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  1. Really impressive MOC, carebear. Both in size and details. I really like the common areas, they have a high level of details. They are wild, lively and express creativity. And actually a great contrast to the dormitory rooms which are quite neat and tidy.
  2. Great buildings, you have made, Sander. Nice combinations of colours and good details. Like the two smaller buildings, seemingly alike and yet different. And I like the relief with the Weeping Angel on the red building. It is not often we see details like that.
  3. Funny idea, and I like how you incorporated the classic Pirate stuff. Great idea and well made. Maybe a small homebar next to the private hot tub to increase the exclusitivity for the guests coming up there?
  4. As Denmark is a rather small country, it is not too far. Though for me it is "on the other side of the country". I have never been in Skærbæk, maybe this year should be the first.
  5. Really beautiful model, Sven F. It reminded me of a trip to Bergen, Norway, where they have quite long funicular. It is an amazing trip, going uphill having a view over the city. I have been thinking about making a funicular myself, but nowhere any real plans. You show how nice it can look and work. A really welcome part in any layout. I would love to see that at an LEGO event.
  6. I am in the same boat here. My plans are bigger than my table. It actually keeps me from start building a layout, as I want more than I have space for. I am therefore thinking about doing it a bit differently, namely building temporary layouts (maybe on the dining table, wife says ok! ). To get some variety, I plan to make different layouts every time. For example building chronologically: How would a layout in 1984 look? The update it to 1986, 1988, etc. The it could be a small town layout with smaller houses and shops and a bus stop. Then a big city layout with big buildings, tramways and busy streets. Then maybe an airport layout, castle or pirate. - This way it is still possible to pursue one's ideas without needing a gigantic layout. If you have got some shelfes for displaying, you can also make small dioramas there. If you need some inspiration for layouts, I will recommend you to take a look at the two layout indices. Here you can find both big and small layouts: * The old, rather comprehensive Town Layout Index, which is not updated anymore. * The newer, but seldomly used Index: Town Layouts.
  7. Well... Originally I was just into Town, even though I loved fairytales. It changes when I received this little set: 6023 Maiden's Cart. In the years after getting the cart, my collection of Castle expanded rather quickly. So of course it has a special place in my heart. My preferences are for the 80s and early 90s castle, though some really great, detailed sets have been made in the last decade. Anyway my childhood set are my favourites with the 6085 Black Monarch's Castle (Dragon Knight's Castle) being the "main attraction". 6067 Guarded Inn and 6074 Black Falcon's Fortress (Eagle Knight's Castle) are certainly also wonderful sets. Of the newer ones, 10193 Medieval Market Village and the beautiful, beautiful 10223 Kingdoms Joust (which I never got) really raised the bar for details in Castle sets.
  8. Though I do not consider myself a purist per se, I do only buy and use LEGO. It is what I grew up with and love(d) as a toy. Not other brands or copies. I do not think it was even available 30+ years ago. So I stick with with the brick from Billund. That being said, I am crazy about the scooter from Brickforge which I think is better made than the one from LEGO. But LEGO is LEGO
  9. Quite interesting façade design you have got there, paupadros. It looks like something to be found in Southern Europe, not least because of the big diagonal corner. It calls for a café with tables outside. I wish I could go on a holiday now...
  10. Beautiful building, eliza. It is nice to see how some of the more special colours from Friends might be used. I and do really like the grey trimming on the windows, just like broomhandle does. On a sidenote, I also do like like your candy shop. It must have been on my mind, because it looks a bit like what I have been thinking of building for a baker's confectionery shop (pâtisserie/Konditorei). EDIT: This post brought me into my knighthood
  11. +1, LT! It's good to see you back in the game. There has been a lack of hardware stores lately I hope you do well and are still bricking on. And hope to see more projects from you soon.
  12. My display is mainly a mess Well, I share an office with my wife, so I have a rather small desk which I would like to host a small display. It can contain 5 x 3 baseplates. Now it is just a mix of boxes for storage, WIPs, and other stuff. Furthermore I have some bookcases and shelves for primary storage, but also display. One shelf for three modulars, another for whatever I find is going there. Due to the limited space, I plan to make small layouts/dioramas and change them now and then. My hope and is to get a bigger layout some day. But it will not be in our present flat.
  13. A core theme is to me a theme that is being developed contiously over a longer range of years. The theme might not get new sets every year, but then the next year. In the "good old days" (80s/90s) themes like Town, Space, Castle and Pirates were core themes. Back then even Train was a core theme. A theme living for a couple of years, just to be discontinued and then relaunched after several years is not a core theme in my eyes. Recurring theme might be a better term. Themes like Ninjago and Friends I see a core themes. Chima I thought was going to be one. Now let us see where Elves and Nexo Knights are headed. City and Technic are the Eternal Themes
  14. Not a resolution per se, but to get more organized, record my collection and build more MOCs. That's my hop... plan at least
  15. One thing I did not see in the thread so far is that some minifigs are quite expensive in e.g. Bricklink. This may give less honest people ideas. On the one hand, some people want to get things they collect, no matter the means. On the other hand some people also see business opportunities when there are willing buyers out there. In our world collectors of seldom minifigs (e.g. Star Wars) or minifigs to be collected in large numbers, e.g. for armies. Unfortunately it is impossible to see if bricks have been purchased in an honest way or not which leads the way for dishonest people. I have no idea how such problems can be avoided.