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  1. Two new free builds from me: Witches Shack Oswald the Ordinary
  2. Oswald strives to be ordinary. You think all wizard workshops are rickety and colourful? Well you are wrong there my friend. For you have obviously never meet Oswald, who is the one wizard in all the land who prefers the laws of gravity to imagination. Entry for R1 of the LCBTC. Hello everybody, its been a while. And it may seem I have been rather inactive but in truth I have been busy building things that just cannot be posted yet... I don't mind this, it's not really a wizards workshop that much. No bright colours and wonky angles (hense the name). Oh well, hopefully i will do better next round (if I get through that is :p) Hope you enjoy and C&C Needed.
  3. This is amazing and the detail is inspiring. I love the hill and the palm trees are fantastic. The oasis is also great and I am loving this castle
  4. This is like something out of s fairy tail!! The colours are perfect in this situation and the techinques used are brilliant. A forest man belongs in a place like this
  5. As always your landscaping is top notch and the cat tails are fantastic I like the use of dk water instead of dk green for a swamp.
  6. Thank you Titus, and yeah the roof isn't the best but it had to do Thank you Funny thing was, thats exactly what happened after I took the photos Thank you Thank you SK, and yeah, those islands probably would have looked better connected. Unfourtuantly my lack of sand green stopped me from doing anything to big.
  7. I love the stone work on this and the details totally overwhelm me. Fantastic job changing it into a burnt building, this is one of the first burned houses I really really like The wood work as always is spot on.
  8. Awesome figs you got there, amd I really like the set and details in the scene Great work om the story.
  9. This forest is awesome, I love the undergrowth and the trees are awesome. I am with every on the path but the castle looks great aswell
  10. Grea work Wedge, this is a fantastic idea and womderfully executed The rock work probably needs a bit more variety as it is looking pretty plain but otuer than that fantastic.
  11. In the Mystic Isles, a shack in long need of repairs provides a local witch with shelter. How it still stands? Magic. Er, don't like this alot :p , the roof kinda ruins it and it looks way better in real life (without the roof). The angles were lots of fun to achieve, although made this Moc very flimsy. I think the landscape is ok, although you definitely cannot see the tree in its full glory. The tree, by the way is inspired by TheBrickAvenger. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy and C&C needed :D
  12. Thanks Brandon and I still think I have a while to go before I get there. An explanation you say? Well I am never very good at these but the house texturing is really just what you see. I learnt the basics from almost copying other peoples stonework and then added some bits and peices that I liked. The tree is a combo of those black angled technic thingies (very scientific) and black peices that hold together palm tree leaves. Then on top of that lots of droid arms tied together with string. The landscaping is completely random and is a result of beind peice conservative . Hope this helps. Thanks Titus, glad you like the crazy angles, maybe you could try them out some day Thanks alot en_zoo, im glad you think this suits a headman. Thanks you CB Thanks Muakhah, I don't know, will he? Thanks Zoth Thanks Leonardo, unfourtuantly I only have them in 90 angles but I would love to get my hands on some other angles. Thank you Kai, and yes they were meant to be crows but they can be what ever you want. Thank you Henjin, under the hair peice of the crows there is a 1x1 stud and then a modified 1x1 with a clip. This holds the neck peice. How it sits there? The magic of balancing Thank you SK, really glad you liked it.
  13. That house is fantastic, the blue works so well and you nailed the classic feel As for the landscape, the colours work perfectly, although a bit more of the blue could have helped. But other than that great job
  14. Nice build Brandon, however some variation in tudor work as Titus said would improve this. The texturing on the ground is good amd the story is better
  15. New free build here at last: Headsman's Hovel Awesome fig combos Columbus, I really like all of them