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  1. Jyn Erso. She looks way better without the cape though and with her satchel. Plus her exclusive helmet mold is neat. I would say classic Leia, but they still just can't get her face. It's a bit generic for my taste.
  2. These are all really cool. Personally I would definitely consider buying all of them except Mad Hatter. Just not a fan of the classic design for him. Nicely done though.
  3. I love that first shot! Cool extended arm. Very cool.
  4. Beautiful. Strange how even in Lego I'm moved.
  5. Shame that shocker looks pretty sweet in the movie, but turned out so lame in the set.
  6. Looks like the robbers don't have Thor and Iron Man double sided masks.
  7. Well, the Homecoming sets were a huge bust. Super disappointed in TLG right now.
  8. Are you serious?! no friggen helmet for him? What bs
  9. I mean, he's on the cast list
  10. Even if Loki's suit had been the correct color, it's still not a good fig, imo. I think I'll just be using the new face on the old fig
  11. I think it's different because in Thor 1 he's stripped of everything that makes him Asgardian. Odin basically turns him into a mortal (I think? This is my guess) but in this movie he's still asgardian, just without the powers of mjolnir (flight, summon thunder). We've seen him wrestle hulk in Avengers 1 for a bit without the hammer so I'm assuming it's like that
  12. Honestly the complaints about Hulks shoulder armor are a bit ridiculous. It's one thing if it looks bad, but the fig is really well done.
  13. This movie looks awesome. Faith restored