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  1. Nexo knights are not ending a year early....it's all speculation
  2. Next Knights Cards! I'm wanting to get a complete set in English. Anyone have any idea on how someone in the US can find them? All the Ebay options are in German. Has anyone found them in the US?
  3. You should be buying the Lego Batman sets on offer up. I've seen every set on there for about 50% of retail Thanks for the second video. This one has 12 repetitive pieces you build to make each section. The original had 16....the original had a motor and battery pack included. All that to say it's smaller but seems better designed for sure
  4. Why is the theme bad? Why was it a disaster? How can you even gauge your response? Did you see sales figures? I for one think the sets are fantastic and have bought each and every one. If you don't like it I get that....you're welcome to your opinion like I am. But I would keep it at your opinion. If anything? What basis do we have for this besides guesswork? Just because it wasn't top 5 doesn't mean it's dead. They've developed a game, tv show, and from what I heard the Fortrex was one of the top 5 selling sets at Toys R Us last year. Just food for thought.
  5. I bought the complete set off eBay for $30. Let someone else deal with the duplicates
  6. It does come with a power and combo grey shield piece. It's the same one from LEGO I believe. I have this TRU one.
  7. It'll be 20-30% off in no time.
  8. So many cool sets we can't talk about because of this website's policies. LEGO Reddit it is I guess
  9. Anyone know if the Moltor in the Battle of the books is the same as the one from the set?
  10. The Fortrex is awesome. You should consider getting it. It's a great build