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  1. Wow almost 2000 pieces for €120 very nice Lego! The wait is finally over. And yesterday i fell in love with the carousel and now this. June is going to be an expensive month.
  2. On Brickset there is stated that there is a chance it being early VIP acces. But that is not yet confirmed. Any chance of it being true?
  3. Very beautifull set. Will get it directly. My only complaint are all those stickers but it's fine by me!
  4. Those gold decals, they look like to be all stickers? I'm happy with the piece count. Now I'm curious about the price.
  5. That is reaaly good to hear. That means we are going to see more fairground sets in the future, right?
  6. @Cwetqo, Thank you! Now I need to find a way to survive the impatience until the press release.
  7. No they changed it too. They changed it too question mark. This makes me wonder what 10256 will be.
  8. I would love prints... but probably they are stickers (they look like). But that would be fine by me.
  9. Oh wow! That is good looking. I'm gonna buy it. I'm interessed in what the piece count is.
  10. No problem! I'm already happy that you comfirmed that there is a new fairground set! Thats more than enough.
  11. Can"t wait!!! It's been a long time... The wait is almost over! If it's the same price point as the Ferris wheel or the Mixer.. It's going to be a 1700-2000 piece set?
  12. I don't collect Minecraft sets but I love to watch certain youtubers play it. (One person for already 6 years) I would defenitly buy them in minifigure form.
  13. @Klaus-Dieter, yeah I'm hoping also it will be the release date. And a VIP release mid May. But I'm guessing and hoping we will soon hear and see more about it.
  14. Finally! Is that the date they will show it to us? Or is that already the release date? Thank you, @Tragic Banjo.
  15. @Blondie-Wan, Yeah, I'm constantly checking the Lego ideas facebook page. They posted a lot of different things today... but nothing yet about the Apollo 11.