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  1. It's a good test to set realistic expectations abut the different power sources if you have a heavier model. Swapping only the battery box won't make any miracles - reducing the weight has more visible results.
  2. @HorcikDesigns thank you! To be honest I was not focusing on the figures, but actually the girl had quite a few changes. Almost the whole skeleton was replaced as the original joints were pretty limited, and she also got some high heels :)
  3. I'd suggest to review the hood-cabin-bed proportions, they are far from the real one. The wheels are also way too big but I assume it can be a jacked up Ram :)
  4. Didn't know that either, thanks! It means there's still hope for the new bigger sets :)
  5. I was building the 75875 Ford F-150 Raptor & Ford Model A Hot Rod set last weekend with my son (great cars, really cool set!) and I was quite surprised to see the 32062 Notched 2L axle in black in the set. With a quick Bricklink verification I realised that this axle in black was not uncommon in non-Technic sets in the past few years, but I think it wasn't used in Technic sets for about 10 years or so. Do you know if there's any particual reason why the ugly red version is used now exclusively for the Technic sets? There're so many cases where the red axle stands out and it would be much-much better to use a black one. Honestly I was sure Lego didn't make the black version anymore, but now that I see that it's used in other themes I really don't understand the logic behind.
  6. Thanks! :) Yes I think you saw the photo below, I posted it for fun in the Technic FB group and asked the ppl what are their thoughts about the puropse of the pile :)
  7. I created a small behind the scenes video for the Lava scene of my Darth's Angels photo series. It shows how the scene and and lights are set up and how the smoke effect was created.
  8. Nice start, I'll follow the topic as I also have plans to build a Ram at some point :) I'm curious how will you make the body.
  9. That's the new measure of success? :D
  10. Are you guys staying up all night? I love to watch the brakes glowing, had to do another shot meanwhile :)
  11. @brunojj1 that Corvette is a beauty I really like the Astons as well...
  12. Thanks for reminding me about the race, almost forgot it... too busy these days in a world full of diapers :) You actually gave me an idea to set up a quick scene, I know it's not Technic but probably can stay in the pub... as always no Photoshop involved :)
  13. @rm8 I thought she has black leather pants :D Thinking about making an additional photoshoot with that character ;) @Jurss the perspective can be tricky, and the characters also have a little bit weird proportions. For the girl I actually had to replace a lot of the original parts as the movement of the arms and legs were pretty limited.
  14. I would definitely add a clutch gear to avoid any damage
  15. Thank you very much guys, glad you like the photos (and the bikes) :) I'll try to do my best to provide some photos of the teardown. I don't think I'll have time to make LDD files, probably a video. @Jurss - it's interesting as the sitting position and the arm/leg position and length makes them fit pretty well. Darth Vader is the tallest one that's why he has the longest bike :)