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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if cyborg has some sort of stud shooting arm mold
  2. Looking at concept art and set photos, I find it doubtful Lego will give us leg printing for Shocker. I could see arm printing.
  3. Whatever it is, it needs leg printing. I don't like the purple to black transition.
  4. No new hair for Loki his fig is rather disappointing. At least he's got a new face so I can get rid of the horrible last one
  5. I'm pretty that the sword at least is custom...I mean he's got a custom spear in the picture. Can't really tell if the fig is legit or not.
  6. Hela will probably have her headpiece for a lot of the movie. It's just too cool. Hopefully her fig does too. Thor I've seen is wearing his helmet in some promo images (and I thought we heard rumor that we are getting a fig of him with the helmet). Valkyrie is meh, but she might have a cool new hairpiece. As for Mjolnir, he'll be using it at some point
  7. Yeah, I meant lego ones. It's weird though that they can publish Marvel books, just not Lego ones. It's not like anyone else is doing them.
  8. Does anyone know why Marvel never gets any DK books? I guess I understand why we never get animated movies (although couldn't they just get Disney animation to make separate ones?) I see no reason to believe that DK books is owned by Warner Bros, unless they're secretly in their pocket or something. It just doesn't make sense to me because DC gets a new book like every year and as far as I know, Marvel hasn't had one since maybe the Spider-man line? Star Wars gets them, which is owned by Disney too, so I just am baffled.
  9. I like the beast one more, but the Belle one is nicely detailed. My main problem with it is her foreheard just looks rather large. I also think they could've gone with a different skin tone.
  10. Hm...Idk about that box art for the rathtar set. It looks too cluttered. You can't make them out. They should've maybe had one of the rathtar's off to the side to show it better or something.
  11. Really? I find the LMD plot to be particularly strong and interesting. Makes me hope Aida goes full Ultron with blasters and stuff.
  12. I understand it being off topic, but how is it a spoiler if it's been revealed?
  13. He has a human form.
  14. While SDCC figs are a horrible concept, Ego wouldn't be the biggest loss. He's rather boring looking in the movie. However, it seems a bit early to be speculating.
  15. The quality drop is astounding. I mean, I'm sure there's a budget difference, but this is just poor. Very poor.