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  1. No, though I'm just getting into Technic with motors and such.
  2. Has anyone made actual instructions for adding more motors plus receivers to the model? I would certainly be interested even if they were for a small fee. Regular LDD files can be tricky to use the instruction guide due to so much odd placement of parts. Especially for huge models.
  3. Good luck to everyone that participated. I found it to be very difficult to choose only 6, but here are my choices: 3: 10 23: 6 13: 4 16: 3 27: 2 20: 1
  4. That is pretty freaky with the red eyes. Lego's version pales in comparison. Kudos!
  5. Okay, I finished building the main model, though I have a question about a function. What does the lock/ neutral/ unlock feature do? Neutral allows the lower conveyor to move freely, but I don't see the functional difference between lock and unlock.
  6. People seem to have issues with functionality, though I don't know if this is due to builder errors or poor model design. That's why I'm asking for tips.
  7. I've read that many people seem to have issues with this set and was wondering if anyone had tips or suggestions for building 42055? Maybe you encountered something you would do differently (regular gear instead of clutch, etc). Beyond the scope of take it slow, pay attention, and check your gear connections. Hopefully, I'll find time to build it soon, though finals are next week. BTW- this looks like the craziest set I've ever seen and the largest in piece count for me.
  8. I'm reasonably sure I did all of those things and it didn't work. :? I'm reasonably sure I did all of those things and it didn't work. :? Deactivated popup blocker test (failed): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzB5oqVrmao
  9. Thanks! Though I still don't understand how to do it. I must not be pasting the link in the right place.
  10. That doesn't work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzB5oqVrmao
  11. I'm trying to embed my youtube video like others have done for their contest entries to no avail. Would anyone explain how this is done? I followed the FAQ (media tag) which didn't work, then someone told me that the straight link worked (but didn't). I'm not tech savvy, so in basic terms would be preferable. This is also my first time with both a contest and making a youtube video. Thank you!
  12. 26. Cat. B: PF IR Name: La Grange 3001 Signature move: Tongue Spinner Size: 39l x 20w x 12h Weight: 1663g Motors: 2L, 2M, 2 receivers, 1 battery box The idea was to make a marbled "Grangemouth" 3001 brick. The controller requires two hands to operate, though I only had one. The other was holding my phone to video. 20170416_205655 by topazard, on Flickr 20170416_205706 by topazard, on Flickr Link to work in progress post:
  13. To be fair, Australia's minimum wage is about $13.50 (USD) vs. United States which is generally around $8-9. At $4.50 more that's nearly an extra $10k per year for full time work. $23 aud is about $17.50 usd.
  14. What are the advantages to using this piece vs. the other hubs? I've only used it once for 42030.
  15. That's really nice before you factor in the digital glue that likely holds it all together.