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  1. It's completely ridiculous that I'm being purposely ostracized in a situation where we are in no real danger anyway. We can at any point walk off the stage immediately - wake the megabluck up! Don't you realize we're all plastic? Literally made of ABS - no need to work out, you already have plenty! There is no island! We are all LEGO minifigs! This is all a set for a "mafia game" for people who obviously have never experienced what the REAL mafia is like - I'm not even gonna go there. This entire story is a cleverly contrived narrative meant for nothing but the satisfaction of otherworldly beings. There is no such thing as a Shadow except the shadows cast by the photographer when he takes a picture. This whole situation is entirely hyper-real - we are nothing but pawns in some sickos idea of a great game; this is no real world situation but a simulation of suffering and strife meant to appease the minds of feebleminded beings of flesh. Now, if you'll excuse me, *slings scarf over shoulder* I'm out of here.
  2. There is clearly no getting through to you. I am not a machine of suspicions, and everyone I suspected died yesterday. If you had read what I said before you'd see that I say CMP/fhomess are last scum, but that's just by process of elimination. I clearly have nothing to gain by pretending to not have suspicions.
  3. This is your first time running a block and I understand it's difficult and frustrating, but for future reference this is a ridiculous standard - I'm literally drawing a blank at this point, as is everyone else. I'm being voted by several people who admit that they're only doing it because you said to, and have no "case and vote against who they find most suspicious" - yet I believe are town. I would say that actually a scum would be able to do that because they would pull out any random person to accuse - I as a townie don't have that luxury. Especially with a case as flimsy as "well, we probably caught one, not sure." I have made several substantive arguments that you simply have no answer to - if your result points to me being scum, then lynch me, and know that the "second scum" is the only one left. Otherwise, this is a waste of time at a possibly critical moment.
  4. I don't know what this vague incrimination means, but I assure you there is no way that blocking me did anything - I am vanilla. As for voting you, I answered this yesterday - it was Day One and it was because I didn't think the vote was legitimate. I'm not sure what you want me to say past that. If you'll look to the Fourth Day, you'll see that her claim that I'm not helpful is just false - I analyzed literally walls of posts and offered a cogent analysis of who I believed to be scum. I was wrong, unfortunately, but so was everyone else. I could care less what you requested of me because at the end of the day it didn't effect my decision but I can't prove that - let my efforts speak for themselves. I posted because I thought analyzing Cutcobra's posts would be helpful - nothing more. I've been unable to do that today because real life has gotten in the way, and because I'm simply stumped after this. I guess the most likely targets are fhomess and CMP, but that's mostly process of elimination. Exactly - I want to know what charges are being pressed against me. There is good news though - since you say there are probably 2 scum, and if you think I'm one, that means there's only actually one.
  5. I'm traveling right now but will answer asap - sorry for absence; will read up when I am able to tonight
  6. Wow, I'm surprised about these results! I thought TPRU and MT was the team... So much for my reads. Who's left that's a likely suspect? King, fhomess, CMP?
  7. I don't see an SK happening with lack of kills. If anything it's a survivor/jester and latter is too audacious, former we don't really have to worry about if there is one since it can't do anything most of the time. Although I agree that "all enemy factions" doesn't bode well. Maybe 3 Shadows and 2 of some other faction? I think looking in teams for Shadows is helpful in Day 1-3 behavior, but yeah they'll try to distance today. There's a lot we can get from early interactions.
  8. Vote: Ewan (mostlytechnic) I specifically said I had a bad Day One, but you're free to believe anything you like. Excellent point; I think we're looking for two right now, which means we have to look for teams.
