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  1. Best of luck with juggling everything Z, and there is no real rush Nice Henjin, you're the man
  2. Congrats guys, I cannot beleive it has been a year its amazing how both of you have improved in such a short amount of time Onward and upward as I like to say.
  3. Your landscapes just keep getting better And no matter how may times that tree technique is used, I will neve cease to amaze Great grain and I like the cairn. Awesome story too.
  4. Awesome vig Exetrius, and the story makes me very curious. I like how the photos never reveal the masters face Anyway awesome detail and great kali atmosphere.
  5. As everyone else said, great vig! The road is ingenious and once again I love the snotted base For texture maybe add one or two grey 1x1 studs in the light tan part, just to give it a bit of wear. But other than that great!
  6. My first build I posted on the guilds: And my two most recent: Reasons for joining: -It was a no brainier for me when I first saw it, I love the idea of being part of something 'bigger' then just one separate Moc and when I first read the lore and history I thought I was in heaven! -You are never in need of inspiration as there is always a on going challenge or competition to build for as well as your own nation and story to add too. -When I saw the feed back other builders where giving each other I knew it would be an amazing chance to improve my skills. I vividly remember the first build I posted here and was overwhelmed with feed back I still use Also its an amazing place to meet new people and make new friends in the Lego community -And of course other influential builders that mention the guilds. In particular Legonardo and DC.
  7. Haha, I love it! My sig fig might have to have a go sometime... The battlements are fantastic and the dk red works very well. Great landscaping as well. Also I like the back scenes even if they aren't the most historicaly accurate
  8. I love the snow and the trees are great, it gives off a very nice bandit feel too, all the ruggedness
  9. Fantastic work on the textures and the level of detail is incredible great use of expressions too.
  10. Awesome story, I am imterested to see where it goes The rocks are mediocore but I love the tree. Those mushrooms are also great, they look alot more like fungi in white than in the normal mushroom colours. Fantastic Moc
  11. Great work on the landscape and I love the wodden section, really makes this unique. Also very nice stead
  12. Thanks you SK, and yeah, it was a bit difficult to get it to balance (the house actually only sits on one stud, and the path is not connected to the house) Thanks Grover, I don't know, maybe it was magic
  13. Thank you Henjin Yeah, they are pretty awesome. Thanks! Well, of I had of not been lazy it would be very stable but instead it is a bit wobbly Thanks, I really like the Ivy too.
  14. Great work Exetrius, I love the bushes and the base is also awesome But oh man that horse posing is sick, it really looks like he is flying round the corner at full speed. Also the dust trail is great
  15. Thank you titus. Unfortuantly the door does not open. I can never be bothered to do interiors Thank you Kai.