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  1. mwarf the piglet quoting
  2. A pretty little fort... The shaping of the beach is especialy well made... crawler !
  3. What is to say ? except magnificent... special mention for the curves, skylights and the pediments, great technic and not easy to set with LDD
  4. Montoya arrival on tortuga to meet Captain Benjamin Morgan. By Bregir
  5. Shall we relicence the ships in the new format ? And so pay the new licence with the refund ? What about captured ships in successfull raid and free ships (for new players) ?
  6. Just incredible... IMHO your built have no cause to be envious of the 3D rendering, it is especially well copied and has much more pattern. Very good, the idea to use the brick embossed bricks for the paving of the ruin, I like it ! The jungle is thick like a real one (you must have been bored stiff in order that all pieces stick together without snaping up) I'm fond of your background idea... wish I had enough cool bricks to do such a background for my builts
  7. This small part of island is really beautyfull... I like the brickbuilt row boat too
  8. Sure... to make a paving like the perfect one of Kyle in is kitchen on such a large factory there must be a gigantic need of pieces.
  9. Only non fertilized eggs... like hen's one
  10. the reverse angle from the original picture
  11. Sure, LDD allows some infingement
  12. As the small island just below the Sea turtle island is the hatching site for innumeral sea turtles, multiple times per year, the Brethren of the coast saw an opportunity : They will harvest some eggs !!! Because after Rum, the Tortuga speciality is the runny turtle egg omelette Another medium "plantation" for Tortuga
  13. A medium plantation of Breadfruits for Tortuga and a turtle eggs harvesting site for tortuga too
  14. The brickbuilt rowing boat is very nicely designed. This must be a funny trip to evacuate with a drakkar However, the mast and the rigging are well thought !