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  1. This one: It's somewhere near the end of the video Marcos states that he won't have that much time to design huge D2C sets any more due to the responsibilities that come with his new position within TLG, but that a new D2C designed by him still comes out in December (which is a weird date by the way, usually it's the first of January)
  2. That was the Kraken from Clash of the Titans (1981): Back to topic: Maybe this D2C set is the one that Marcos Bessa has mentioned in a recent interview?
  3. Mere coincidence 99.9 % of Snoke theories can be ruled out immediately due to the fact that Snoke is an alien. A very humanoid one at that, but still not human. This has been confirmed officially and the minifig further proves that by featuring blue eyes. Only alien characters are given coloured eyes (yellow Sith eyes don't count)
  4. I like it, much better than last year's TFA videogame version
  5. It's time we get a new face for Finn, now let's hope Rey gets a new one as well Unfortunately, the one in the FOHAW set doesn't seem to be new but maybe she appears in one of the other sets as well? The Shuttle Pilot looks neat as well, too bad though he's got the same torso as a lot of other FO figs
  6. The user that uploaded the BB-E9 picture has added it to the Eurobricks photo pool on flickr:
  7. A picture of the new evil BB-unit has surfaced on flickr and it indeed features a new head mould, just as some eagle-eyed people have noticed
  8. I wonder where the pearl gold spiral pole and the light brick fit in, both position- and play feature-wise The pole obviously has to be inside the structure to the right somewhere but the light brick's position is less clear
  9. The final picture has been revealed on instagram: Too bad though we're still not getting any chickens Edit: Ninja'd by Han solo died
  10. Yeah, there's not much left to reveal judging by the first teaser picture, four pictures at most I'd say I wonder if they still have a surprise or two in store for us? Apart from the shield and the big slime that is
  11. This is getting better and better, it really looks like they're trying to fill all the remaining gaps (pre-version 1.9 that is) , as the inclusion of tons of new elements (angry wolf, clock, iron shovel, shield, charged creeper, big Slime, bat, steak) suggests The latest picture makes me wonder though if there really is a third "playable" character, maybe it's just been mistaken for the armour stand?
  12. Of course we've all primarily been looking for parts suggesting new mobs or accessories, but I wonder what can be inferred from the teaser in terms of the actual build. I spot a curved tile and a spider web piece, suggesting the presence of a mineshaft. The sand green plates are also noteworthy, maybe to represent some type of grass? Plus there seem to be quite a few technic pieces, hinting at some mechanisms (probably of an explosive nature, given the TNT and the charged Creeper)
  13. I don't mind this kind of teasing, in fact I welcome it and wish they did this with all of the D2c sets It's far more exciting than waiting for leaked pictures that usually look like they were taken by the same cameras they use to capture Bigfoot BTW, has anyone noticed the trans-red light brick? Maybe we're getting a beacon after all, I don't know what else it could be used for in this context
  14. I faintly remember someone requesting comparison pictures of the three POTC ships, so here you go: And some minifig comparisons: Too bad we never got Pintel and Ragetti (or any BP crew members for that matter), now Barbossa is on his own :P