It is super great that you have done this. I am very impressed!
  8. This is very cool! The overall flow of the mountain rocks with the temple is just great. Excellent color choices as well.
  9. Super nice! The robot arm as a door pull looks great and the flower placement "freshens" the look of the scene overall.
  10. Looks great! Really digging the brick built buds. As that old song goes "it must have been the roses"
  11. Very nice! Pythor's brick built tail is great. Samukai should have looked more like that in the show. The dark green really makes the armor look authentic, especially the helmets on the shoulders. Cool use of the bucket handles. Most of all I like how posable Samukai is, great pics. These are awesome display pieces, great job!
  12. As far as I know here in the southern states it is as much of a staple as "A Charlie Brown Christmas" or any of the claymation Rudolph movies. From what I can remember here in North Texas we've had snow on Christmas day as recently as 2012 and then before that I can only recall 1986. That being said it can get very cold here and movies such as "A Christmas Story" seem very familiar especially with cursing, kooky gifts, wanting for bb guns and such.
  13. Supported! Flipping through the pictures was like watching a clip reel of the movie. You have done a great job of recreating some of the more hilarious scenes that take place in and around the house. I think this would be a great addition to any Lego Christmas display, well at least for those of us in the U.S. Kudos to you for a great idea. P.S. And for anyone outside of the U.S. who hasn't already, you should see the movie. It perfectly encapsulates what Christmas is/was like here, both the commercialism and traditionalism.
  14. WOW! That ship is super awesome. To be quite honest you seem to have done a way better job at creating a skypirate command ship/base than the Lego designers. Don't get me wrong the misfortune's keep is "OK", but this is far more appealing as a set in my opinion. Would have been great to have seen something like this in the show as well. Kudos to you!