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  1. This might be my favorite of your recent buildings, with the possible exception of Ol' Colby's Cottage, or maybe the Headman's Hovel; it seems the most functional, at very least. The stonework is excellent, the best I have seen from you in its organic texture, a masterful blend of smooth surfaces, textured surfaces, and exposed studs. The mix of textures on the roof is also top-notch, and I love that moss. My one quibble would be that, in comparison to the rest, the path is bit too regular; it isn't, per se, but compared to the rest it seems almost uniform, with all of the 2x2 light bley tiles. I do love the olive green and sand green mix at the front, though, and really the whole thing came together very nicely. Great work!
  2. So if I am understanding this, Raavage was the old king, just undergone a terrible transformation due to his inner rage issues, or something? Very strange and terrible indeed! Dark magics must have been involved. I like your many builds to tell the story, and you capture the action of your story in the builds quite well! The blood and battle scenes are nicely portrayed. Like Titus, though, I would like to see some more overview shots, rather than just action close-ups, perhaps in a spoiler at the end. I like the carvings in the walls of the cave, and the skull on the floor looks great, too.
  3. As others have said, a simple fix for the path is to just build a bit of the vegetation onto the path, and a bit of the path onto the vegetation, to avoid the clear-cut straight lines that are so unnatural in the real world. You do not have to over-do it, however, but just allow a bit of green on the tan, and some of the tan on the green. I like the lushness of your vegetation, and the wall, though a bit short to be especially effective defensively, is nice, too. I think a bit more color-blocking and irregularity in the stonework would be a positive, too, rather than having 1x2 dark grey plates on top of light grey walls. Concentrate the dark grey in certain areas, perhaps, and blend it with the light grey a bit more smoothly.
  4. I think the most impressive part of this build is that it did not collapse before you took the pictures! It is very clearly in your style, and having recently attempted it, I can say that I would never, ever try to build something as rickety as that thing looks! Very cool, though, and I love those mushrooms.
  5. Small but poignant! I love the sophisticated simplicity of many of your builds, and this is no exception. The colors and visual balance work very well here, and I actually like your reeds better than your inspiration's.
  6. I like the house and the techniques, though I am not a huge fan of the bright blue color for a forestman's cottage; a house in Nottingham village, perhaps, not not one out in the forest itself. That's just my preference, and there is not a whole lot of scenic context for the build here to know where it is situated. I think a row of these in a village would be spectacular, though!
  7. Excellent! I like all of the different builds you have there, and they are used to good effect to tell your story. Like Titus, I was surprised by the twist at the end, and see that you have set things in Book III up for continued warfare. My favorite build is probably the bone-tree forest, as the trees are nice and I love the irregular, but still formal, base with all the curves. And eesh! The competition is stiff! I hope my story can match this.
  8. Nicely done! The story is progressing along well. I hope that we get an overview shot of the build in a spoiler at the end of the whole story, since there are some details at the back that I like but cannot fully see. I like all of your different builds that you use to tell the tale, too.
  9. Very nice story and figs! I wish they made more dual-mold arms in flesh tones, though.
  10. I love both builds, though I think I like the burned one even more, just because it is the more unusual. The burned effect was very well captured, with the varying thicknesses of the remaining rafters and other bits of charred timbers. My one complaint is that the chimney and other stonework of the burned build is smaller and lower than that of the whole version. I also wonder whether a smoother snow-scape would look better with your highly textured building style, to provide a better contrast between the two sections. It is just speculation, as it looks good now, too.
  11. The size and scope is certainly impressive, though the palm trees are my favorite part of it. The hills are also excellent, and make me wish I had even a fraction of the medium dark flesh and other tones that you used there. My main complaint is that you removed the portals before posting it here! Though I suppose random spacemen and robots would go a bit against the grain for Historica...
  12. Very nice! While, as others have said, the rocks are a bit monotonous, I really like the idea of the build and its execution otherwise. Even the uniform nature of the rocks works in a certain way, I think. My favorite part is the way you used the rappelling pieces to suspend the cable from the supports.
  13. Got to love those (at least semi-)supportive LEGO wives! (Though mine has been a LEGO widow recently as I have been working in every spare moment on builds...)
  14. @Kai NRG, @Slegengr, @Gunman: Thanks for your advice! I ended up getting the cheaper of the two Canon options I had listed, as it seemed to have the same stuff, if not better, for less money. Hopefully there will be a significant difference in the presentation of my larger builds for Category C (it's too late for the smaller ones; they have been photographed and consumed by the larger ones for parts...).
  15. Does anyone have some advice on what kind of DSLR camera to buy and/or avoid buying for LEGO photography? I am sick of my low resolution and badly focused pictures (especially for larger shots) and my wife has given me the authorization to buy a new camera (yay!) but I wanted to see if anyone had some feedback. There are several Canons on Amazon with what seem to be nice bundles for less than $500, like this one and this one. I do not know enough about the nuances of it all to know just from looking that one bundle is better (the camera itself seems to be the same). Thanks for any help anyone can give!