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  1. My son just built this and he loved it (even though he hasn't seen Rogue One). The Death Trooper's legs really do seem too long, though (I fixed it by removing the friction cups at the ankles). Judging by the box art, I thought the new thigh shells made the upper legs look too thin. They actually look pretty good once built, though. What bothers me now is that the trooper's upper body (which still uses Hero Factory era shells) looks boxy and square compared to its lower body (which uses the new, smoother shells). We've gotten new shin, thigh, and shoulder shells for Star Wars constraction. Is there any chance we will get new, smoother arm shells as well?
  2. This is something I threw together while I was playing around with an old Aquasharks canopy. I also like really bad puns. Please pardon the horrible photography.
  3. My vote goes to the Geonosis Airborne Trooper.
  4. Such an amazing set! So many great building techniques! So many awesome recolors! Those Uruk-hai swords in gold and those crowbars in black are going to be so useful for MOCs.
  5. Thanks, Henchmen4Hire. I agree that it would take quite a bit more updating to meet modern LEGO design standards. I basically took a 1989 model and upgraded it to a 1999 model (I didn't want to stray too far from the Space Police I design aesthetic, for nolstalgia's sake).
  6. I think a new dinosaur-based adventure theme would appeal to a wide audience. Something similar to that old Dino Riders cartoon would sell quite well, I beleive (and it would give TLG a chance to get some more use out of those dinosaur molds they made for the Dino theme in 2012). Here's an example:
  7. Recently, I was feeling nostalgic for my early childhood LEGO collection (which was sold off or given away during my dark ages); so I decided to order one of my favorite childhood sets from BrickLink: the Galactic Peace Keeper. I was a little dissapointed when I received it, because the "complete" set I ordered turned out to be considerably less than complete (to date, this has been the only really dissapointing BrickLink purchase I've made; but that's a different story). Necessity being the mother of invention, I decided to mod the set into a more modern version of the Galactic Peace Keeper: The fold-out wings of the original Galactic Peace Keeper were--in my opinion, at least--the only real flaw of the original design. A mild gust of wind could easily knock them off of the model. I lost them fairly quickly when I was a child; so it's no surprise, really, that the model I received from BrickLink didn't include them. That being the case, I added a new--much larger, much bulkier, and much more firmly attached--pair of wings to my version. Keeping with the spirit of the original, I wanted them to be articulated: The original Galactic Peace Keeper had a pair of sensors (or whatever TLG called them to make sure kids knew they weren't guns even though they looked conspicuously like guns) tucked up underneath the printed panels. I wanted to put something in that space as well; so I asked myself, "what would TLG have put here if it had designed the Galactic Peace Keeper a decade later?" The answer was obvious: flick-fire missiles! The missile attachments fold out of sight when the wings are in the "closed" position and swing into firing position when the wings are in the "open" position: Overall, I'm very pleased with what I have created. It is--in my opinion, at least--an improvement over the original model; but it is still close enough to the original to trigger a happy sense of nostalgia. I hope you like it as well.
  8. Now that I'm an adult and I know about the ingredients that are used to make The Dip, I have to say that it really is scary stuff.
  9. I love this idea and I can't wait to see more!
  10. I would be remiss if I didn't vote for Boba Fett.
  11. Add my name to the list of Darth Vader's supporters.
  12. Loki needs more support....