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  1. Aaaaaaah !! This is him !!! the one who vanished and never come back and never answer the PM !!! Grab him !!! High court, handcuffs, jail, merging with Pombe and Eshey... String him up ! shag him !
  2. I wanted to have the render of a flat stamped beach, that's why I don't create minor variations, but I agree, it would have been a bit extra. I had the water raised around the feet, like the mardierian soldier on the top right of the first picture, but some parts are likely to vanish with LDD, especially of you stack together trans pieces of the same colour range (in this case I had stacked trans clear 1x1 tile and trans clear 1x1 round plate with 1x1 trans clear blue plate, all of these stacked on the 48 x 48 trans blue baseplate). I had the boat surrounded by some trans clear 1x1x2/3 slopes, but they vanished too... The biggest problems are the two dead Eslandolan who are clearly lying above the water (thanks to the rucksack , they were the first I surrounded with trans clear and trans clear blue parts) Like Jesus Christ... and you're asking me which side support this built !!! It obviously clear !
  3. I can't figure the parts on the stern gunwale... seems not to be 1x1x1 cone but flags, or flowers (lower 33286)
  4. Great, and it is brickbuilt... Nice tentacles
  5. Bastion harbor's doctor's practice linked thread
  6. Wow... great monster...
  7. My biggest regret : to have this scene LDD built instead of brickbuilt. Sure I will have use of all theses wonderful figs if real.
  8. Beautiful... that's the word...
  9. Who knows ?
  10. My challenge entry Categorie B Common soldier
  11. Challenge participation : Cat. B Doctor Thaum / Sea Rats
  12. Skaford Heights - An Eslandola Battalion trying to land Eslandolans : "Arriba Eslandola !!!!! " Mardierians : "You're still carrion flesh" That's just the story of a soldier, who strongly believe in Eslandola... It was in front line for the landing... an honour. But a blunderbuss shot, took is left hand and severly damaged his arm few seconds after the start of the battle... He bravely continu the fight... ... killing some Mardierians... and then a gun battery started to fire, trying to reject Eslandolan to the sea, in a hellish din. The fight was a fierce battle, neat as a slaughtery. The beach was slowly depopulated. Near the end of the battle, a connon ball blowed his legs off and he fall on the beach, his intestines, stomach, in a pool of blood. Before closing the eyes for good, he shot a last Mardierian defender, which was running death to the Eslandolan General... He was just a common soldier, proud of his country... C&C welcome, sorry for the bloody picture, but the subject was all about death...
  13. Great... Nice building, nice scenes. The furnitures are really well made
  14. He's a good vet too... you're welcome for a medical check if you want
  15. Thanks