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  1. There's a lot to like about this little tower, from the nice SNOT rockwork of the base through the cedar shingles on the sides in medium dark flesh and the beautiful mounted deer head and rack of antlers made from a brown frog and minifig hands, all the way to the shingles of the roof. I have two small critiques: first, like others have said, photography; a clean background is essential to get rid of distractions. It does not need need to be fancy, a sheet of white posterboard, or even just some white printer paper taped together carefully, but the textured walls behind don't really work. Also, I would advise against taking pictures in full sun, as it makes them washed out and full of glare. In the shade is a better place for outdoor pictures. Second, while I love the medium dark flesh for the shingles, it does not really work for the crenelations, perhaps due to the visible brick print on the back. That being said, the tower itself is nicely constructed, and I love the lack of exposed studs!
  2. You are welcome to publish a file for Henjin Quilones, since I know you already started one for your category C build. A picture of Henjin is below (he's the one on the right, obviously; Galaria, an elf princess and another of my main characters, is on the left):
  3. It was either this or grade exams at work, and I didn't want to grade...
  4. There were not as many Pie entries as I expected, so this did not take that long to put together. It is possible that I missed an entry or two, but I took all of the ones from the Minichallenge III thread as well as searched through the guild topic history back to August, and found only these. Again, I hope this helps, Z! Nocturnus Minichallenge III: Pie Contest Category A: kahir88 Henjin_Quilones Umbra-Manis Category B: MKJoshA Henjin_Quilones LittleJohn kahir88 The Maestro Category C: kahir88 Henjin_Quilones Exetrius
  5. Thanks, I'll correct that!
  6. Hi Z, Would this help? I compiled a list of all of the Challenge V entries that I could find in the challenge thread, and even found a few that had never been posted there. Hopefully I did not miss any (if I did, let me know and I can add it). If I have another free period, I might try to do the same for the Pie Contest as well. Challenge V Entries: Category A, Alliance: Windusky Alfadas MiloNelsiano Narbilu Faladrin LittleJohn Isundir Brandon Stark Lazer kahir88 Grover Captain Braunsfeld soccerkid6 Muakhah Slegengr Exetrius Puvel Henjin_Quilones Leonardo da Bricki Legofin2012 Gideon mrcp6d Blufiji Brickwolf Umbra-Manis Trooper919 Rconn0 Category A, Spire: SodorBricks MiloNelsiano kahir88 Tilenull de Gothia nivremis Muakhah don leopold Legofin2012 Henjin_Quilones dathil jaapxaap LordDan Category B, Alliance: Captain Braunsfeld narbilu Gideon The Maestro LittleJohn soccerkid6 Henjin_Quilones Oikonomikos Exetrius Puvel Blufiji kahir88 pigs54 Category B, Spire: MiloNelsiano MKJoshA Legofin2012 Henjin_Quilones Trooper919 Dankyee Category C, Alliance: MiloNelsiano Captain Braunsfeld MKJoshA kahir88 TitusV Faladrin Henjin_Quilones Legofin2012 Umbra-Manis Category C, Spire: (if they properly count as Spire entries, as neither of them has Raavage or the Spire winning, per se) Souinotlim of the Undead kahir88
  7. Do what you have to do, Z! If you need help, ask us, and I know I speak for many in the Guilds in saying that we would be happy to help in any way we can, to the degree that we can.
  8. Too bad I posted a bunch of them in the afternoon or evening of April 30th in the United States; though it was almost certainly May 1st somewhere in the world when I posted them... I do have at least two Joust builds cooking, though, but it remains to be seen how much time I will have to make them nice. My second child will be born any day now, so that factors in, too, as well as the end-of-the-semester grading of a middle/high school teacher.
  9. Adding kids usually means less time rather than more! I've got another one coming in the next week or so, so I am sure this summer will be less fruitful LEGO-wise than I might have hoped. But wishful thinking! The build itself is great, though I can see the points others have made about the hill being too low (beneath the level of the top of the grasses) and the transition being too abrupt, but those are minor. The field on its own looks great, the tree looks great (I am always jealous of the droid arm and ax collection you must have), and the fig posing is also great. Nicely done!
  10. Fantastic build, Ecc! I love the buildings and the architecture. The tiles edging the corners of the buildings are my favorite part, I think, since it looks so good, but the whole thing looks great together. The use of the gates for metal awnings/trellises is clever, and the bridge structure is also great. My one complaint about the build is the same as Garmadon's, that the water is too dull in comparison to the rest. It's not unrealistic, but it fades into the various bleys of the stone path and buildings (when my wife looked over my shoulder, she thought that it was concrete at first); an underlayer of blue would have helped it, I think, just to make it contrast slightly with the stonework. That's something relatively small in an otherwise excellent build! Thanks for re-christening it into the Guilds, rather than being just an Assassin's Creed build, as it is nice to see more of Varlyrio.
  11. I agree with Titus, a few more leaves would be great. The cobblestone path looks very nice, though, and I like the use of the bars for tall grass. The story continues to develop, and I look forward to seeing what you can do with Dragonstone!
  12. My one year anniversary of joining Eurobricks is tomorrow (though I waited until June 27th before posting anything)! Congrats on two good years!
  13. Nice little vignette! I like the setting and the characters, and the story to go along with it is good, too. The flowerpots are a nice detail.
  14. The cobblestone texture of the street is great! The angle of the house is nicely done, too, and the SNOT ground is great. I love your small vignettes showing the daily life of your settlement. I can see what you mean about not much texture, but at the same time, in such a small footprint, sometimes less is more. Too many textures or colors would actually be overwhelming, but I think you have struck a nice balance here, actually. Nicely done!