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  1. Absolutely love the build you have made, one of the most impressive use of colour cordination and overall style! Im in love with it
  2. Great looking moc!, love the use of the car pieces for the sail on the small boat. I also fascinated by the two idol looking totems!
  3. I saw these a while back there was a translated script on the internet somewhere!
  4. Minifigure price guides website not the official LEGO facebook. I have found the pictures myself and the fact we get two sharks is amazing!!!
  5. The new trailer 3 has quite a bit of onboard footage as well as some pan shots around the ship, which might be quite useful for reference.
  6. If it was coming out as a polybag the shark would have leaked in that, thus the conclusion I've come to, is that it's included in the set as you can sort of see them on the box.
  7. Love the siege tower! Would love to see some monsters (even brick-built) of some kind I'm a sucker for fantasy castle sets!
  8. What a tale of twisted fates with a great build aswell!
  9. I found it in a LEGOLAND discovery centre I think they put it out early by accident! I'll get a picture this afternoon!
  10. Strange question I know but does anyone else have 30377 motor horse or am I just lucky to have it. Haven't seen many people talk about it!
  11. We found it at a resonable price, so my parents have stashed it away for my 18th birthday as I now have every large pirate ship except the brick bounty!
  12. The row boat is the brown splotchy bit, the grey bits near it are speculated to be the shark.
  13. Straight from the horses mouth. does leave some possibilities open for the future!
  14. If you watch the video you can see they haven't even tied up all the sails and what looks to be pieces missing.
  15. The new battle dwarf looks brilliant, will defiantly be buying as many of him as I can!