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  1. Great work Brandon, I love the use of banners and flesh(?) Plants. I don't know if this is on purpose but odd touch of texture on the keep makes it feel older, compare to the wall, which is smooth. If so this is a brilliant idea If not, it still looks really cool
  2. If you have one of those Avalonian dragon knight chestplates chuck that over top or even the common dagon knight torso as long as he has something to distinguish him from commen men eg a black cape. And here is was thinking you wise
  3. That is alot, and I mean alot of dk green 1x1s The boat itself is awesome and I lobe the spiked roof. The swamp plants are wicked
  4. I agree with the others on how the tower feels a little too blocky, although the battering ram has no such problems. Also great landscaping
  5. Man this looks complicated and it gives off a real dangerous look. The details like the candle are nice and the touches of gold and purple are excellent
  6. Lovel green tudor work. Feels very mitgardian. The little scenes are great and I love the figs. The torso the warriors are wearing, where is it from?
  7. I love the scaffolding going on here and the golem itself is great. Some great details here and I love the playbility of the beast.
  8. Great activity going on and the bundles of wood are perfect. The crane is ingenious and that seige tower looks great so far
  9. A marvelous beast that would strike fear into the heart of any foe. I love the legs especialy. The buildings in the back are great aswell and I love the blue and white
  10. I cannot say who it is but that rather dashing chap on the far left looks very brave and heroic
  11. Thank you, I am glad the leg gave the impression, that was what I was aiming for. Thanks Merc4Hire, I really wanted the textures to give that rubble look so i am glad you think it does. Thanks Kai Thanks you jakbar Thanks alot Garmadon Thanks Titus I was hoping someone might make that connection
  12. Thanks Grover, I am glad you like the scene. Thanks you SK, a standard ballista seemed not fearsome enough so doubling the arms was really the only thing I could do Thanks alot Legofin, I was hoping the landscape would portray nocty enough. Well you know what they say: "The bigger the better"
  13. "Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?" I really like that chariot and the rock work is superb. I also love that snow elf and their lore, I can't wait to see more
  14. Im loving this rough nocturny look you've got going here. The wagon is brilliant and my favourite detail would have to be the painter
  15. Sweet man, great to see another entry for the spire. I love the landscaping and the seige weapon is wicked. The use of chains is great