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  1. "Hey, this looks like it could actually be [i]fun[/i]!" Staying firmly in the [b]back row [/b]Namyrra prepares one [b]Wind spell at Garuda[/b] and one [b]Wind spell at the Left Talon[/b].
  2. Namyrra also goes around letting[b] Atramor, Althior, Pretzel, Byblos and Catnip sniff in some smelling salts too[/b][color=#a9a9a9] (OoC: that should be six smelling salts used in total)[/color]
  3. "Witch you say, and witch may be, looks mostly like a bitch to me, just one battle now and you'll be gone!"
  4. [b]Namyrra drinks a Nostrum [/b]and[b] an Ambrosia, [/b]while[b] sniffing some smelling salts[/b] before [b]handing her Desert Cloak to Byblos[/b]. "I believe this might come in handy, master Byblos." "Oh and before I forget, master Emorith, I'd appreciate it greatly if you could [b]hold onto these 263 gold for me[/b]." [b]Namyrra also passes back the Phoenix Emblem to Hybros[/b] and [b]equips the Paper Doll[/b] instead.
  5. "I say [b]we kill her[/b], she's already cheated me out of one chance at that, so I figure it's payback time."
  6. "Almost there now.." [b]Namyrra uses a remedy on Catnip[/b] and then[b] drinks a mead[/b].
  7. "Great job!" [b]Namyrra uses two more remedies on Althior and Hybros.[/b]
  8. Neat design, but I think the punchline should be something LEGO related, like "you build or you die" (not sure if that particular one is any good, but you get the idea). Also, where is the second shield from the left in the second row from?
  9. Still staying in the [b]back row [/b]Namyrra[b] uses a remedy on Byblos[/b] and then [b]uses a remedy on herself[/b].
  10. "I do, I have way too many remedies, might as well give some to you guys."
  11. [color=#a9a9a9]OoC: sorry, I'm still here, I'll just post my own actions.[/color] Namyrra rummages through her pack for something she's been carrying around for a very long time and finally finds it. "You know what? Fuck. This. Shit. Sayonara scumbags." [b]Namyrra smashes the Soul Cage[/b] on the floor and [b]sprays herself with Demon Repellant[/b] while staying in the [b]back row[/b].
  12. [b]Namyrra uses an ether core on Byblos[/b].
  13. [quote name='JimBee' timestamp='1472062940' post='2643742'] "Sorry Namyrra, I did not realize this. If you would like to use it for the time being I am more than happy to loan it to you. If you have any Ether Cores to spare I would be willing to pay for one or two for Byblos as compensation." [/quote] "No no, just take it, my intention for it would be to imbue it into my robes anyway for added protection, it's not like I need it for spells at the moment." [b]Namyrra drinks a nostrum[/b] and sniffs some [b]smelling salts[/b]. "Trap you say, and trap may be, it does smell like a trap to me, but a few minutes there and they'll be gone (for good). Let's go."
  14. Seeing Hybros and Pretzel doing weird things with slips of paper [b]Namyrra[/b] quickly follows suit and [b]signs up for the lottery[/b].