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  1. As all the different subthemes are smooshed into one post there's no logical, single place to merge this, so I'm just going to lock this and let it drift away. Please don't start threads like this, have a look around and you'll see that other people will have invariably got there first.

    No, thank you. That section of the forums is designed to be easily navigable by new members and new topics will clutter that section needlessly. If it has been enabled with the upgrade than I shall be asking the Admins to remove that function as part of their sorting-out. Any new topics posted there in the meantime will be removed, and deliberate offenders may suffer dire consequences.
  3. We'll be back to Brickworld, one of these years, and it would be awesome to catch up with you again, dude. Both Phred and Robianco have answered, so I'll just say a little bit more: As Robianco indicated, there's a ton of stuff in the Events forum, and the information about the specific, official Eurobricks Event is held in a pinned index at the top of the forum. The sequence each year is Billund-Windsor-Billund-Günzburg-Billund-Windsor etc so we're in Billund every other year. Next year we'll be in Günzburg. CopMike and Holodoc put a lot of effort into organising fun games, social events and activities, along with often visiting unseen areas of LEGO. I'm scrimping on detail, but it's always great fun. Across the pond, as Phred has said, there's another huge contingent of EBers who go to Brickworld Chicago each year. That also has its own subforum pinned in the Events Forum. Many people (and many EBers) from around the world travel to Chicago to display and have a ton of fun, and the Eurobricks collaborative build has now won best group layout twice, most recently last year with a stunning and mind-blowing display involving giant snails. Like the European Event, it's also a great way to meet and socialise with fellow EBers from all over the planet.
  4. Not in Liverpool. The best way to achieve that goal is to get yourself to a Eurobricks event. I've been lucky enough to meet quite a few fellow EBers, and they're invariably excellent people. And EB events are not without libations. The rest of your post gives a very good summary of some of the challenges we all face, both staff and regular members.
  5. Access granted, welcome to the Reviewers Academy.
  6. Congratulations to all the builders for an incredible Group Display! You've all done us proud, and then some - way to represent Eurobricks! I've followed along with the build process and I am continually astonished at the sheer genius talent we have building in our team, and the creative and humorous buildings, vehicles and animals and scenes you've all come up with. We hope to rejoin you at a Brickworld some year soon.
  7. It's so smooth and rounded, as is your style, it's lovely. It's a great idea, really well executed, especially the angling of the bread in the 'toaster' and the toast sign. As others have said, the rest of the scene is also really nicely done, making it vibrant and bringing your buildings to life. Really lovely.
  8. I've added a bunch more High Res pics to the first post, including the Party Store, Amusement Arcade/ Space Ride/ Hot Dog Stand/ Rollercoaster/ Bumper Cars, and of course the Performance School with that nice looking bus. There are also first look pictures of the new Juniors Friends sets, and with all these sets we have more pics on EB Town's flickr page.
  9. There's always a spot open, and we're always accepting new members; welcome to the Reviewers Academy.
  10. He's a cute little guy and he does make you smile, I can see how he might help broker peace. I hope he lives on, on a desk or a shelf somewhere.

    Welcome to Eurobricks and enjoy your Enpinkypurplination.
  12. Nobody on the staff is going to discuss another member with you. I am sure you can understand why, and I'm sure you will also appreciate that should you ever be in the same position you would not want people discussing the matter without you. It is extremely unlikely he will see your reply. He may still get an e-mail notification at most, but he will not be able to reply to you. I am locking this. If you are dissatisfied, PM me.
  13. Good morning hadds87 and welcome to EB. I note that this is your first post here. I'm just going to remind you of the Site Guidelines, to which you agreed when you signed up this morning: We'd love you to make a topic showcasing your Red Dwarf MOC, and maybe embed some pictures. Within that topic, as the guidelines say, you can put a link to your ideas project, which you can also do in your signature.
  14. Awesome, thank you!
  15. Traditionally the Friends sets are known for their detailed interiors, so I'd be amazed if there wasn't such an interior with this set.