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  1. Wow you're fast; excellent looking build and mission log! Great cinematic shot and I like the floor details, especially the square creases. Also, the red and greeble bits are a nice touch.
  2. Welcome to SoNE Evolved Turtle! Glad to have you aboard the winning team.
  3. Hyped for this challenge also! I like how its incorporating other EB members; can't wait to see the turn-out. I believe it is referring to the space Battle over Coruscant: Essentially, I think its participating in the space fight at the skyhook battle station (correct if I'm wrong though).
  4. Welcome to SoNE! Most excellent first freebuild Way to capture the Sullust look; I especially like the support beams and bridge. Great looking sig-fig also.
  5. Very nicely done; you have a knack for these forest builds. I especially like the cliff-side bit and the clean look to the bridge.
  6. Excellent armory! I like how you incorporated your countries flag and the golden wings are a nice touch.
  7. Welcome to SoNE! Parroting everyone here, great first build. Definitely captures that clean Imperial look and the photography and posing are all on point. I especially like the bridge structure design and the greenery is a nice contrast piece. All around, well done fellow Imperial
  8. Maybe we can do some mini-challenges in between campaigns with simple objectives, just to keep the community active during the wait. For example, training new recruits(training course/shooting range), building up your arsenal(vehicles/tech), escort missions(supplies/politicians), etc. Just an idea, but everything thus far looks great, campaign and build wise.
  9. Welcome Ryn! Always great to have more Rebel fodder for target practice Glad to have you aboard.
  10. Splendid scene; really captures a sense of realism. All the little details like the soda machine, the masonry brick walls, and especially the trees in the background add a-lot of detail and then the 2 trucks bring the whole thing together nicely.
  11. Fantastic work on this build; Very well detailed. I really like the overall layout design and nicely done on the vegetation on the trees and the radio relay.
  12. Loving what you did to the map; very well done Also liking the soldiers uniforms.
  13. Placeholder
  14. Pvt. Logan Walker, Army Ranger of Tyera and proud member of the Republic of Nations (RON) And here's the 100x100 profile pic
  15. I second the addition of Vardos if we could. Definitely has a unique look and elegance in design that would add some good variety into builds.