  9. Good idea.
  10. All this fuckery is pretty asinine, but do we think it's a bus? I think no - that happens with the substantive votes, not with the random Day One votes. I would say def is town. This is somewhat interesting, although may not be worth following up on; jluck subtly asks for justification on the Tariq J vote, and Tariq J quasi-defending him... opinions? I also did not have the greatest Day One, as we discussed yesterday, so it may not mean much, but this type of subtlety is a bit more scum-like. This was directed at Tariq, however, and does not necessarily feel like a scum interaction. What do you all think? Would he bring up a possible rules infraction for one of his own (Dragonfire, in this instance)? I think not... How many of those on this list are scum? He pointed out CMP and Bob as scummy; I remember because I received the message too. I feel like there might be a scum in there. Since I also suspect MT, who CMP has made a rather eloquent case for, I'm leaning Bob on the one here, if there is one We know snowman is dead and Lady K is town, so the remaining recipients are: TPRU me Dragonfire CMP Bob def I'm town (but you don't have to believe that - I don't mind), and I think DF and def are town as mentioned earlier, which leaves CMP/Bob/TPRU as the possible scum in this circle if there are any. Again, CMP is less likely since MT is very likely, making it between Bob and TPRU, both of whom I think are scummy-ish anyway. So out of Bob, MT, TPRU, and Zempk I think we have our scum - I would bet on two out of the first three. Now the issue arises, however, of bad moves, like Cutcobra's. All of the former three are smart, well-seasoned players. Would they let Cutcobra make such a horrible claim? And one that's so easily verifiable at that! Perhaps he went rogue and did it himself? Things to think about... Tariq J is a possibility too - forgot him in final analysis. Sorry! Interaction worth looking at. This doesn't seem like a scum interaction - of course it could be, but I would venture that Tariq and Bob are not a team. This is a point in Bob's favor, mentioning jluck's scumminess before the investigation result, although it was less of an accusation and more of a sideline - a way to get the attention off of himself. Here's Tariq implying that Bob is scum. Again, probably not a team. Bob and TPRU had a long interaction in Days 2-3 which I would think is uncharacteristic for scum as well - I can quote it if desired.
  11. Excellent point - whenever I play scum I make sure it's pretty even for our claims unless we're in a tight space. I would say there's probably one more scum among the more incredible claims - maybe something like bomb?? I remember using that one. Let me pull up some other posts from more of the deceased...
  12. Well, I guess all's well that ends well; it's a shame there was no lynch yesterday, but at least we got Duke at night. I wonder what the Shadows were up to last night? This also suggests they have no protector since Lady K announced his death sentence in the thread yesterday... and that they don't know who the vigilante is. Duke seemed awfully ready to jump on Ray right from the start. Could be a bus of course, but at this point I don't see a scum trying to immediately start something on another scum. But then he unvotes right after with a BS excuse about cross-posting, which could suggest otherwise... He doesn't want to vote for Quincy so soon, but does it anyway... Quincy at this point probably looks like an easy lynch target for him, or a safe vote with a quieter member of the town at the very least. Seems to be buddying def, for better or for worse. Noob scum like to get close to him in these games, but we can't be sure; would he outright defend him if he was his scum buddy? He talks about mostlytechnic as well, but I honestly can't tell what he thinks of him from this post. This could be a scumtell for MT - I always talk about my teammates but remain very ambivalent on them. Still talking about Quincy, and this time he's more ambivalent, as with MT... but taken in the context of what he said on Day One, I feel this statement to be a bit different from the previous one. But here he says the above people (MT and King of the Zempk among some dead people) warrant a vote. With a list that big, I wouldn't be surprised if one scum is in there, and since he was after Zempk from day one, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was mostly technic.
  13. Not at all. I may not be able to participate all day, but when I'm here I participate and offer insights when I have them. I don't have much to say to you in private apart from night action stuff which we have already discussed. I didn't think your Anthony vote smelled right and I thought you were scum. I don't remember that day very well, but I remember not knowing you were the blocker until it was the night phase; either I logged on and missed it (possible) or I didn't come on in time to change (most probable). Again - don't remember, but I know I didn't know she was the blocker until night phase, at which point I conceded I was wrong to her in private - she will confirm. First point is legit - if I were scum my thinking an Anthony vote is illegit would be smart; I have no answer to this except for the fact that (and I think others will agree here) my vote for Molly was more on HER behavior rather than her target of a vote, even if that still played a factor; i.e. it was less "don't vote for him, he's town" and more "don't care about him, but I don't like you." But again, as town, I don't plan out my moves strategically, so I have no master plan or explanation. I'm leaning scum on Woodcock as well (since he's who you're referring to, not Duke, right?), so I think you're on to something with point #2; scum vets try to cozy up to town vets oftentimes. Thank you. I probably do look pretty bad for not unvoting after she claimed - that's true, and I understand the accusations against me! I'm glad you caught it. All the same, though, this is absolutely right - I'm town and would have no reason to not unvote. When there's 1 vote on the town blocker and no risk of a lynch of her and she's claimed, do you think I'd maintain course as scum?
  14. I had forgotten in the holiday rush. What kind of fourth wall breaker am I? The point remains, though: why Ranger of the Forest?
  15. Good to see that the cop is real. I actually thought those messages looked pretty legitimate. Was he a vig kill or a scum kill I wonder? And why Ranger of the Forest? And what happened Night 1? The vig understandably would stay home, but what of the scum? There is a lot we can do with the kills today I think.