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  1. Reading trough Brickshow's article it seems will get the unveilling of set 10258 the 1st of July on a special event in London. This is the article: http://brickshow.com/2017/06/first-look-at-the-lego-creator-expert-london-bus-10258/
  2. Oh I'm very interested in a set like that. But that still makes me wonder wat set 10256 will be.
  3. This is one gorgeous set! And also the beggist one for now. This is a must have!
  4. Yeah, me too. I guess I'm going to pick them up if they are on a reasonable price. It looks indeed very fragile. They should have included enough pieces when you rearange it, you can completly close it up.
  5. @PrisonBrick I hope that is true! If so that's great news. We shall see I guess.
  6. Where is this based on?
  7. Fantastic set and fantastic build! Can't wait to get my hand on this. All those SNOT techniques are amazing and mind blowing.
  8. Maybe some hints towards the next Modular Building?
  9. This set is now available for VIP's. So happy shopping!
  10. And we can‘t wait to read it. It will make the wait less hard .
  11. About the availability: It seems there is no VIP release but in some countries it will be available on the 22th May. And in other countries it's only available on the 1st of June. I don't understand why there is an difference in the release date?
  12. Yeah that is possible. There's something strange on the shop@home page... First it said coming on the 1st of June and now it says coming soon. So maybe it will release earlier. But we shall see I guess.
  13. Okay, thank you. Maybe it changed but I will set my expectations to 1st of June.
  14. You sir, described perfectly what most people are feeling. I thought we already sold our soul it in the first place by starting collecting Lego? But the carousel is looking so beautiful! And I like how easily it can fit on a town square.
  15. Seeing this really make me miss the movies. He seems extremely happy to be retired. Nice MOC!