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  1. Hello, I will be in winter holidays from this week end for 1 week 1/2 and I have also an exhibition to prepare for the 11&12 march (with a table dedicated to my AG MOCs) so I'm not sure to be able to post something before.
  2. Impressive amout of building.
  3. Great scene !
  4. Tags: Land Vehicule, Mecha The brand new Kawashita Heavy Armors are almost ready, last settings !
  5. Yes, as thire5, I'm a big fan of the remakes of the famous M.C.M. and here, the multi purpose arrangement is awesome ! Question : what is the function of the yellow technic beams under the central dish ? Just a remark to finish, on the first picture which shows the rear module detached, I think the upper plateform on the rear module needs to be rotate by 90° because it seems to have interferences if you reconnect both modules
  6. Some other pics in my gallery
  7. I love when PF are integrated in non-technics builds ! Design + functionality = efficiency !
  8. Lol ! Mais non, tu vas y arriver ! La base n'est pas de moi de toute façon, je n'en ai pas l'exclusivité. C'est le châssis de Peter Morris vu le bouquin "L'atelier Lego" que j'ai utilisé précédemment pour un fighter aux couleurs BlackTron-2. En tout cas, ça serait drôle qu'on soit collègue mais je ne pense pas Switch to official langage I love the idea of a standard frame and making variations on it. I don't forget Luc and you, the "Behind the scene" pictures are done, I will upload them on my Flickr this evening, so follow me if it's not already done
  9. No giving up from me, just a lack of parts to finish in time... BL order on the way !
  10. Great build !
  11. Thank you Luc, from a masterbuilder as you are, I'm very proud. Yes, the fig is sat upright, I try to be as realistic as possible and I can't imagine to drive a vehicule half-lying. No problem, I will make some "behind the scene" pictures Lol, great minds in action ! Yes, I used some brackets but I don't remember which ones and how much... I will tell you with the cross section pictures. "industrial espionage"... in this case, can I have the bonus point for spying action ?
  12. Maybe some space battles to foresee...
  13. Tags: spaceship Bossk Davalon takes order to lead the new starfighter Thunder class squadron.
  14. Great build indeed !
  15. Location: G09 Tags: Military, Land Vehicle After months of trials in a secret military facility, the Tactical Weapon Engineering & Enhancement Department (aka the T.W.E.E.D) is proud to deploy on Greater Drigo its last Light Assault Mecha, Codename : 4n7_H34d. Its impressive size will provide to the Kawashita forces a psychological impact against their foes. With its 2 variable pulse laser guns, this L.A.M can defeat any light vehicle and a large amount of heavy targets. Edit : The background don't have to be judged.