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  1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Great! Better than the first for me Alien Covenant: Good. It kinda felt that the movie came one too soon, but I still liked what we got. Fassbender was great as usual.
  2. Makes sense that the best Star Wars character wins best minifig of 2016
  3. Ah...I see. Well, I still have hope. Spidey and his rogues weren't even in the last one, so if they're back, maybe Fox's characters will be too.
  4. Was that not a sentinal that was about to step on baby groot? Xmen confirmed?
  5. I don't think they would ever make Spider-Gwen a promo fig. They could make a lot of money by just putting her in a set. Exactly..let's not jump to conclusions just yet. Maybe they won't be a part of the story, but they could be playable this time around. I mean, Marvel and Fox are working together now with various TV shows, when they weren't at the time of the last Lego Marvel game. Anything's possible.
  6. That Bossk is a good fig and I don't mind the skin color, but they really could have at least printed the scaled part of his legs if dual molding was out of the question. I know it's only like a $15 set, but why include him at all unless you're going to do the best you can?
  7. All I want are the Hex Girls and some more classic villains...none of that generic swamp monster crap
  8. Weird that they're making more movies, but not sets..
  9. Oh, no, my mistake. I figured FB was what was being talked about, sorry. Either way, I don't think FB would work as a juniors theme
  10. Errrr....all the beasts that the films feature..?
  11. Yeah, I can't see that happening. This theme would need a bigger budget due to the amount of molds it might require. Not all of the creatures could be brick built, and not all should.
  12. Hopefully the fix them too, because some of them were just bad. Agent May for example
  13. That Vader really isn't that good. I still think Vader needs some sort of chest piece or something. The silver part just doesn't look right printed on because it's so predominant in his design, yet on the fig it doesn't stand out. His cape could also serve to go over the shoulders perhaps. Maybe even a mid skirt piece as well, since he has a waist cape as well. Not sure how that would look though. At least they changed the helmet though...Ahsoka on the other hand is pretty good. She could use arm molding or printing and correctly colored lightsabers though. The Ahsoka fig is overall more interesting and better than past Ahsokas, while this iteration of Vader is inferior to the Death Star Duel one.