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  1. Impressive. Most impressive. I only had enough time to watch one Star Wars movie yesterday (A New Hope).
  2. Does it bother anyone else that the windscreen piece that comes with the book isn't transparent green?
  3. Well, I finally found out how to get my hands on that new Green Lantern minifig:
  4. That's perfect! Thanks, makoy!
  5. Amazing work, obijon! These make me miss the planet sets....
  6. My wife always wanted a big family; so when our first child was born, she immediately began calling him "Bubba" (a common colloquialism for "Brother" where I come from). Since he didn't have any siblings at the time, I refused to call him "Bubba" and decided to call him "Boba" instead--and on that day, I became bobasdad. It seemed appropriate, therefore, to use Jango Fett as my avatar.
  7. I bought Pop Star Show Stage (41105) at Books-A-Million today for $15.
  8. Great review, makoy. I bought this set today (for $40) and I'm looking forward to building it. I, like you, do not apply stickers; so I will definitely replace that light bluish gray 2X4 plate with a black 2X4 plate. Can you suggest a good "angry female" minifigure head to put on Captain Phasma in place of the unprinted black one she comes with?
  9. Happy birthday, LEGOshibainu. That's a nice haul! I found a lot of great deals at Books-A-Million today. I bought Boulder Blaster (70747) for $10, Beast Master's Chaos Chariot (70314) for $10, and First Order Transporter (75103) for $40.
  10. I bought a stack of Mixels Series 3 packs for $1 each at Walgreen's today.