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  1. Super jealous that's awesome!
  2. When does this end. Also do you have to use all the parts. Or can you build a micro scale version?
  3. Well since by time I remembered may the fourth sale everything was backordered so I went to toys r us and price matched krennicks shuttle and got the u wing on line and got r2 d2.
  4. just got krennics shuttle


  5. After seeing how many voted I'll keep this vote going until someone gets five.
  6. Its a interesting type of ship but good build.
  7. The build's are good and story good welcome to Nar-Eurrbrikka
  8. This is a topic all about voting on what set made the Scene,Ship,Place the best,coolest and accurate for round one we have the Millennium Falcon. Please Post your votes below. 1.)4488-1: Millennium Falcon 2.)4504-1: Millennium Falcon 3.)7190-1: Millennium Falcon 4.)7778-1: Midi-scale Millennium Falcon-2 5.)7965-1: Millennium Falcon-1 6.)10179-1: Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon-3 7.)75030-1: Millennium Falcon 8.)75105-1: Millennium Falcon SW911607-1: Millennium Falcon TRUFALCON-1: Millennium Falcon
  9. Tatooine Luke no question.