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  1. Wouldn't mind getting a more accurate Ventress fig like the updated ones we got for Luminara and Quinlan Vos. The only existing ones are the CW-styled ones and the one in Anakin's Custom Starfighter that's based of the Tartakovsky Clone Wars series.
  2. It looks like R4's head goes on that turntable so that it can swivel around.
  3. Can't remember if I had the 1x2 wedge but I did have an extra round tile with hollow stud as well.
  4. Was there anything about Double or Triple VIP points?
  5. Nice work. Really love the improvements to the cockpit and bay area. So you're using the same windscreen for the top and bottom? I'd be interested in seeing how you built out the main structure in the middle of the ship and how it differs from the stock model. How many additional parts did you use besides those that came with 75155?
  6. Are you attaching the bay to the main body the same way that the official set does? I've tried to mod the set to allow two seats in the cockpit but have been unsuccessful so far due to the limited width of the connection to the bay.
  7. Picked up a U-Wing for $10 thanks to Amazon's $8.62 coupon and a $50 gift card. Arrives today!
  8. Picked up the AT-ST, Krennic's Shuttle, and the Ghost microfighter.
  9. Well done. I especially like Arihnda Pryce!
  10. Thanks! I agree that Tarkin would best, but I may go with that second one with stubble as I think I have an extra one.
  11. Any suggestions for a non-CW head for Pre Vizsla?