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  1. Coruscant 3 ABY - Far far away under the skycrapers...kilometers under the fifty level zone and the moisted 0 level, a rebel commando is carefully heading in the sewers... : Just a Shadow Barnacle in sight... : What does the scanner show ? : ( megabluck !! Low battery !! What a bloody badger I am, I forgot to charge it !) Errr... nothing really impressive lieutnant, a shadow barnacle and a throng of stone mites at our 12 causing a lot of electrical blur. : Sutter ! Out of this crap ! We're not in ths swimming pool ! : Aye aye sir ! : Any traces of black sun's grunts ?? : (Damned, out of battery... now it's useful as a curling tongs) Errr.. no no, just a Dianoga, right in front of Alvarez, 21 meters. A lesser one, just 4 meters... but the scanner is now jammed ! : Check it Alvarez ! We're blind ! Everybody should be twice as aware. : All right, locked. I confirm a lesser one : no danger. : Fine, carry on ! ***** Just a sewer corner away... Black sun grunt's leader : Get set guys ! Here comes the first targets, with our giant blind snake, their must be enough interfering waves to jam their scanners. This entry for Back Sun C&C welcome
  2. I will be in for the Operation Eclipse... the built is almost finished
  3. The story is more and more interesting : Here comes a yellow ship in addition of the red one... Three coaches in a row... and they are pretty good... I like the oleonese one : is it possible to have more pics of it ?
  4. I like the story... but it seems to be continued...I'm like a cat on hot bricks. Funny scepter !
  5. the two builts are wonderful... I like the river diorama very much.
  6. Welcome in Oleonese ranks (If I'm correct) The canvas is pretty good See you later in a boarding showdown !
  7. The most important strategic decision-making by the most important brains...
  8. Iauln came back quickly at the Dr practice to explain him what was going on. It was easy for the Doctor to have the survivor refered to him. The man finally recover and spoke... *** Straigh after the arrival of the Gargoyle, the Doctor came aboard with Iauln and the true-blue Callaghan then the ship leaved immediatly. Following the Vagabond King past just a few minutes. *** Several hours later : Iauln : Doctor !! this is it !!! The Isle !!! But I can't see the Vagabond King anymore... it has the island bypassed sailing broad reach Dr Thaum : Let him go, dear Iauln... We will board directly. They'll loose time reaching a lagoon. We will be first ! *** After a difficult landing without a stage and against the waves, The Dr and Iauln entered a thick jungle, heading straight ahead to the unknown, searching the fabulous city of gold ! And finally after a long long trek, pushing the strong foliage out of their sight... Iauln : We've found it doctor !!! Just down the cliff ! Dr Thaum : Heeee Haaaa !!! The informations were worth it !!! But there's a ship ! Iauln : A two-masted, and I can see neither flag nor colours... Dr Thaum : Quick my dear Iauln, we have to run around the sheer drop... quick ! quick !! *** a mad dash later *** Dr Thaum : This is it !! This is... C&C welcome... sorry for this half-built with LDD, but my bricklink orders are late, and the time was running short... At least I had my mini story finished without changing the world
  9. For Eslandola Thaum | sea Rats Cat E - first part : Well, Well Cat E - Second part : The city of gold
  10. Ch V Cat E - pt 1 - Well, Well Ch V Cat E - pt 2 - City of gold Doctor Thaum | Sea Rats
  11. A sunny morning on Bastions harbour... The young Iauln, batman of the Dr Thaum, went fishing on the docks... Man 1 : ... from a castaway found on a sheerstrake remain...He spoke about an isle with a city made out of pure gold just before passing out... Man 2 : I heard roughly the same from the Golden Dragon's bosun, and it is said that a fleet sailed far east from Cocovia... and that the man was dry as a cookie, ho ho ho ! He will need to be looked after before he could speak again of the golden city. Man 1 : We must hurry up, the man had time to give some piece of information, else they would'nt be manning and provisionning the Vagabond King, for a quick casting off. no doubt they'll need some good mariners and with all this gold... first come, first served ! Man 2 : We won't miss the chance ! *** Iauln : well, well, end of fishing... I need to talk to the Doctor ! C&C welcome, this is just a starter built (with LDD) I hope I could finish the story before may the 15th
  12. Nice built and interesting story to cling on... Special mention to the oil lamps !
  13. This ship is second on this original thread :
  14. The Tribute (an ESL 4A ship by Legostone ) was captured. Renamed "the Harvester"
  15. That's fine ! I will have finished my bricklink orderS