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  1. I have an idea for my battle bot, though I'm new to power functions and how motors can achieve them. Is it possible for one motor to control more than one function via the remote/receiver? If so, does anyone know of a set where I could see an example of how this is achieved? I have limited space within my bot and it would be better if I could do everything else with only one more more. Thanks! Building tips and advice are always welcome.
  2. I finally decided to sit down and build this and wouldn't you know it, the set's missing 2 parts right off the bat (a small # of steps in). I'm 0/2 with my last purchases of 42053 and 42063 for complete sealed sets.
  3. Okay, I can see the photos now. Were all of your "fails" built for this contest? There's some really neat techniques used. I'm going to have to study the photos for part connection ideas.
  4. Neat design, though nothing is showing up on your failed list.
  5. I keep most of my models built, so spare Technic parts is maybe 4k (5k tops). Plus a 42042 & 42063 not yet built. Edit: I'm not sure the basis for your question, so I will assume it pertains to how much you should have available for building. If I were an avid Technic moc builder, I would probably want to keep around 25k or more on hand for projects. This amount also depends on the scale of the projects. More is often better.
  6. So far I cannot see a way to get the motor closer to the hub itself. Plus there's the added function of them holding the receivers in place. I could move the motors a couple places back (towards the battery box), since the hub connects to the main drive gear/cog. That would free up space on one side should I come up with a battle feature that doesn't come out the top. It would be neat if it could all be hidden within the brick. I'm using these hubs: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=11950#T=C If I tear a bit of this section apart then I might switch to these, unless someone offered a better solution: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=23801#T=C&C=11
  7. I began to work on my 1st Technic moc yesterday to see what I could come up with. Here's my progress. I'm quite pleased with where I'm at and what I could accomplish, even if it is basic by many Technic builder standards. It drives nice on carpet, though I'd love to have those rubber dots to make it work on hard surfaces. 20170318_121559 by topazard, on Flickr 20170318_121636 by topazard, on Flickr 20170318_121659 by topazard, on Flickr Trying to figure out how to add a function will have to wait until next weekend (hopefully). By then I might have the parts to finish off the marbled top. For anyone wondering this is supposed to be a Grangemouth 3001.
  8. Would you explain why the u-joints would make it weaker? I'm trying to learn as much as I can by watching videos of peoples mocs and reading posts about how things work (or don't).
  9. Yep, about the same. I believe the width is a little different too. The 42066 jet. There's still a number of Technic sets that haven't been released in the USA yet. The bigger and more desirable ones: Jet, Cargo Ship, Track racer, and a container yard (maybe others?). We recently got the Telehandler and BMW motorcycle.
  10. I would love to build the Technic Ferrari sets, but they are hard to find and not worth the going price. The most appealing of the 2017 sets is the fighter jet, but that hasn't been released yet. The one thing that catches my eye the most is not a set. There's this Baja Truck MOC by madoca, though I don't know if my skill level is good enough to build it from the picture instructions. Plus I don't know much about these s-bricks. According to the dimensions on BL, the power puller tires appear to be about the same size as the new tires in 42054 (claas). Maybe you could piece together the set and use those tires instead?
  11. I think this depends heavily on where you live in the world. Maybe we get SW for cheaper (I don't know), but it doesn't look like Technic is anywhere near as cheap. For instance, I can go to BrickLink and pull up some sets. 42055 in Europe selling for ~$175 (means they probably got it for much less). Here it is currently on sale in regular stores (mostly online) for about $220 (MSRP = $280) 42053 in Europe selling for ~$68-80 ("see above"). Here I've only seen it on sale in regular stores (mostly online) for $118 (MSRP = $120) 42043 in Europe selling for ~$155-65 ("see above"). Here, currently on sale in regular stores (mostly online) for $212 (MSRP = $250) The majority of the USA has some form of sales tax on top of the above prices, though it's not as high as what I've seen for VAT for European countries, so I can't say if that is another factor to consider with the above pricing. You're also not going to find many USA BL stores that can sell for those prices. EDIT: I just realized that I derailed the conversation a bit. My favorite sets are 42042* and 42030 (my 1st remote controlled set). 42053 is also pretty neat as building it last week was my 1st experience with pneumatics (air powered Lego, who would have thought?). *Seriously, I would buy a few more of these if my wallet allowed for it.
  12. I apologize if this was posted to the wrong board (& I don't know how to move it where it should be). I saw this deal just before I left for class and thought it read Monday only, so I quickly ordered one, posted this and left. It appears that the deal is for the whole week, though there's no telling how long these will last, as I believe the set has been retired. I'm just debating whether or not I should buy a 3rd, so that I can build both cranes and that nice bulldozer c-model. P.S. Funny thing is that I've been hoping it would go on sale, though I only recall the occasional 20% off from TrU (except for holiday deals). It certainly made my morning awesome and hope it boosted other people's day. We just don't get these kind of deals often enough.
  13. I hope this is okay to post, as I'm running out of time before I have to leave for the day and cannot fully verify the rules. For those of us in the USA this is about as good as it gets. 42042 for about $105 plus tax at Toys R Us online (limited time). This is one of my favorite sets and I was thrilled to be able to get a second one for a good price. I hope you can snatch one up, if you've been holding out for a deal. BTW- these are nearly gone just about everywhere else for even retail.
  14. Excellent job. I hope we get this set in the states soon, as I'd like to get it and make the above mods.