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  1. I wasn't even paying attention to that Yeah, I should've checked the seats first. But since they have to be a color other than normal blue, I hope they are dark azure like the 42070, instead of jumping back to Medium Blue/ Medium Azure. TLG needs to just pick a blue other than Blue and Dark Blue and stick with it.
  2. Not sure if anyone noticed this, but there appear to be at least 2 of these in Medium Blue/Medium Azure/Dark Azure, visible in the front of the boat in the 42068 B-Model.
  3. I like it, especially the front and back ends. Nice use of the mudguards on the back. I think that is looks like a UTE, or maybe more like a Subaru Brat. The #3 connectors on the front make it look like an old Jeep Wagoneer. I know how you feel, because I'm making something and I don't really know what it is.
  4. Looking good, I like it a lot! I see it has in-car steering, will it also have HoG?
  5. You'll probably end up with some because
  6. Ok, so I'd like to start by saying that I have many non-Technic sets in storage, and many sets built and displayed on bookshelves. For the 10 sets I do keep disassembled, I put them in small containers in small drawers. I use the bottom 2 shelves on one bookcase for this. I don't label them because I know by heart where everything is. Here are some pictures of my ~6200 parts workspace. Oops, did I spoil a future MOC? Oh no.
  7. There is a link that you can click at the end. Funny you mention that, I'm using that setup for a MOC I'm currently working on.
  8. I have seen suspension in small models, such as @Madoca 1977's Corvette C3 Stingray.
  9. Sorry, but I have to agree. The back looks like a McLaren, but that is really the only part that does. To make it better, maybe you could: Use a blueprint: Look at other Lego models of this car for ideas Try to get more parts, if possible. I totally agree. Maybe you can just call it a concept car that you made and give it a cool name, if you don't feel like rebuilding it.
  10. Looks very promising. That bodywork looks like it will be quite tricky, though. And I think you should stick to the original gearbox, meaning the one you have in it now.
  11. Same with mine, I take a piece here, and one there, and soon it's destroyed a bit because I'll take something form deep inside a set. I use pieces from them in my MOCs. I have to go and rebuild them once in a while.
  12. Me neither, I guess that we're some of the lucky ones...
  13. Thank you! LDD: Machine.lxf Rebrickable: Also, there may be a few parts missing, because when I made the LDD file, 20 parts were removed and I believe I only found 18 of them, and I use the LDD for the partslist as well. Enjoy!
  14. That's a monster!! Incredible! I love how you used (what looks like) the original BWE chassis for the aggregate processing plant just to show how big this is.