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  1. Great contest and lots of awesome entries. Congrats Ninja Nin and goatman461 for those incredible entries Now that we have a list of new planets, time for me to start making some freebuilds.
  2. Neat statue! Especially well done on the textures. Really liking the rubble-look of the monument and the distorted look of the water. Looking forward to where you take this teaser.
  3. Excellent looking entry! I like how you managed to fit lots of details on the structure like the doorway design, the air handler unit, and the window bit. The rubble gives it that Jedha ruins feel and as does the religious order figures. Well done
  4. Another brilliant build, very well done! I really like the Jedha-like/middle-eastern-like architecture. The crumbling wall and the center tower is a nice touch. The landspeeder also has a unique design with the back glass piece, reminds me of ships we see on Coruscant. All around great stuff
  5. Wow that is stunning work! Really captures the Onderon look and is incredibly well detailed. The spots of vegetation are also a nice touch.
  6. Very nice build I like the clean look, it compliments the wall greebles and the floor pattern. And the wall canisters fit-in really well. Also, enjoyable read and nicely done on implementing the Bloodline lore into your story.
  7. Brilliant work on this! Really has a classic castle vibe with modern detailing. I especially like the roof design and the front porch pillars. And the interior has a nice clean detail look. Vegetation is also on point. All around, there's a lot to admire.
  8. Neat build and idea! I like the concept and execution. The Spire has nice variety of detail and I also like the chained look to keep it anchored. The terrain also has a nice set of colors.
  9. Newcomer here. If anyone needs a Black Spire foe/ally, Lord Osiris Vorn of Nocturnus would be happy to be part of anyone's build. Parts: (Marvel Superheroes) Ronan's headpiece, (Pharaohs Quest) Mummy head, (Duel on Naboo variant) Darth Maul torso and legs with grey arms, and a standard black cape. The torso and legs can be swapped with any other black robe design.
  10. Fantastic build and enjoyable read! Exceptional work on the fight scenes and on keeping the story going. Also, well done on the terrain, thick vegetation and a good variety of textures and colors.
  11. Most excellent vignette! I like the cold atmosphere you captured. The pathway and the tree are nicely detailed.
  12. Wow this is incredible! That eagle is amazing, impressively well detailed and at such a large size. You especially did a good job with keeping the build look organic and seamless with all the curves. The fortress architecture also has much to admire. Fantastic stuff
  13. Splendid scene and architecture! Great work on all the details from the terrain to the cottage. I especially like the greeble work on the rooftop and the stockpiled wood section. The trees and rock formations are also really nice touches of detail. Great work all around, really like this one
  14. Brilliant work and clever idea! Very much agree with everyone, the rock work looks great and I like the crowded and busy look of the entire scene. The Trojan camel looks like it is coming along very nicely as well, I especially like the base section's design. All in all, great stuff
  15. Neat build and witty story! The scene looks great; especially loving the doorway, very nicely done Your characters are also developing nicely. The banter between Startale and Brynna is always fun to read.