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  1. 5 hours and 45 minutes for the Silent Mary. Next step: Finish my MOC Black Pearl :)
  2. No ship has been sent in Germany yet. I have chatted with the support and the told me that the rush was too big and therefore there are delivery difficulties :( I hope LEGO and Disney will release more sets. This is a very popular topic, even for women like I've noticed
  3. @Captain Pirate Man: Very good review, but now everyone should have noticed that the Silent Mary is not a pirate ship. Salazar is a pirate hunter, he is one of the "good guys" (spanish Navy) to make the seas safer
  4. Because LEGO is much cheaper in US than Europe. For example STAR WARS 75152 Hovertank: US: $29,99 Germany: 39,99€ ($43,00) LEGO Store: Free shipping in US: $35,00 Germany: 55,00€ ($60,00) And yes, I feel this as a huge mess. It is a European company...
  5. I think it's because you're lagging in time behind the rest of the world in sunny California ;)
  6. 6 o'clock in the morning here in germany, just ordered the Silent Mary :) To bad, only 199 VIP points EDIT: @Scarilian: Haha funny :D "Null" means zero in english, they show you the german "time"
  7. It's march the 17th., 30 minutes after midnight. Nothing happened on the LEGO webside, nothing to see about VIP presell. No E-Mail with informations about Silent Mary and no designer video yet. Oh man
  8. Guys, the box from "Brother Brick" is just the european version. Look at the picture with the concept art of the Silent Mary, the text on the right is german. Very easy to see, even for americans ---> ÄÖÜäöüß
  9. It's not your first pirate ship, because it`s a spanish flagship
  10. So the "Silent Mary" is an spanish flagship like the french 10210 Imperial Flagship, not a pirate ship. Silent Mary = spanish Imperial Flagship = french Queen Anne's Revenge = british Black Pearl = british (Flying Dutchman = dutch)
  11. Holländisch people are welcome in Germoney ;) I love the Silent Mary, can't wait!
  12. Nice to see a German bakery with Brezel and Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte :) Greetings from Germany ;)
  13. Yes thats true. Better spend 2000,00€ for the LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon than 160€ for the LEPIN one. Or: LEGO Haunted House: 350,00€, LEPIN: 58,00€ LEGO Imperial Flagship: 600,00€, LEPIN: 59,00€ LEGO Super Star Destroyer: 700,00€, LEPIN: 100,00€ LEGO Café Corner: 600,00€, LEPIN: 52,00€ LEGO Green Grocer: 550,00€, LEPIN: 55,00€ LEGO Taj Mahal: 1500,00€, LEPIN: 170,00€ LEGO Star Destroyer: 1600,00€, LEPIN: 113,00€ LEGO Death Star 2: 1500,00€, LEPIN: 119,00€ LEGO Black Pearl: 350,00€, LEPIN: 42,00€ All LEPIN prices including fast shipping via DHL Express Sorry, but your comment makes no sense
  14. Frankenstein ist the name of the castle here in Germany too.
  15. Thats true Mr. yellow Sparrow, But I have no reserbations to buy actual sets too. I'm nearly 28 years old and buy what I want. So I have ALL Creator buldings and Brick Bank from LEPIN too. My friend bought one and the seller send him 2 sets, so I gave him 20€ and the Brick Bank was mine. Same story for Palaca Cinema and Pariser restaraunt. I bought it from friends for 30 - 40€ each building. It's very difficult to say "No! I will pay 170€ ($210) for the LEGO one!" :)