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  1. hm... I apologize, but I did not know that if I say " Last Jedi have a really small chance for me " it means I hate it... probably the language barrier... and yes movie opinions does not belong here I also apologize that I have explained my opinion about the new sets (like 100 of others do here)
  2. sure after Rogue One the Last Jedi have a really small chance for me. But in other hand Its good as I do not like any of the TLJ sets.
  3. OK so to be more specific, LEGO (imao) is at first place a toy, so it need to have some play functions (again just my opinion) and yes I agree the sets like Death Star, Evok Village and Sandcrawler are UCS but they have play functions so they are not only for display. To be honest I will be more happy to see an UCS Cloud City from 7000 pieces with play functions.
  4. Sir Von Lego those sets are for 2017 or 2018, pardon me for asking if it is mentioned somewhere before, but I did not seen it. Thanks
  5. as I have seen the Vader set review on JANG... so we are getting the 3rd skin variation of the Vader... anyway I mostly like the gray one.
  6. well, really frustrating vision
  7. hm... again the new ship is smaller with tons of stickers, kinda habit during last years
  8. Thanks for the info, basically you told me what I was afraid off. In this small set is not a huge trouble and it bother me not too much. But if this will happen to me with set like a Death Star... I will be more that disappointed.
  9. Hi all, I bought one older set 75049. It was new (bags sealed and so on) and when I started to build it, I have noticed that some of the white pieces are yellowed... so is this normal, if yes so I am bit surprised that LEGO use so cheap plastic that become yellowed even its in the box just due its age...
  10. Lucky you, I am form EU so it will be a bit harder to get those toys...
  11. Maybe I am the only one who really don't care and donĀ“t want the UCS MF , but I really wish that it will be out even tomorrow, so we finally can move forward to some other and hopefully more interesting sets.
  12. so in one sentence - lucky YOU
  13. Interesting, so in some countries are the sets available even they are still not LEGO shop.
  14. OK you convinced me PF is the choice, my only issue with it is the plastic look of tracks...but as I have seen on videos LEGO train builder use the 9V style trucks with PF trains. So probably I will try to make that mix too. yes that is what I was thinking about, so as it seems I cannot have everything ... but nevermind