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  1. Since Syndrome is never gonna win, my vote goes to Spooky Girl.
  2. Trailer's back: It is literally no different from the leaked version, so why on EARTH was it delayed?
  3. Nice work! You definitely managed to create that air of "controlled chaos" . On a side note, I love how you made those knife racks.
  4. Hopefully they're adding onto it. COUGHXMENFFCOUGH
  5. Seriously, WHY does everyone like the bunny suit so much?!
  6. Finally, an actual contest. I voted jester, since I have NO idea why the bunny is so appealing.
  7. FOR PETE'S SAKE, JUST GIVE US X-MEN ALREADY. Edit: I'm hoping beyond hope that purple foot at 0:46 is a Sentinel.
  8. It was easy to sea who'll get the win this round.
  9. Diver, diver, DIVER! Hands down my favorite CMF of all time.
  10. Apparently Kang the Conqueror is owned by Fox, so that should bring a bit of hope for X-men.
  11. I don't need a brain to know who to pick this round.
  12. Hopefully it'll be both, like Jane Foster Thor in Avengers. Notable lack of Captain Americas as well, but one's on the poster. Let's keep our hopes up