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  1. That's...interesting. Thanks for the info, I never would've known that
  2. Pretty cool fig...but I care little for deadpool supporting characters
  3. That Cheetah fig Why the black legs?
  4. Won't there be a separate set of sets for Avengers 4 anyway? (Which I'm still slightly confused as to whether or not it's about fighting Thanos)
  5. I gave my mighty micro Ironman red legs with a yellow Lego Batman movie belt and it's not too bad. It helps break up the red a lot. Still waiting on the correct molded legs though
  6. I like how DC gets variant brickheads from a TV show, while the Marvel ones are two extremely popular characters from comics. Seems fair.
  7. Honestly I'm not sure why Lego does do exclusives. What do they gain from appeasing like 100 people and pissing off thousands?
  8. The face I'll give you, but the hair is practically perfect. But despite the face being a rehash, the neck fluff, torso and leg prints are gorgeous. Phoenix is a good fig, but suffers from basic girl hair when there were better options and green printed on yellow legs. The legs still look good, but they're not as good as Kraven's.
  9. Because his minifig is better and wasn't a SDCC exclusive.
  10. It doesn't look that bad in brown though. Too bad I only have one Rey..
  11. I mean...you could say that about every star wars movie, except maybe Empire Strikes back. You know the good guys are gonna win, steal the plans, blow up the death star, etc, etc, etc...
  12. 8 months.
  13. I would love to see the SW prequels remade by Dave Filoni in the Clone Wars style animation. Using the show actors as well and rewriting the dialogue and probably some of the plot. Too bad that'd never happen The like 5 episodes following R2D2 (who I freaking love) and the droids he's stuck with on some mission come to mind when we're talking about bad Clone Wars episodes...
  14. What? That's ridiculous. Eurobricks doesn't exist to provide leaks. This is a forum for discussion first and foremost.
  15. Darn, that figure looks cool