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  1. As soon as the instructions are done. Btw , can i use tumbler tires ? I don't have porsche/42000 tires.
  2. When i built my 9398 i noticed an extra red beam and i found it's place after watching sariel's review :D
  3. So guys , I have done the counting and I got the preliminary results (overall score): ...removed info about the top three in categories...
  4. Nice ! Maybe replace the blue 3L pins with tan 3L frictionless pins for better performante .
  5. Nice build :) ! I am building an excavatornow as well.
  6. Sheepo is the master (but instructions cost money)
  7. This a one awsome looking car ! A buggy motored verion would be nice :) The only thing that i don't like are the roof pillats (they are black) i think some blue connectors will work ;)
  8. I have 2 , and i use them from time to time .
  9. Thanks for suggestin but i almost rebuilt it. I will post pics tomonrow I hope.
  10. Materpiece!!! Great quality build . I like how you did the head-rests on the seats :) .And it is a race car , AWD askes for audi but v12 doesn't so much.