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  1. I'm sure it will because why would you show a second movie poster without a new trailer, and the Rebrick contest results will release and it would be a great way to see the results and then what better way to celebrate than with a new trailer
  2. A new poster for the movie and let me say WOW this is an AMAZING poster for the movie hopefully this hints that a new trailer isn't too far behind
  3. I'm assuming that this will include the training suit version of Kai because the Batman one had an exclusive figure so why put a wide release figure in a battle pod but we'll just have to wait and see
  4. Woah get set looks like it was taken straight out of the movie
  5. I am very pleased with all of the piece counts for the sets. I'm surprised by the Destiny's Bounty's piece count because of it be 169.99 € ,and and the fire mech's piece count because of it because 69.99 €. I'm just wondering if you get the chance could you provide a link
  6. I didn't say that I hated the designs I love them and the new sets I just don't like how little Lego is promoting this Lego movie when the sets release date and the movie release date is just right around the corner
  7. And if I came off angry or something I'm sorry I just don't like Ninjago is always given the short end of the stick and I do get that Lego is trying to take their time and stuff but come on it's June, the sets r out in August, and the movie is out in September so yeah and sorry one more time if I sound angry or if sound as if though as I am ranting because the movie does look good and so do the set
  8. All credit goes to NinjaJayNuva The sets r cool imo and also I'm like seriously Lego the catalog that shows all the sets is out and a new trailer isn't out nor is an official press release for the sets Lego need to step up their game like seriously almost all the set pictures are out so are pictures of the minifigure so disappointed in Lego especially considering this is a full featured Lego movie But anyhow I'm pretty sure we may the next trailer next week based of the promoting of the previous two Lego movies
  9. 2014/wucru/missions/2017/mission 73/wucru_week23_zane_answer.jpg?l.r2=-1092013290 This picture shows a new shot of Zane from the Lego Ninjago Movie yes I know it nothing too new or exiting but it gives us a good look at the side printing on his head which is cool and interesting imo and btw this and shots of all the ninja is from the newest activity on the WU-CRU part of the site
  10. From what I've seen Lloyd, Nya, and Cole all have arm printing only exception I think is the cole the the manta ray bomber set but that's just probably because it's at a bad angle but other than that cole has arm printing in every other set
  11. Thank you the designs are perfect for a Lego Ninjago Movie and idc if anyone hates my opinion y'all just need to accept that this what we are getting
  12. That's why I wish for figures like this would get dual-molded legs especially for a lego movie kinda of disappointing imo
  13. I kinda like the new mask it's something different but it is kinda awkward the lower part is and here is a picture showing Zane's backprinting and one of his faces
  14. I think those might be the set names because they all sound legit
  15. No Wu isn't smoking a stick it's supposed to look as if he is playing it like flute