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  1. This looks like a very interesting build ! To be hornest i hate the green interior (just my opinion), the front axle looks very good (one of the best i've seen) .
  2. Here:
  3. Why don't you use 1M motor with the mini return to center system by @LXF ?
  4. This is just mad , and I love it !!
  5. It is incredibile the space in which you placed that tini steering system ! I like thid build
  6. Of course they do ! PS: Zblj had 8 XLs when he pulled a car with his truck.
  7. Thank you :) Yes it might look to narrow now but I will add flexaxels next to the fenders so it will look better (I hope) Next Update Will Be : fully working shifting for gearbox .
  8. UPDATE TIME :D The rear suspention was rebuilt and 4 speed gearbox (inspired by the master , @Didumos69) added (8 speed is just to ambicious) : I want to build the body like this : What are your thoughts guys ? Do you like what you see ? What can be changed ? EDIT: I still need to figure out how to do a sequential shifter .
  9. :/ just when I said about special pieces
  10. When makeing the chassy please note that there are people who don't have special pieces (suspention arms from 42000 for ex) . Chassi modding should be allwed I think .
  11. I rebuilt the rear suspention and moved the engine : More progress to come :)
  12. Not bad :)