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  1. I was in a sci-fi phase at the time, which changed my purchasing priorities. Alas! And the green dragon knights came in my dark ages, but I will come up with something that will hopefully be satisfactory. I have a few options that I will try out.
  2. @en_zoo, how would you feel about Laesonar having the long yellow Legolas hair with a fleshie face? As far as I can tell (and I am not much inclined to Bricklink stuff) there is no light flesh equivalent for that hair piece. The torso and legs would also be approximate, but the armor and cape, plus two katanas (though not tan, I think; I have black, light pearl grey, dark pearl grey, pearl gold, spring/ghost green, at least) would be there. Let me know. @The Maestro Are there other acceptable torsos for those of us who were foolish and bought no CMF 15 knights? @Merc4HireWhich side is Lord Osiris Vorn on in the conflict? Spire or Resistance? As a sidenote, despite what I said above in my earlier post, I am now leaning towards an all-fleshie aesthetic, so be prepared (if you are a yellow-purist) to potentially see your character (as many as I can construct with my materials at hand) in flesh tone approximations rather than yellowface.
  3. Your swamp landscape as always is top-notch, and the boat is terrific, too. The spikes are what really sell me on it, though, like the others have already said. The dashes of olive and lavender among the green foliage look great, too.
  4. I figured as much.
  5. Isn't that SK's sigfig, LJ? I don't even know what yours looks like... Or were you talking about Lord Vlad-emort?
  6. The gent in the back with the quiver outshines the rest, I'd argue...
  7. I like the scaffolding that you have there, though it looks a bit more orcish rather than dwarven in style. The work-in-progress nature of the build is evident and well done, and there is a considerable amount of activity to show all of the laboring going on. I'm not a huge fan of all of the BURPs in the build, though, and would prefer to see the golem built from smaller bricks instead. You have some very nice fig combos, as well, with lots of good dwarven diversity. As far as formatting, I admit that the pictures being side-by-side like that is a bit disorienting, since it is not always immediately obvious where one scene stops and another starts, and the main picture would ideally be larger so that I do not have to click through to Flickr just to see the details.
  8. Thank you, Muakhah! I am glad you like the bear and everything! The posability of the bear was important to me. Thanks, Zoth! Your words are very kind. So... you're saying it's fantastic? I am glad you like it, Maestro. Your entry was excellent, too. Thanks, Titus! I think the conversations help bring some life to the build, personally. I like the beasts, I guess, and think there should be more brick-built ones (besides just dragons) in Historica. I am glad you like the wedge plates; they were something of a headache, since they kept popping off as I reached over the MOC to grab something behind it. Thanks, SK! I'm not sure what else I might have in store, large animal-wise; but I am glad you have liked the ones so far, Garm! Glad you like the rest, too! Thanks, Kai! The arch was inspired by some other builds I have seen in the past, and the idea kept percolating until it came out here.
  9. Then: thanks, Bob!
  10. I've got something, but we'll see if a. I can figure out how to end it and b. if I can manage to get it built in time. But I've got parts built already, and more in the works.
  11. Thanks, Professor!
  12. I didn't want the Spire to have only one or two; at the time I started building this, none, or maybe just one, build had been posted for the Spire. Glad you like the chains, Maestro! Blufiji inspires many of my builds, so I'll take that as a compliment of the highest order. The swamp is certainly influenced by his creations. Those trans-orange bars are one of the best things to come out of the NK theme, in my opinion, and were a worthy buy for that reason alone. Thanks, Titus! Thanks, SK, I wanted to try something different than I had seen others doing, and, well, it kind of works (though please do not ask me what provides the flinging power; magic?). Thanks, Kai! It turned out pretty well for a speed build, I thought.
  13. Thanks! It was a bit of an experiment with different shapes and colors, so I am glad it worked. Thanks, SK! I like the technique for water, as it implies depth and lack of solidity at the same time; unfortunately this build maxes out my trans-blue plate and tile collection, so this is as big as it gets. And that color combo is one of my favorites, so it will probably re-appear in the future...
  14. Is it too late to buy the corporation logo? I have 200 credits that I never used. Sorry for falling out for a while there, but GoH Challenge V started, and that has been taking up all of my time. If I can still, 200 credits to EE and a corporation logo, please. Thanks!
  15. I love that elf minifig you have there! I would agree with the others, though, and say that an overview shot would be good to see the build itself. A side shot of the chariot would also be nice, since it is hard to tell what it actually looks like behind the minifig driver and rider. It is humorous that it is pulled by two snakes, though, since I bet it cannot travel in a straight line, instead winding back and forth.