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  1. I went with Mime for this one.
  2. 1: A warlock: Either a gloomy-looking wizard type, or a male version of the S2 witch--green skin and all. 2: Some sort of orc. 3: A dame/female knight (preferably without pink armor). 4: An innkeeper. 5: Some kind of dragon trainer/rider. 6: An actually good dwarf CMF. 7: An evil queen or king. 8: A bard/minstrel. 9: An alchemist. 10: A viking or Scot. 11: A dark elf. 12: A ghost in medieval costume. 13:A flintlock gunslinger (Like a Pathfinder gunslinger). 14: Some sort of aquatic warrior. 15: A centaur (A boy can dream). 16: A half-troll, following the fantasy era troll design.
  3. Robots and Zombies are cool, but Satyr was an incredibly done figure, so...
  4. I'm about to finish writing detailed descriptions for four series' worth of CMFs, and I can work on them in one period of school, after my work is done for that class. I can only hope I can get my favorites down before the year ends.

  5. And your post got me all psyched up for one. GG.
  6. Demolition Dummy was the figure that got me hooked. I didn't actually buy any until S4, but he convinced me of the wonders that CMFs would bring about.
  7. I swear, if it's Simpsons S3 I'm giving up CMFs forever.
  8. Pretty weak series for me, so my vote goes to the one of these figures I still own.
  9. Curse for pitting my favorite fig against ranger AND banana guy.
  10. Not a bad series at all! I'm also planning on doing a themed series like this, though they're more confined to heroic fantasy. Thinking about calling it "Figures & Fables". My favorites are Sand Demon, Forest Fairy, and Space Police.
  11. Cake is good. In all seriousness, I'm not exactly looking forward to this series. Of ALL the suits, only 2 have ever really resonated with me (Devil and Rocketship). Besides, they've already done pretty much every suit-worthy animal or food already. So I am left to wonder how they're going to manage a full series of costumes.
  12. Considering Monster Fighters was my favorite theme ever (I even managed to get the Haunted House), that would be AWESOME. It'd probably need a more generic name, and some action from licenses to make sure people will actually see it.
  13. So, After all this whinging about you one-upping me on designs, I've started to write down detailed descriptions of figs while I seek to find a way to actually visually design them. And it is HARD to make sure my Film Fan doesn't look like your Cinephile, can I just say.
  14. 1: Gamer Girl 2: Classic Villain 3: Synth Star 4: Interstellar Ape 5: Auctioneer 6: Pirate Lass 7: Tree Fort Kid 8: Anime Hero 9: Graphic Designer 10: Alchemist 11: Food Critic 12: Fairytale Prince 13: Aztec Priest 14: Dragon Suit Girl 15: Ventriloquist 16: Intrepid Reporter
  15. Toys...based on toys...based on a movie...based on toys. WE NEED TO GO DEEPER.