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  1. You've beautifully worked in the use of large plates for the floors by adding the little detail above the arches in the same color. The second floor has a small balcony, maybe add a fence piece like from the third floor?
  2. Great work! The interior is brimming with detail. The lack of solid support in the front corners bug me a little though.
  3. Clever usage here! Fantastic stuff.
  4. What an amazing build! I'm inspired. So much to love in this build; the lighting is impeccably done, all of the custom vehicles. And the ankle flexibility on the mech!?
  5. You've done a great job capturing the design and feel of the original with different parts. Carrying the arch design up through the second floor was a nice touch. The patio area looks welcoming so far, can't wait to see some furniture down there. Perhaps try bringing the roof detailing into the open space on the left side addition?
  6. THIS, Bricklink is an amazing resource for seeing what sets contain. Look into sets that have a piece you're looking for, it may end up having some other very useful and interesting pieces. While I dislike the minidolls from Friends and Elves, the pieces in some of those sets are phenomenal for MOCs. Residential city buildings? Creator and Friends are where it's at. The older elves sets were great for trees and castles.
  7. That car is SLICK! Great use of the parrot at the front too!
  8. GPU! I've not seen it done before, but it works phenomenally well indeed. LEGO loves using those stairs, so this is a great way to use them up. The chair looks like you could sink right into it.
  9. Looks fantastic! Did you have to put any stress on the bone pieces around the gate for them to fit like that?
  10. As someone who does this often, I do the first of your options. The best suggestion I have is to keep your build oriented the same as instructions, and fairly close as well. You can also move your build all around the instructions, try orienting the build different ways! Start in one corner of your build and work to the other sides. Keep an eye out for wedges, not all sets have equal matching sets. Now if you'd like some extra practice building in reverse, when a set is going to ask you to build two wings/sides the same, try doing both at the same time.
  11. Blacktron II has a lot of nostalgia for me. I remember playing with the Allied Avenger later in the day and thinking how cool the trans-neon green looked. Iceplanet was an interesting one. The white against the trans-neon orange was striking.
  12. Nice review. I'm not a fan of Minecraft myself, but kids seem to love it. I'm torn on the villagers though. If you put on a normal head and a hood would it work as a monk?