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  1. That would be awesome. I'll be on the lookout. Thanks. And thanks for bringing it up Retrotaco
  2. Ok. Thanks. And if it IS sold at Lego stores, they should honor the polybag giveaway with it, as long as the amount qualifies.
  3. I like it a lot too and I hope it's available through the LEGO store. It seems like it's been a major scavenger hunt to get these sets at decent prices. Anyway, How do we know it's only available at LEGO stores?
  4. Are you planning to try and replicate it also? The only real problem I can see is the emerald green pieces but I haven't realy looked into the whole set up yet.
  5. I bought this set off Ebay also. It was hard to pull the trigger on it but it came down to the fact there may be a few pieces that are very hard to find, like the original stickers. So, I bought it. I would like to try and replicate it first before breaking the seal. It may just be my love for LEGO (and especially the train sets) but I think this may be one of those sets that really increase in value. Not that I could ever sell it but still, it may just sit in the box for years.
  6. That's amazing. It makes me wonder if ToysRus is having financial problems. Luckily one of the Targets in my area had a bunch of the Batman sets during their "Spend $100 get $25 off" sale. All that's left to buy now is Arkham Asylum, Killer Croc, Scarecrow Special Delivery and Balloon Escape. I can't remember the prices of the sets I bought at Target but I added up the minifigs and I paid $3.07 (US) a piece for them. I may end up taking back the sets and re-purchasing them from LEGO during a double VIP event if that turns out to be cheaper. Target gives a 90 day return policy so who knows. BTW - Target employees told me they are expecting to set up major amounts of Batman Movie sets next week. Hopefully Walmart will want to beat their prices. Anyway, I do apprciate you posting that information here. It makes the decision to NOT go to ToysRus tomorrow much easier. I just hope the LEGO employees were right and they 'will' be selling these sets. Can't see why they would lie though.
  7. I just called LEGO S@H again to verify that they will be selling the Arkham Asylum set Jan 1st. Even went so far as to ask them to verify it through a manager. They both said 'Yes, the set will also be available from LEGO" It's only considered exclusive to ToysRus because it wont be at any other stores. So, as far as I can tell, It will be available for purchase Jan 1st online, or you can place an order over the phone through LEGO Jan 2nd. (He also said there is a large supply on hand) I hope they're right because the only ToysRus around here is notorious for underhanded selling practices. If you are one of the lucky ones to get it - you'll be paying way over retail.
  8. Dunedain - Haven't put the Arctic Roller together yet but out of all the Batman Movie sets, it's the one that I like the best. (which explains why I bought two) The LEGO catalog says that it's available for purchase through S@H also. Correction - it WILL be avaible for purchase in January
  9. This was confusing to me also. In the Jan 2017 catalog it shows that Arkham Asylum will be sold through S@H and at the LEGO stores also. So to be sure, I just called LEGO and yes, they will be sold through LEGO not just ToysRus. Feel free to call and check yourself though, just to be sure. I just picked up two Arctic Rollers at Target for $29.99 (US).
  10. A few more tips while I'm thinking about it: Eraser and Barbara Gordon both have round studs. Barb's hat gives her away, but sometimes Eraser's round stud is attached to his head. See if it comes off. The handcuffs come in both the Joker and Barbara Gordon but once again, her hat and his hair are good give aways. Catman's claws fall pretty easily into corner of the bag. Feel for Glam Metal's guitar. There are three different weapons : Comm Gordon's weapon has a round ball on the end and he also has a square tile. March Harriet's weapon is a litte more bulky but can she be identified more easily by the ears Red Hood also has a weapon but is more easily identified by the large red cap and neck attachment.
  11. A few days ago I mentioned that it was pretty easy to figure out which Batman Movie minifigure was in each bag . After 80 bags, I retract that statement. My thumbs are numb. And out of the 80, I still couldn't come up with two complete sets. There's a little boy a couple towns over that's going to be a little dissapointed. What really sucks is that I wanted to label the rest of these bags and get them back to the store but we had an ice storm. Too close to Christmas for these to be just sitting here. Hopefully the streets will get treated today and I can get out. And, hopefully the workers at Target will leave them labeled. The ones I found hardest to figure out were Dick Greyson and Eraser. With Dick Greyson you have to locate the shark repellent and also the glasses that are attached to his hair. Zodiac Master kept confusing me too. Kept thinking the crab was the lobster, but in my defense my thumbs were totally numb. Eraser guy was only difficult because his head is so small. Everything else was somewhat easy once I got the small pieces down to the corner of the bag. The bigger minifigs were real easy like king Tut (my favorite), Harley, and Orca. Hope this helps somebody on their search. Happy hunting!
  12. Same story here but there are 4 Targets in my area and luckily the first store I checked had two boxes opened up. After about 30 - 40 minutes I had 12 different minifigs identified - could have probably been quicker but there were a lot of holiday shoppers. Was almost done but some huge man came up and started grabbing handfuls out of the display. So I bought the rest (80 total) and will be sorting them out some other time. I'm finally building a Death Star 10143 and it takes precedence. Just FYI - the minifigs are some of the easiest I've sorted through. If you know what you're feeling for they are easy to identify. Does anyone know which minifigure holds the little bat signal. I saw it somewhere but can't remember where.
  13. Thank you so much Legoboy3998. We would not have thought of that. It will also make a nice looking garland and still be fun to build. Brilliant