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  1. @Didumos69Thank you so much, I finally got it to work! I appreciate your help. Here is a picture comparing the different renderings. Bluerender on the top and POV-Ray on the bottom.
  2. Thank you. The problem I'm having is that it won't let me replace it. I was able to delete the old one, but when I try to save the new one, this pops up. I am using a Windows 10 PC, if that helps. If no one knows, that's fine, I just thought I would ask. Thanks. Like this?
  3. Oops, forgot to answer a few questions... Thank you very much, and yes, it will be posted on Rebrickable. I was able to do that: And here is the souped-up Black Edition Featuring 3 L-Motors and a 3:1 gear ratio and then a differential.
  4. @Didumos69 I was able to make a POV-Ray rendering, but I didn't understand how to convert the LDD file, so I had to just import it as-is. A lot of the parts were messed up, but I just deleted them, so here it is: To sum this up, there is caster on purpose, and camber because of slack in the parts. Any help with converting the files would be appreciated.
  5. Actually, everything I used is available IRL. I did use the connectors for some of the axles, but I will have to use them for all of the axles when I build it, since I don't have the long ones in black. Also, thank you for the tips on how to render it, I will check that out. Also, here is one more rendering I did. EDIT: say you said "hardly," didn't see that the first time.
  6. @Didumos69@Leonardo da Bricki Here is that black roll cage you asked to see. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looks. Thanks! I might be able to reinforce it.
  7. Here is the LDD: Enjoy! Maybe this picture from one of Sariel's videos can show you: Compared to mine:
  8. Do you mean the positive caster? Mine is tilted toward the back of the car like this picture, so it is positive. I do see how you might not like it because of the problems it causes because when it goes backward, you have to make more space for it when the suspension compresses. I like it because when I drive over bumps it makes it easier for the car to keep going. I will be making the LDD file soon, and I have another trick up my sleeve to give this even better performance. The new upgrade will also mean a new video.
  9. Thanks! Yes, it doesn't do as well as my Firestorm Truck (already at the right spot in the video):
  10. Here's the video:
  11. I made one too: Good luck!
  12. That's awesome, just like your other 42043 C-Model. I'll definitely have to build it!
  13. I did something like this in one of the earlier WIP stages, but forgot to put it back in. I like your idea a lot more, so I hope it's okay I changed it just a bit and applied it to my model: That links to a video about installing rubber bands, but I found the set and I agree. I will be making this in LDD, and plan to make renderings with many different color schemes, so I will try that.
  14. Thank you, I really appreciate that. I agree that WIP topics can be very useful to help a build, because the EB community can really be involved. Here is it with the front stripe compared to the old one, which is on the right. Here is the new one just by itself:
  15. @Josephiah Nice to see you're working on it some more! I was just visiting Rebrickable and found this, a 42055 C Model excavator. It looks pretty impressive, especially considering what the original set was. It was made by the builder CYJB