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  1. Thanks Forresto maybe someday when I'm better at building I'll fix it.
  2. Well I just finshed my first build for Nar Eurbrikka.

  3. Those are some pretty good builds.
  4. -Hey what's up DH-4875. -Well we got new orders were shipping out soon, mission briefing in five. Hey also isn't this you're last mission before you head home for you're leave? -Yes, I'll get to go to my home on Scarif. (Flash back starts) -Yes, soon I'll be home felling the tropical breeze. (Flash back ends) - Yeah that's if you survive this mission. Now come on suit up were going to be late for briefing. - Alright I'm going.
  5. These are very funny.
  6. wow, it looks better than the set, except it looks a little to bulky.
  7. I really like how it looks lighter instead of a darker building, it really makes it look like a palace.
  8. That is a very nice Freebuild Dannylonglegs.
  9. That is a nice story with a amazing build.
  10. Wow, that is a sad but great story. The Tie Aggressor and house look good too.
  11. Oh, good I thought t for a second that SoNE was ending. Also if there is a SoNE two count me in.
  12. contest

    I wondering it says zombies at any time. Does that include Star wars?
  13. Thanks LegoPercyJ.
  14. Wow, that is a really cool Falcon.