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  1. Thanks. Still haven't opened it yet. Have decided to build a caboose for each of my other train sets first. Anyway, I was just about to scan the instructions and try to post them here but, thought to check with BrickSet first. Turns out, LEGO doesn't allow their instructions to be posted without their consent. So sites just link to the LEGO website for instructions. I will contact LEGO about people selling them on Ebay though.
  2. Hi Jules. I wish I could. Best I could do is take pictures of them but that never works out right. I did a quick search to try to find the instructions online but they're nowhere to be found. Then I read on Brickset that people are actually selling scans of the instructions for $30 on Ebay. Unbelievable. Sorry, wish I could help. Hopefully someone more technically savvy than I am will post them online soon.
  3. Yeah, that friend is awesome!!! Another friend hooked me up with a Death Star 10143 that was like 95% complete for Christmas. I just spent the entire morning shopping on B&P for the Death Star pieces and looking for what's needed to replicate the exclusive mini train sets (4002016), i decided to buy the DS pieces and go ahead and just tear into one of the boxes for the 4002016. It's cheaper and less chance of a divorce.
  4. has the Batman Movie Accessory set available. This weeks poster is Harley Quinn.
  5. Don't be too envious. I may not get to open this one either. My spouse is a little upset about the whole LEGO compulsion. Haha - Two sets might have been a bit much. Anyway, I hope this isn't off topic but I'm going to finally crack the seal and build the Emerald Night and a friend gave me his old LEGO diesel freight train (7720) set too. Then there's an old Hogwarts Express that needs to be built. Once those are done, all the train sets are going to look great running around tracks with these mini-trains as a back drop. I wish I had all the sets that are in the 4002016 gift set. That would be so sweet! Maybe someday...
  6. Your secret can stay safe. I bought another one and WILL be opening it lol. Should be here next week. Did you see that on Ebay someone in China was selling this set (8 of them) for less than $30? I almost bought one but decided - No. (First time seller, China, no feedback score). It will be interesting to see if these sets were legit. Don't blame you. Maybe Lego will put this set out (or something similar) for everyone. And hopefully cheaper than what I'm paying.
  7. You are so right. I know it's only been a day and a half but, this is going to be like self imposed torture. Let me know if you ever give in to the dark side and open yours. I'll do the same.
  8. Just got mine delivered today. After looking through the BrickLink inventory list, it looks like these engines can all be duplicated fairly easily. Maybe not with the exact color pieces but can't find that out until LEGO opens up B&P again in Feb. All I have to do now is NOT open it. The box is bigger than I expected.
  9. That would be awesome. I'll be on the lookout. Thanks. And thanks for bringing it up Retrotaco
  10. Ok. Thanks. And if it IS sold at Lego stores, they should honor the polybag giveaway with it, as long as the amount qualifies.
  11. I like it a lot too and I hope it's available through the LEGO store. It seems like it's been a major scavenger hunt to get these sets at decent prices. Anyway, How do we know it's only available at LEGO stores?
  12. Are you planning to try and replicate it also? The only real problem I can see is the emerald green pieces but I haven't realy looked into the whole set up yet.
  13. I bought this set off Ebay also. It was hard to pull the trigger on it but it came down to the fact there may be a few pieces that are very hard to find, like the original stickers. So, I bought it. I would like to try and replicate it first before breaking the seal. It may just be my love for LEGO (and especially the train sets) but I think this may be one of those sets that really increase in value. Not that I could ever sell it but still, it may just sit in the box for years.
  14. That's amazing. It makes me wonder if ToysRus is having financial problems. Luckily one of the Targets in my area had a bunch of the Batman sets during their "Spend $100 get $25 off" sale. All that's left to buy now is Arkham Asylum, Killer Croc, Scarecrow Special Delivery and Balloon Escape. I can't remember the prices of the sets I bought at Target but I added up the minifigs and I paid $3.07 (US) a piece for them. I may end up taking back the sets and re-purchasing them from LEGO during a double VIP event if that turns out to be cheaper. Target gives a 90 day return policy so who knows. BTW - Target employees told me they are expecting to set up major amounts of Batman Movie sets next week. Hopefully Walmart will want to beat their prices. Anyway, I do apprciate you posting that information here. It makes the decision to NOT go to ToysRus tomorrow much easier. I just hope the LEGO employees were right and they 'will' be selling these sets. Can't see why they would lie though.
  15. I just called LEGO S@H again to verify that they will be selling the Arkham Asylum set Jan 1st. Even went so far as to ask them to verify it through a manager. They both said 'Yes, the set will also be available from LEGO" It's only considered exclusive to ToysRus because it wont be at any other stores. So, as far as I can tell, It will be available for purchase Jan 1st online, or you can place an order over the phone through LEGO Jan 2nd. (He also said there is a large supply on hand) I hope they're right because the only ToysRus around here is notorious for underhanded selling practices. If you are one of the lucky ones to get it - you'll be paying way over retail.