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  1. UCS version.
  2. Is there a good online reference for imperial uniforms and ranks?
  3. 'Naboo.' A large scene from downtown with rebels, including the queen, infiltrating the main complex. A crossroads that includes an updated flash speeder(sorely needed) and battle droids, super bds, and destroyers. A passage to the hanger to find an updated N-1 (an insult that Lego hasn't gotten it correct yet.) Finally an epic Duel of the fates scene with multiple levels of awesomeness. I don't know why this hasn't been done yet, probably best sequence in cinema.
  4. Any chance the 2nd 2017 UCS set is a Dathomir playset? Numerous options from clone wars and rebels. Nightsisters, nightbrothers, cave of death, night brother fighting pit, Ventrss' starspeeder, the list goes on and on.